【English Sub】The Gravity of A Rainbow EP 15 彩虹的重力 Hottest Romance Chinese Drama 2019

Duo Duo, get sleep soon! What's wrong? What's wrong? I just dreamed. What is the dream about? In the dream, I am penniless and stand on the side of the road. Our family? Only me. No way, don't worry! No problem, I'm always here, staying by your side. No problem. Don't worry. No problem. Just a dream. Don't worry. No problem. Get sleep. Close your eyes, please. Do not wake Duo Duo up, she is falling asleep. Let me help you. First, press this button and then open it. Connect it with the cord and check it again, please. Okay! Professor Ji is excellent at everything. It's finally my turn to teach you something. Just rock-climbing, I'm also good at climbing. This kind of rock-climbing is not the same as those common types of climbing like mountain climbing or tree climbing. This one is much more difficult. Impossible. How's about starting a competition? Classmate, Being over-confident is not good. If you climb faster than me, I'll be humble. Let's go! 1 1 2 1 2 Sorry, during school time, except for students and trainers, other people are not allowed to get inside. So I will sign up for 3-year-membership. Okay? Dong Lin, why are you here? I'm here for boxing. Professor Ji Huang, please join me. Do you know how to play? My level and yours are equal. Okay. So you two go ahead, please. I go to the toilet. Professor Ji Huang, I think you must be very clear that Cai Hong's parents disagree with this relationship. Our relationship is unrelated to her parents' consent. A relationship without family blessings will often not work out well. We will try our best to get her parents to agree. The son-in-law in Auntie's heart has always been me. But the man in Cai Hong's heart has always been me. But her parents don't like you, it's no use. Our relationship is allowed by the constitution as freedom of love. Okay! Sat away from Cai Hong. Ji Huang! Are you alright? I'm fine. Dong Lin, are you alright? I will get an ice pack for you. No need. Ignore me, please. Are you okay? Are you back? Just met Cai Hong? Yup, I just met her and encountered that guy named Ji Huang. It seems that I have to get used to being alone. Wipe away! Do you really have to do that? The phone number you have just called is temporarily unable to connect, please call back later. Why didn't he pick up my call? Is it possible that he blocked my phone number? Did you do anything bad to him? In my opinion, what I did to him is not bad, I just want the line between me and him is demarcated clearly. Perhaps he also feels that he should extend the distance from me. Actually, I couldn't sleep last night. It seems to be a bit empty inside. For many years, he has always been a part of my life. Suddenly, he didn't pick up my calls, didn't replied to my messages. It is as if something important in my life disappeared. Do you start thinking about Dong Lin's strengths? No. Last time, he insisted on having Ji Huang to remove the fish bone for him. Can I not be annoyed? If you were in that situation, he forced Xia Feng to remove the fishbone, you would definitely rush to beat him. It is because he likes you so much that he is jealous. Actually, Dong Lam is indeed a good man. Initially, I thought that you two could end up in a happy relationship. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the road, you encountered a guy named Cheng Yao Jin. I understand his feeling. Actually, from the bottom of my heart, being empty is not because of losing love, but friendship. I really don't want to lose a friend like him. I also don't want everyone to discord with one another because of a small matter. Actually, you two have been arguing many times already, no matter what reason it is, Dong Lin always say sorry first. Or you try to wait a few more days. He definitely won't stand being lonely. This time, it doesn't work. I have a feeling that Dong Lin and I can't be friends anymore. Han Qing, I don't know why, anyway ... I feel so sad. Perhaps because I used to imagine in the past that he would become a good friend with Ji Huang. My family and his will live in the neighborhood, and be growing up and growing old together. Later his children and mine will become best friends. He and I will discuss about the best kindergartens for the children. By the time Dong Lin and I are getting old, we will stay together at the same nursing home, play chess together in the free time, and sunbath whenever we want. It would be great that he and I can say goodbye to this world together. Okay, do not be upset. Is it