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= Previously on Episode 3 = Mr. Ling Yizhou is not acclimatized, so he has the trots. Let's wait for him a bit longer. Mr. Ling Yizhou is not acclimatized so he has the trots. Let's wait for him a bit longer. Mr. Ling Yizhou is not acclimatized so he has the trots. Let's wait for him a bit longer. Not acclimatized? Mumu. What's the matter? The shampoo is used up. There is another one under the cabinet. I can't find it. Help me. OK. I'll find it for you. Bath towel. - Mine. - Whose? Mine. So you're... Naked. I still like you a lot. Like the spring flowers waiting to come into full bloom. I still like you a lot. Like the white clouds not knowing where to roam. I still like you a lot. Like raindrops falling into the heart so tender. I still like you a lot. Like the warm fire so pleasing in winter. Stars hide in your eyes, so does the galaxy. They shine in my heart throughout my life. Protecting you is a secret, And the only firm thing for me. Time will prove to me the reason for me to love you. I still like you a lot. Like the spring flowers waiting to come into full bloom. I still like you a lot. Like the white clouds not knowing where to roam. I still like you a lot. Like raindrops falling into the heart so tender. I still like you a lot. Like the warm fire so pleasing in winter. Well Intended Love S2 Episode 4 I heard that you and Ling Yizhou are college classmates. It's a long time ago. Why do you mention this? I have to be cautious to choose a partner. I'm worried that you won't do it as you two are classmates. You must be joking. Born with a silver spoon, he is the successor of Lingshi Group, while I am just nobody without background. With the gap between us now, do you think he will associate with me? Indeed. He can enjoy the success of his family. Recently he enjoys joining a program with female stars. It's impossible for a man like him to manage the company well. I think you're much better than him. I'll leave it to you. Don't worry. After it is done, I'll keep my promise. But it's very important. I have only one chance. We can only bet this time. Lawyer Fu, you won't let me down, right? Yes. Finally, I'm back. I'm exhausted. Hello. Xia Lin, did you get home? I just got home. That's good. It is popular after the broadcasting of "Our Holiday." Your popularity has picked up. Really? That's great. Let's talk about the details later. Have a good rest today. OK, Miss Jiang. I see. Bye. Bye. Who's that? Hello. Miss Xia Lin, here is a parcel for you. Pidan. Is it from the program group? I don't know. Well, please put it in. OK. Thanks. Just put it here. OK. I'll put it here. OK. Thanks. Pidan, this is your new home. Go around and have a look. What is it? Did you get the dog? Yes. Thanks, Mr. Ling. Pidan, don't move. Let me take a photo for you. Don't move. The sales volume of the company's relevant home and outdoor products has increased from 3% to 7%. Are you free tomorrow? I would like to treat you to dinner. For Pidan. OK. You'll set the time. Is it this one? Yes. Mr. Ling, here is what happened. The company received anonymous report that the international information business you are responsible for is suspected of unfair competition. Foreign investors are very dissatisfied with it and ask for a thorough investigation. But if it's true, they want to fire the CEO immediately, or they'll pull out all the money, so... Have a look. Therefore, the board of directors decides that you'll be suspended temporarily and investigated by the Internal Audit Department in these 30 days. At present, Fu Weining is in charge of this matter. I'm Fu Weining. Before we get to the bottom of this, you cannot participate in any decision of the company, including... It's so troublesome. All in all, leave this office now. OK. Wen Li, let's go. It's so hot here. I didn't expect that we would meet in this way, old classmate. Fu Weining, you're still the same. You may hurt yourself as you're so sharp. So are you. You're still so arrogant. But I won't give you a way out even if we're classmates. Why hasn't Ling Yizhou replied me on WeChat yet? What is he doing now at ordinary times? What's going on? Why do I miss him suddenly? Hello, Miss Jiang. Hello, Xia Lin. You passed the audition for "I Can't Hug You." The director seems to be very satisfied with you and informs you to shoot. OK. I see. What's wrong? Are you unhappy with the new play? No. Probably I'm too tired after shooting the program to have recovered for the time being. Don't worry. I'll get myself ready. And, Miss Jiang, thank you for getting through this together with me during this period. Thank you very much. Don't mention that. It's all your own credit. You'll shoot soon. Prepare for it. OK. I see. Don't worry, Miss Jiang. Go. Let's go. As I'm not here in the following days, keep an eye on them. Let me know if anything happens. Yes, Mr. Ling. By