射雕英雄傳 高清 Legend Of Condor Heroes Kisah Pendekar Rajawali 2017 HD Eng and Indo subs ep 11

Episode 11 - Jing'er is here. - Teachers. Jing'er. After the funeral, accompany Miss Mu to Ox Village. Before we go home, let's take care of their marriage. I can keep the promise to Brothers Guo and Yang. I won't marry Miss Mu. What? I said, I won't marry her. - Why? - Be calm. We knew Yang had a son. It negated a betrothal. Jing'er is betrothed to Princess Hua Zheng as Genghis Khan's son-in-law. Good to be an imperial son-in-law. What about the dead's wishes? Greedy and unfilial. How's he differ from Yang Kang? Taoist Qiu, calm down. How about this? Miss Mu and Jing'er go to Mongolia. We'll see Genghis Khan to explain. Jing'er. Men can have more than one wife. Genghis Khan should understand. - What do you think? - 2nd Brother is correct. This is probably the best way out. I won't marry Hua Zheng. - What? - You're right. What Princess? You must marry Miss Mu. Nor will I marry Miss Mu. Jing'er. You have another in mind? Who? - Rong'er. - Huh? - You! - Why? - Prince. - What's up? - Report. We searched the city, but can't find Young Prince. - Did he go to Taoist Qiu? - We checked but Young Prince wasn't there. Keep searching. - You must find Kang'er. - Yes. I'm not Song, nor Jin. Who am I? Who can tell me? Who am I? Who can tell me? Mom. It's you. Why am I here? You were drunk outside my door. I made a tonic. Quickly drink it. Careful, it's hot. Why stare at me? Your face is like my mom's. It's not hot. Drink it quickly. My dad... I mean Yang Tie-Xin. What was he like? Dad was clear minded and loyal. He never forgot you two. If... he wasn't my dad, nor I his son... will you still care about me? Certainly. Dislikes, likes. Dislikes, likes, dislikes, likes, dislikes! Likes, dislikes, likes. Dislikes... Jing doen't like Rong'er. No way. - Waiter. - Yeah. - Get me another stone fruit. - Miss. We're closed. - Closed so soon? Not soon. See, customers left. Jing hasn't come yet? What? You want to see that Little Witch. Rong'er isn't a Little Witch. Big Bro. Don't get angry. I'll teach him. Come on, sit down. I'll handle it. Jing'er. Who's Huang Rong? She's Huang Yaoshi's daughter; Mei Chao Feng's martial sister. Mei Chao Feng killed 5th Master. She has a feud with us. Who's her dad? Huang Yaoshi is a ruthless killer. If you're with his kid, you'd die. Rong'er is so nice, her dad can't be bad. Huang broke his 4 students' legs. What else won't he do? Maybe his students erred. - What? You don't believe me anymore? - I dare not. But I can't live without Rong'er, nor she without me. You! I tell you. While I'm alive, don't see that Little Witch. Let's go! Big Master. You're still muddled. Fine. Reflect well by yourself there. Jing will look for me. Big Bro. You really locked him in? That stinky kid. His wings have barely flown, yet he defies us. We must teach him a lesson. But Jing'er is stubborn. Even locking him up for life, he won't change easily. It's best to persuade him. Think he'll listen? Big Bro. I don't like Miss Huang either. But this is about feelings. If, for us, he breaks off with Miss Huang, - I'd feel he's faithless. - Don't defend him. 2nd Bro. Here. Keep it. Lock him in 3 days. - No-one is to send him food. - I know, Big Bro. - Fish. - Buns. Big Bro. See. Lots of fun things in this city. - Let's go. - Okay. Aiya. Be kind. Give me money. I'm starving. Great Jin claims riches but it's full of beggars. Let's go. So stingy. Big Bro. It's crowded. That way is less crowded. - 7th Sister. - Sister. Would you like to take 2 puppets to Jing'er? Big Bro. I told you all, no-one can feed him so he knows hardship. Fortunes told. Fortunes told. Divine Fortune Teller here. Fortune teller. You're arrogant. If you want a prediction, it's guaranteed. How's it guaranteed? - If not correct, ruin my business. - Aiyoo. Ruin your business? What if I don't want one? I see an evil aura around you. Was there violence around you? Fine. Predict for me. - Please sit, Big Bro. - I want to see. Does a Divine Fortune Teller exist? Big Bro. What letters? Name, Ke. They're the divinatory letters. Aiyayaaa... So then? Left letter Mu, right letter Ke. 