necessary to imagine your extremely happy later life at this moment? You only think for Dong Lin, think of how you will be aging with him. How about me? Am I not in your later life? You're talking non sense. You must be there and stay by my side forever. You will definitely live in my neighborhood. Until then, three families will get together, and travel together. Okay! Please don't cry anymore. Okay, no problem! Please, listen to my words first. Our department did not intentionally allocate that working office for Ms He and Professor Ji. There is a limited number of working offices available at this moment. Temporarily, I cannot make any change. I guess, perhaps Ms He is currently Professor Ji's assistance, and they will spend a lot of time working together, that's why Professor Ji agrees to share his working space with Ms He. I mean, my daughter, Cai Hong, has always been soft-hearted and obedient since she was a kid. Professor Ji is her superior, and they are facing with each other every day in the workplace, it's difficult for her to speak out her feelings. I'm afraid that Professor Ji takes advantage of her fears, suggests or forces her to do something bad. Suggest her, force her? Is it that serious? Actually, Professor Ji is pursuing Cai Hong. Even though, in Cai Hong's heart, she does not accept his love, she doesn't dare to speak out because they are colleagues. She is just shy girl. Her dad and I both know the truth, and are worried about her. So today, as her parent, I'm here to ask for your support. Please make a decision to solve this issue. Perhaps did Professor Ji use to behave in an inappropriate way towards Ms He? Ah... I mean even though he has not behaved in a weird way yet, we should take precautions, right? They are both mature now. In addition, Ms He has never expressed her opinions regarding this issue. It would not make sense if I were involved. So it wouldn't make any sense if you waited for Cai Hong accusation of Professor Ji's behaviors. In my opinion, it is necessary to care about my daughter's mental health. No matter what happened, I'm here already today. If my daughter suffers from any mental illness, then don't blame me for not giving feedback. The faculty leader has to bear all responsibilities. Okay. I totally understood your point of view and will talk with Professor Ji later. Thank you. Okay! Okay okay, thank you. Thank you, please. Director Pang, no need to send me out. Okay, good bye | Good bye. Nhược Kỳ, turn on the music. Okay, let me introduce you a good soundtrack. Professor Meng Professor Meng Ms He? Here is the dissertation I mentioned last time, about a Zhang Ai Ling's novel. I finished the outline. Could you please have a look? Sure. Hand-writing? My laptop was broken. I was writing while searching for related documents in the library. This is just an outline. Please forgive me, I've tried to make it as detailed as possible. Okay, good hand-writing. Okay, I will have a look. Thank you! Okay. Ms He, please come over my office. Yes! Director Pang. Professor Ji allows me to work in his office for some reasons. Firstly, he isn't in the office on daily basis. Secondly, I am his assistance who supports him to prepare curriculum and give marks on students' tests. Why can't I work in his office? Ms He, both you and Professor Ji are new comers, sharing the office doesn't sound good. This rumor may affect your reputation negatively. Rumor? It is said that Professor Ji takes the advantage of being your superior to force you to start a relationship which is more than colleagueship. Force me? Professor Ji has never forced me to do anything. Who did spread this rumor? Director Pang, Professor Ji and I are colleagues. Moreover, he is my boyfriend and we are both single. There's nothing wrong with our relationship. Don't be so agitated! Sit down, please. Ms He, you are an outstanding graduate of our department while Professor Ji is also a talented man and I have spent a lot of energy to invite him back from Beijing. My expectations of both of you are very high. I don't care about how two young people love each other. I just hope that there will be nothing wrong with you two. Otherwise, I cannot protect you two from being involved in any rumor. I got it. Ms He, in my opinion, it would be great if you two work separately in order to stop the rumor. Moreover, even you two are in a relationship, there's no need to share the office. If you are tired and want to take a nap, please stay in the rest room. Ah Okay. Okay. Right, Ms He, you should have a heart to heart talk with your