the way, Mr. Ling, do you want to tell Miss Xia about this? Certainly not. Go back to rest. OK, have a rest early. Sorry, I just checked my cell phone. What happened today? Nothing. I'll pick you up tomorrow. OK. I'll tell you good news by then. Morning. Morning, Lin. Why do you come so early? I got up early and there wasn't traffic jam. Instead, how do you feel on the first day of shooting? Fresh and spirited. Really? You haven't shot for a long time. I'll show you how to act later. Learn from me. OK. I will watch your acting carefully and try not to be a drag on you. Great. Don't bring shame on me. Wait and see. You two are really good friends. Don't get me wrong. We're frenemy. When shooting, grab her and walk over along the river bank. OK. Make it tense, OK? OK. Stop. Since we're acting in the same play, don't play little tricks. If you really hate me, please bear with me for 2 months. As we finish the play smoothly, we can just separate as soon as possible. We'll go our own ways, OK? Be more aggressive when shooting later. Xia Lin, have to panic, OK? It's somewhat dangerous when shooting this scene. Try to finish it once, OK? OK, I see, Director. Be careful. I see, Director. Come on, everyone, get ready. Move further to the left. I wonder what trick you used to make Ling Yizhou get engaged to you. You even become the leading lady with the help of Chu Yan. What a vamp you are! Move the white lamp further to the left. Move it further to the left. Slow down. Well, further to the left. Let go. Tell him if you like him. Don't catch me. Come here. He is mine. You vamp don't try to take him away. I won't let you go today. Help, help me. Xia Lin is doing well. Help. If Zhen Baohui hadn't reminded me just now, I would have thought they were really fighting. No one will help you no matter how hard you try. I told them to ask all people to leave here. Just you and I are here. Help. Help. Help. Hurry up. Save her. Hurry up. Save her. Hurry up. Hurry up. Save her. Hurry up. Hurry up. Well. Hurry up. Come up. Come up. Come up. Come up. Come up. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. How are you? How are you? How are you, Xia Lin? Do you want to see a doctor? Has anyone called an ambulance? Call an ambulance now. I'm OK. Take her to rest. Well, hurry up. Take her to rest for a while. Be careful. You know what you just did. Please don't vent your anger in acting. If you do that again, I won't let you off. Don't watch. Go to work. Miss Xia just inhaled water. She is fine. Which company invests in this play? China Entertainment is the solo investor. Get in touch with their boss for me. Yes. By the way, recently the board of directors suddenly decided to change the supplier. This leads to problems in the supply chain of technology chips of Lingshi, which may have an impact on shipments in the second half of the year. It's not going to work in this way. Book me a ticket to the UK on Monday and set time to meet Benjamin. I'll talk to him in person. Yes. Rest early, Mr. Ling. Lin, what's wrong? Nothing. Let's go. OK. Make arrangements now. OK, Mr. Ling. Sorry, I'm late. What's wrong? I was followed. It's supposed to be paparazzi. Be careful in the following days. I'm not a star. Don't worry. You may be photographed when playing around. I may not be able to help you in that case as your fiancée. Then I can only help myself. Lower your head. Lower your head. What's up? Someone's shooting. Where? Lower your head. Has he left? No. What's the matter? Do you have a cold? No. I just have a little cough. It was windy when I came here just now. Has he left? Not yet. Ling Yizhou, you're kidding me, right? No one can film in this small private room. I am. OK. Let's order. I'm hungry. Bring the cold medicine in the car here. What do you want to eat? As you like. I'm here. You can go back. Look out on the way. Do you have anything to tell me? No. Probably I haven't shot for a long time, so I was a little excited today. There's really nothing else. It's late today. Go back. You're... A kiss goodbye. Come on. Don't play too much. What are you doing? Someone's shooting downstairs. Where? There. Where? OK. It's fine. You can go back. We've found it, Mr. Ling. It's the guy they sent. Send more people to protect Mumu. Ask them to be cautious, or she may find them. OK. Miss Xia. Hello, I'm Meixi acting female costar Wu Feifei in this play. Hello, Wu Feifei. How about Zhen Baohui? I don't know exactly. It seems that she doesn't feel well, so she can't act. I was just informed yesterday. Miss Xia, please go ahead with your business. I'm going to greet other actors. OK. We'll happy to work together. Thanks. Hello, Mr. Chu. Hello. What are you doing? So coquettish. What's wrong? Is it my turn? Not yet. Thank you for the thing about Zhen Baohui. Who is she? Never mind. But you have to be careful later. I see. Now she is... Chu Yan, come