“Undir tekur yfir” af Hildur Guðnadóttir

under text over was commissioned and performed by the Icelandic symphony or sell the piece is based on the unconscious state of mind and the shifting of conditioned perception the performance takes place largely and total darkness to enhance the listening and performance experience there is an offstage conductor that brings two Orchestra back to the conscious state by conducting them with lights on the music stands so the orchestra has to play in a kind of hyper alert state to be able to fall on the lights it's a great honor to be nominated for the North tech Council music price because for people like us who are not creating popular top of the charts music it's encouraging to get the feeling of your music reaching out to people and perhaps making a little difference or making people think a little bit I also think it's important to have a dialogue by the people especially when you come from a tiny place like Iceland I think it's important to meet people outside of the country so i think the nordica operation meeting platforms such as the Nordic Council music press is very important to us to ensure a dialogue