mother. My mother? Ji Huang, Director Pang advised me not to share the office with you. I returned the office key already. Has Director Pang met you? Yes. What did he say? The same as what he advised you. Sorry. I'm sure that my mother spread the rumor. This is her working style. Your mother just called my mother and asked her to advise me give up. My mother is attacking you from four sides. What did she say? Didn't she lash out at your mother? No. How about you? No. I just didn't expect that your mother would oppose our relationship aggressively. When my mother hates something, she will ignore all barriers and oppose it till the end. I'm afraid this is just a beginning. Do not give up. Okay, I will duplicate another key for you to have access to my office. What if others realize this? Just tell others that you've got my permission. Isn't it for attracting public attention? In addition, do we need to take action actively? If we continue ignoring everything, we will become passive. I also don't know what to do to loosen the knots in my parents' hearts. Ah. What's this? Menu. I specially created a nutritional menu for your parents. Have a look, please. Feel free to order what they like to eat. I will cook daily and bring dishes to your house. Hopefully, the knots in their hearts will be loosened soon. If so, please teach me how to cook. I will learn some receipt and cook to make them happy. Okay. Look, this is my favorite dish. This, grilled lamb. That's right, look at required ingredients. A big piece of lamb, vegetables, and green beans. It sounds simple. Ample, at 10.20 AM, please bring the laundry here. He will not be here even 5-minute early or 1-minute late. Ample, I need the last year Forth Quarter's customer list which is made by advertising department. Send me in 10 minutes or resign from your position from tomorrow. Ample, on the left side in my office, on the first shelf, there is a contract inside a blue folder. Please fax it immediately to Director Chen of Infortrend. Andrew! Ruqi, Pi The number Pi is 3.1415926535 8979323846 26433832795 0288419 123456 7 Ample, come in, please. Andrew. What is this? Suckermouth catfish. They are commonly called janitor fish or pleco. There are originally 6 inside, 6. 6 is a lucky number. Why did you put one more to the tank? 7 Do you know how obnoxious 7 is? It is an odd number and indivisible by 3. Every day, when I'm here and think of 7 7 7 7 7 then 8, 7 mouths 8 tongues, 7 hands 8 legs, ny head hurts so much. Andrew, 6 fishes in this tank will give birth soon. In this tank there will be a lot of fish eggs very soon, and at this temperature, the amount of toxic substances in there will increase dramatically. Although this fish looks ugly, it can eat green algae and bacteria. It can eat more than 3,000 eggs a day. Please send this ugly fish out immediately. Andrew As long as there is fish egg in this tank, the habitat will be seriously polluted. This ugly fish will seriously pollute my visions. Please throw it away. But it is a living creature. Throw away. You can only be with me. Although he doesn't like you, I cannot throw you away. Come in, please. Andrew. Have you touched this? The documents inside are all messed up. Sorry, I was in a hurry so I accidentally touched it. I re-organized all the documents. Immediately allocate all the documents back to their original orders. I don't know their the original orders. All the document were organized by Nicole before. Nicole, come in please. Han Qing messed up all my documents. I need it rearranged. Andrew, Isn't Nicole about to give birth? If you didn't mess all documents up, she wouldn't come here. If she gave birth here, you would be the culprit. Today, I show you how to make sweet and sour sauce, my forte. 1 spoon of vinegar, 1 spoon of olive oil, a spoon of Shao Xing wine, white sesame, and finally black pepper. Then chop onions into pomegranate-seed-size pieces. It's alright to chop into thin slices. Okay okay. Actually my mother and I are a bit picky about eating. But my father can eat anything, it's very easy to raise him up. At lunch break, my dad sometimes eats dumplings, sometimes eats pickles. That is not good for his health. The more busy the work, the more important the nutrition. Have you finished cooking? Thank you, Chief Ji. Thank you. If we become unemployed later, opening a restaurant will be a good idea. You will be cooking while I will be delivering the orders. Good idea. Here. Thank you, Chief Ji. See you. Dad, mom, have a look at what I bring home. What? Delicious cuisine. Where did you go? Such