here. The director is calling me. I'm leaving. Go, or she may be angry. What? That won't happen. He makes me speechless. Miss Jiang, sit down please. Sit down. I've heard that the investor replaced Zhen Baohui directly. I know that. Do you know who did that? Chu Yan, right? Chu Yan? I don't think so. Well, don't think about it anymore. In fact, I think it's quite good now. We're harmonious now. By the way, Miss Jiang, are you leaving soon? I'm here to watch you. As soon as I'm away, something happens to you. No one can tell if things that happened yesterday will happen again. No. You're drinking this, too. Now everyone's drinking it. Recently the female stars in the circle are drinking Baiyinian, the meal replacement powder popular online. I heard it's nutritious, tasty and able to make us slim. Later I'll buy more in your name and give it to everyone on the set. I agree. Read the script carefully. I'll send this to the director. It's her birthday today. OK. It's said that the investor was dissatisfied with Zhen Baohui for making trouble and replaced her directly. Someone who can replace her and keep her from making trouble. Who would that be? Don't be such a gossip. Go get my car. OK. That's her. Yuyuan, ask the driver to turn on the air conditioner. OK. How is the shooting today? I think it's quite good. How about you? They're excellent. Xia Lin. Thank you for working so hard. Miss Xia, hello. This is... You're... I'll introduce myself. I'm Fu Weining, the legal advisor of the Lingshi Group. Now I'm the leader of the investigation team of Ling Yizhou's alleged unfair competition. Alleged unfair competition? To be clear, he has a problem. Miss Xia, can we have a drink together? Sorry. I don't think we're familiar enough. I think you may be interested in something about Ling Yizhou. It's so hot today. I'll go with you. Let's go. Something goes wrong with Xia Lin. Come now. It's so hot. Do you, do you feel hot? Go to the point. I don't think Ling Yizhou has told Miss Xia what happened to him. He's on suspicion of taking bribes and suspended for investigation now. It's about his work. I don't need to know it at all. It seems you don't know him very well. He is my future husband. I think I know him better than anyone else does. Do you know that there are two things in the world we can't see through directly? One is the sun, and the other is human heart. The former hurts our eyes and the later hurts our hearts. As for human heart, the more open and aboveboard its front is, the more insidious its back hid behind the shadow is. Can you just tell us directly? Now that you want me to tell you directly... Ling Yizhou is not as open and aboveboard as you think. If you still stay with him, it may bring you troubles. I hope you can accept our investigation and tell us what you know. I have nothing to say. Miss Xia, I've made it clear. It'll affect your acting career. This is not a good choice. Mr. Fu, I'm Xia Lin's agent and is in charge of her acting career. I don't think you're qualified to direct her career. You're a tough agent. Thanks. So they say. The last time. Miss Jiang, shall we have a drink? I'm having periods, so I can't have cold drinks. Wen Li, send Miss Xia home first. OK, Mr. Ling. Mumu, if he goes to you again, tell me. I'll deal with it for you. Are you suspended? I'm just under investigation. It'll be fine after everything is found out. Why didn't you tell me? No need. What? Are we partners? As community of interests, you should tell me at the first time when it happened, right? Mumu, they're aiming at me. I don't want my matter to affect you. Enjoy your own life. Ling Yizhou, do you think I can't help you share, so you never tell me anything? Or am I not qualified to face it with you? How about you? You didn't tell me about your falling into water. You did the same thing. You... Special Assistant Wen, stop. Stop. Do you think he's gone too far? Somewhat. But Boss Ling respects your will. Jia Fei, which side are you on? Excuse me. I wonder why you are so angry. Shouldn't I be angry? You always said you were acting, right? Then why are you so angry? I, I'm too involved. I see. You're acting as fiancée in advance. Come here. What for? Come here. Look at your face. It's so dark. With the dark eye circles and lines, you really look like a sad heroine. Do I look bad now? You're not as optimistic as I know. Come on, let me do eye masks for you. Then as a senior love story writer I'll analyze the plot for you. You and Ling Yizhou share the same problem. Whether it's love in the script or love in real life, we should rely on each other. Give each other our shoulders. As you were single for years, you're used to solve problems by yourself, so you won't tell him what happen, while he's probably used to being in a high position and male chauvinist, so he's more inclined to solve problems behind the scenes. He wants you to be yourself happily without knowing anything. But it makes me feel that I'm not trusted. Well, you have this feeling. So will him. Do you know that Lingshi also invests in this play? He ordered to replace Zhen Baohui. It's him. How do you know that? I learned it from my... I learned it from the producer. At first, China Entertainment was the play's solo investor. Zhen Baohui reached to China Entertainment and wanted to replace you. Later Lingshi added an investment bigger than that of China Entertainment. And it's said that Zhen Baohui was very unprofessional on the set. Her acting was very awkward and she was rude to others, so she was replaced. Fei, did what I said today go too far? It seems that my plot analysis is very accurate. Write it down and use it later. Should I apologize? Fei, don't just write others' love stories every day. Think about yourself. OK. Last time when you participated in the reality show, Inglemirepharm's sent you a set of customized skin care products, right? Yes, it did. I'll ask the assistant to bring some for you in a few days. OK. What shall I do? Cut. OK. Pass. Well, let's prepare for the next scene. Thank you two for your hard work. Thank you, Director. Let's add another scene. When shooting later, Xia Lin will be hit by a basketball. Chu Yan, stop it for her. Cut. OK. Pass. Chu Yan, are you OK? Are you OK? It hurts a little. I think I might need your fan to ease it. OK. You can use it for 10 minutes. What 10 minutes? do you think I'm only worth 10 minutes? At least 20 minutes. It seems that you're alright. Support me. You're alright, right? Look at my hands. You're so late. Why didn't you change your clothes? I've given up raising my salary. OK. How about her? All is right. Take out the phone and show me Weibo. = Boss Ling, your wife is having an affair. Your relationship is under threat. = = Boss Ling, what do you think? Aren't they happy? Best wishes to them. = You said all is right. What's this? The crew has clarified. These are stage photos. I've decided that we won't contact each other. We'll never meet again. Wen Li. Drive to the set. Mr. Ling, I just drank a little at a dinner party. Now, now I feel a little dizzy. So you can't drive. No, but it'll be illegal for me to drive after drinking. Never mind. I can drive on my own. Mr. Ling, I actually can call a designated driver for you. This month's salary. Later, Chu Yan will do kabedon with Xia Lin here. Xia Lin will say coyly, what do you want to do. That's it. Do have to be aggressive. Do be aggressive. Come on. Let's try. OK. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. What do you want to do? That's it. Director, I really think it's a pity that you don't act. If I had looked good, I would have been an actor instead of a director. Come on. OK. Director, Mr. Ling is visiting us and will treat us to afternoon tea. Which Mr. Ling? Director, hello. Mr. Ling, hello. Hello. Thank you very much for preparing us afternoon tea. Never mind. It is fit. It's hot. Prepare some herbal tea for you to decrease internal heat. There is another scene for Xia Lin. How about waiting her in the lounge? It doesn't matter. I'll watch here. Just ignore me. Well, everyone, get ready. We'll shoot. Never mind. Just act. Cut. Xia Lin, raise your head. I can't see your face. I'm sorry, Director. One more time. Well, again. 5, 4, 3, 2. Cut. Xia Lin, where do you look at? Look at the man right before you. Again. 5. 4. 3. 2. Come on, again. Cut. You'll have 1 minute to adjust and then start again. Xia Lin, what's the flavor of the gum you just had? Strawberry. Mine is durian. Will the flavors mix together? Respect me, OK? Anyway, I'm an actress. Really? Now that you're an actress, why were you so nervous just now? You acted kissing scenes, right? I didn't act a strawberry and durian flavored scene. You're crazy. Hurry up. OK. Can you act now? OK. OK. Come on. 5, 4, 3, 2. Cut. OK. Pass. That's all today. Thank Mr. Ling for treating us to drink. Thanks. Thanks, Mr. Ling. The lemon mint green tea I drank is the reward for you. How strange! It isn't the one I usually drink. The one you like is closed. How come all drinks shops I like closed down so fast? Find the answer on yourself. Mumu, that's all for today, right? It's the last scene. Let's go home. OK. I'm here. Have an early rest. See you. I'll wait for the elevator with you. OK. Are we still partners? As community of interests, you should tell me at the first time it happened, right? How about you? You didn't tell me about your falling into water. You did the same thing. You... Sorry, I... Would you go to my home? OK. Mumu, this apartment is too large for you to live alone, right? No. Pidan is with me. Pidan? Pidan. What are you doing, Pidan? You scare me. You aren't afraid of dogs, right? Yes. I just need a little time to get used to it. Get used to it now. It wants you to hold it high. Pidan, do you think it's right