high-class cuisine? Wait a minute. This dish is meticulously decorated. Great. Okay. Where did you get these dishes? Okay, do not stare at me, give it a try. Okay, taste it. Okay, taste it. Wait a moment. Why is this taste so familiar? Let me think about it. Duo Duo, when Duo Duo is one month old, didn't we eat at an extremely high class restaurant? Those dishes on that day taste the same as today's dishes. That restaurant is very expensive. Look, how much does it cost to buy these dishes? Why do you suddenly think about money? Is it okay if you love to eat these dishes? Right right. Have a bite, quickly. My filial daughter, have a bite. Have some green tea, please. Okay, I will get another bottle of tea. What? He Da Lu | It's great to have some green tea. What? Green tea should be served with this dish. Is this a dessert? Should be served with dessert. What a peasant. Green tea goes with dessert. Right, He Da Lu. Do you know what an ideal life is? An ideal life? Whatever... I... As long as I am full, I feel that I have accomplished my ideal life. Look at your dad, what an peasant. You continue to behave like that, outsiders will laugh at you. Let me explain. Our family life today is indeed an ideal life. When you are craving for high-class dishes, just go to a restaurant. No matter how much do those dishes cost, you will definitely buy them, right? After your meal, green tea is served with dessert. This is the ideal life of a capitalist. Mom. It isn't difficult to accomplish your ideal life. Silly girl, not easy at all. If you are with Professor Ji, it's hard to enjoy such an ideal life. Okay, Mom. Please do not say anymore. Eat this, please. I have a bite first. I have a bite to block my mouth. What's this? Let me try it. Inside... What's inside? Dad? How does it taste? In my opinion, this kind of meat should be served with sesame sauce. It isn't the right way to eat that dish. Stop. Dad. | You don't know how to eat either. Have you seen the test I created? There are not many questions, but it isn't easy to answer all of the questions. I believe that any student finds it hard to find out the correct answers. This type of question makes all students feel uncomfortable. Students will find a way to answer all the questions, but at the end they are not sure how many questions they answer correctly. In other words, This type of questions makes students think that they don't do well, and expect the grade to be very low. If so, if you give a student an average grade or a bit low grade, that student won't hate you either. I have left a lot of room for Ms He to improve the test, haven't I? Hello, Director. Hello, Director. You have to make sure of everything. Okay. Ms He, where is your yesterday's test? Professor Ji. You smile again. A good answer. Actually, all you need to do is simply cross it out. After the first two weeks working as his assistant, I lost 4 kg. Nicole, Sorry. While your due date is coming soon, you are still asked to be here. No problem, I'm fine. You too, please. Didn't I hand over all tasks last time? There is a secret that I have to tell you. Have you ever heard of Aspeger syndrome? I do not really understand about this syndrome. This is a psychological illness in which patients live a closed life but their IQ are not affected. Many scientists, mathematicians and even Nobel laureates suffer this illness. Its main symptom is that patients find it hard in social interaction, which is also a lack of ability to predict the psychology and emotions of others. Andrew... This secrect is absolutely confidential. This secret is disclosed only to his family members and assistants. I was also specifically reminded by his previous assistant. Sometimes he suddenly stops talking, and runs away from work to do things that interest him. Sometimes he treats you rudely, talk without thinking about your feelings, and treats you like an invisible person. So is there anything that I need to pay attention at? It is very difficult for him to change the way he behaves. Please be tolerant and sympathetic. Actually after working with him for a long time, I can feel that he's trying to adapt quickly to everything around him. For example, he escapes from the public and talk less to avoid accusations from others. He didn't notice you because you haven't stepped in his world yet. Once you get in his world, and are accepted by his heart, you will realize that he is a very lovely, honest person. The reason why I told you this secret is to show you that whenever you encounter a similar situation like today, don't be angry. Sometimes