for you to be here now? Play with yourself. Go. Good boy. Mumu, actually I hope you can move in with me. You know what's going on. Although it's about my work, now Fu Weining is trying to break it through you. If you move to live with me, at least I can protect you. I really don't want to see you meeting any accidents. I know you're worried about me, but it's alright for me to live alone. And now it's so convenient to contact. Don't worry about my security. Mumu, I really hope you can think about it. By the way, what I said last time went too far. I know you respect me, but we're the same that we don't want to bother each other. So I will learn to communicate with you more about my problems later. So will you for our better cooperation. Mumu, I'll do what you say. But I also want you to know that nothing about you is a burden to me. I like the so-called burdens you bring to me. Your presence adds a touch of light to my dull life. Mumu, I like you around me. That's the realest warmth I can feel. Sometimes I even think you're a thief, because everything you do steals my heart. Who? Help. Hurry up. Get up. Hide. Hide now. Why should I hide? Jia Fei is right out of the door. Hide now. So what? Please, hide now. Here. No. She will go into the bedroom. Here. Hurry up. Hide now. Hurry up. We are in a normal relationship, right? Please, hide now. Hurry up. Hurry up. Say nothing. Please. Don't ever say anything. Coming. What's the matter? Why did you change the password? Well, I changed it and forgot to tell you. Well, did you answer me just now? Yes. I'm practicing my lines of a new role. Forget it. Get me a drink now. I'm thirsty. OK, I will. Wait. Lin, do you have no drinks at home? I have. I'm coming. Coming. Why are you here? I, I'm here for Pidan. You said it was here, so I want to have a look at it. It is sleeping. It has a bad temper and doesn't like to be disturbed when sleeping. Well, how are you and Boss Ling? Boss Ling and I... Who? Don't. No matter who he is, tell him that I'm not here. Excuse me, Miss Xia. Is Jia Fei here? She said that... She isn't here. What for? Nothing. Mr. Ling said you were ill. He asked me to send you some medicine and checked what else you need by the way. I need nothing. I need nothing at all. And I'm healthy, so I need no medicine. Anything else? Well. It was so hot on my way here. I have a little heat stroke. Can I have a glass of water? Please. Thanks. Thank, thank you. Please sit down. Who again? Chu Yan. Xia Lin. Xia Lin, I don't think you are feeling well these days. I bought you cold medicine. Thanks. What do you mean by sending that on WeChat? As what you've seen. What do you mean by sending that we'll never meet again? Is Pidan here? Well, it's sleeping. And it has a bad temper. It doesn't like to be disturbed when sleeping. Your phone is ringing. I... Yes. It's your fault. What to do? Should we get up? Would you give me something to drink? I'll get a new one for you. Wait a moment. By the way, Xia Lin, I don't know how to deal with the crying scene in Episode 17. You're right. Just do what you think. Go away. Go away. But I don't know if I should act externally or internally. I think both are fine. Just do what you think. It's fine if they find me. Anyway, we're engaged. It's a contractual marriage. Don't make trouble. Get out of the way. No. Xia Lin, what's the noise? It's Pidan. It wakes up. It wakes up. Where is Pidan? Tell me what is going on with you. I'm here for Xia Lin. He is here for some water. So you're hiding it from me, right? Yes. What's wrong with you, Fei, Wen Li? Yes. Wen Li. Why didn't you tell me that you know Miss Jia? I'm going to have a meeting with the planner. See you. Take your time. Mr. Ling. It's dark. We're tired. Go back early. It isn't dark and I'm not tired. We still have a lot to do. Let's talk about it another day. Go. Go. Go. Go back early. It's dark. Ling, I didn't drive today. Send me back. Send me back. OK. Go. Go. Go. We're leaving. Wen Li, was I rude to Mumu just now? Mr. Ling, I think... Forget it. I shouldn't ask you. You're single. In the whole world, is she the happiest? I won't compare my smiling face with anyone else's. As long as given a little more courage, I can put up with all. It is not clever to say this sentence. Take a deep breath and look at yourself. You have no problem at all. I breathe deeply. I need not be reminded by you, I don't believe and listen, so I don't see clearly and fall into a game. For you, I became single-minded and avoided being self-indulgent. Your words are so sincere that I can't see through you. So people think it was careless of me. For you, I became unreasonable and stopped believing in love. I bear it till my heart broke. Even if breathing deeply, I still can't find peace and still mind it. = Next Episode's Preview = My character is so good. How could it be true? It should not be true. Then I'll reward you.