he doesn't do it on purpose. I got it. Nicole, thanks for telling this secret. Here. In business world, the Qin family has many rivals and enemies. Even a small piece of rumor cause trouble. So your responsibility is to protect his honor. Okay, I will. Okay, just leave those folders there. When you look for any document, just take it in the order I marked outside. They should be in a reversed order, right? Let me help you. What's wrong? My belly hurts. You... Nicole, are you about to give birth? I go to call an ambulance. Anbo, are you Xia Feng's wife? In the past, Xia Feng came to our editorial department often, and also wrote some articles for us. That time, I was an editor. The two of us were quite familiar. Chu Li, may I have a question? Do you know the reason why Xia Feng was fired? Just because Chen Shang robed his advertising agreement. Robed? A 2-million-worth advertising agreement. At that time, Xia Feng finished negotiating the agreement. Later Chen Shang was assigned to be the person in charge for no specific reason. That's the reason why Xia Feng beat Chen Shang and the whole story was revealed to General Director Pang. When General Director Pang took Chen Shang's side, Xia Feng scolded him immediately. Didn't he humiliate General Director Pang in front of everyone? Later General Director Pang took this opportunity to fire him. I got it. Chu Li, thanks for telling me. Internal disputes in the advertising department are always fierce, and it is also common for employees in the department to compete with each other for contracts or agreements. Poor Xia Feng. He is a nice guy, good at writing and always help colleagues. He is very passionate about working. Li Li told me that you two are classmates at university? We shared a room. You shouldn't get along with her too much. Originally, she has been desired to take your position for a long time. She is ready to fight with everyone who blocks her way. I don't know what your fate will be. Please watch out. Li Li. Why are you eating instant noodles? Are you working overtime? I don't have time to go out to eat. Do you know Chu Li? I'm not very familiar with her, I've just met her. Please stay away from her. She is talkative and likes to spread rumors. She is a trusted employee of Mikey. Mikey originally nominated her for this position. Unexpectedly, you suddenly appeared and destroyed her plan. Just image how much she hates you. Han Qing. Anbo, you are a newcomer in the company and the industry. Moreover, you take on such important and sensitive position. So everyone wants to flatter you. Please keep in mind that be careful when making friends. No matter which side you choose, you need to analysize the situation clearly. Please do not step onto the footsteps of Xia Feng. Anyway, the only person you can trust is me. I will protect you. Right, I want to discuss with you about choosing a common topic for next week. Did Nicole send you the draft? Yes, I have seen it. Andrew, does he have any feedback? He advocated abandoning this project because it is too difficult to invite Jiang Cheng Cheng. It's hard to contact anyone in his team. He is afraid that you will waste your time. Is he free later? No. What is he doing? Li Li, I... I can't disclose his schedule. Please forgive me. There is a fierce competition in Taurus. Your presence seems like a Boat sailing upstream. Adhering to the principle and behaving in a good manner is right. I got it. So see you later. Andrew. Andrew. Have you received my email? Anbo is handling. Anbo didn't allow me to meet you and blocked my email. Regarding the private interview with Jiang Cheng Cheng... I disagree. Andrew. A superstar like Jiang Cheng Cheng is a good figure. Her fans are aggressive. Last time she became the representative face of a mask brand, and the sale was 30,000 boxes in 1 minute. Don't waste your time with her. Last time, Su Dong Wu's private interview made our magazine more popular. We should continue to pursue this project. For next month issue, if we have an interview with Jiang Cheng Cheng, the consumption will definitely increase dramatically. Jiang Cheng Cheng is Su Dong Wu's former girlfriend, the relationship of those two people is still very good. I don't think she will accept our interview invitation this time. Let me try first. Andrew, the consumption has dropped by 30%. 30%, aren't you impatient? I know this interview is actually a challenge. Additionally, it's not sure that this project will succeed. Regarding Taurus, if there's only a small piece of hope, I'll win it no matter what happened.