'Wooden brains'. What you believe is right is actually all wrong. I think, Masters, you recently separated lovers? That's correct. - Is he a Divine Fortune Teller? - It's a coincidence. Mated under Heaven, lovers are ruled by the Moon in peace. Anyone forcing them apart opposes Heaven. Lightning will strike. Crap! Lightning crap! You cheated us with rot. What do you know? Is Jing'er's demoness his mate? They make a bad match. I advise you. A pair of lovers matched by destiny should not be parted by you. Sir. Take good care. What rot. Let's go. Beware of lightning striking. - What's that sound? - Sounds like lightning. What's that? What just happened? Ghost. How can it be? Big Bro. Was the fortune teller right? Will lightning strike us? Open the window. Check carefully. Don't be afraid. I'll look. Big Bro. I saw something unworldly. I think the little Fortune Teller was Divine. You believe trickery. But, Big Bro, outside now- Was the divination true? Does parting them defy Heaven? Such strange things can't be trusted, nor ignored. - Let Guo Jing out. - 4th Bro, you too? - Let Jing'er out. - Yes, Big Bro. Seventh Master. - Why are you here? - We won't confine you any more. You can stay or leave. What's going on? Little Red Horse. - Bro Jing. - Rong'er. - How'd you get here? - Jing, are you alright? Before the Masters change their minds, go. Hurry, go. - Big Bro, what's up? - What's up? See for yourself. Sis, we got tricked. The ghost was this mask. These sell cheaply on the street. Lightning, aha, was fired with this. The rest are kids' toys. Exploding fireworks. I knew it wasn't Heaven's strangeness. Where's the boy? Already gone. Nice. I don't have a student. Big Bro. You can hold him, not his heart. It's for his good. Think calmly. Miss Huang did this for him. So she's sincere and true towards him. Jing'er is lucky to be with such a lady. The most beautiful feeling is love. Even if they face difficulties or can't grow old together, at least they'll have true love. True love? I won't approve. Jing, see that star. Jing. Have you seen a star so bright? In Mongolia, stars are brighter. - True? - Yep. - I want to see them. - OK. I will take you there. Rong'er is tired from helping me. Let her sleep longer, undisturbed. Rong'er's lashes are numerous. Do they number the stars in the sky? Jing. Hurry, look here, so many fish. Jing. What's wrong? Rong'er. Must we do this? - What do you mean? - I think it's not good we ran away. We lied to Masters. They'd be angry now. Why not return? Return? I just got you out. You'd go back? I'll hold your hand and tell them, - Rong'er isn't a Little Witch. She's... - She's what? She's...a very good lady. Very good, very good. I'm serious. It isn't settled yet. I won't marry Miss Mu because the one I love...is you. But your Masters will be angry. They hate me. If you go back now, they'll separate us. I'll tell them of your kindness. Don't you know their characters? What if they confine you again? We wouldn't meet again. If you don't care about me.... - I'll leave. - How won't I care? I don't want to anger Masters. Yet I can't part from you. - True? - Mm. I won't part from you. Rong'er. What's your dad like? Why don't my Masters like him? Dad is 'East Heretic'. He's weird, and likes things simple. He says all rules are nonsense. Dad knows the Five Elements. His wugong is great. So Jianghu mistrusts and fears him. That's not weird. Actually, Dad adored my mom. Her only child is me. She died birthing me. So Dad lavished love on me. After Mei Chao Feng's betrayal, Dad expelled all his students. Peach Blossom Isle only has servants, Dad and me. Lately it's been uninteresting. If my Masters knew, they won't hate your dad. They won't reject you. August is Jiaxing duel? By then, Masters won't be mad. If we talk kindly to them, they should bless us. Yes, yes. Why didn't I think of it? But August is 6 months away. We can have fun for 6 months. Isn't that good? I'm not going South to play. - I'll find Duan Tian-De for revenge. - Revenge? So that's it. Your dad's death is tragic. Get revenge. Don't forgive! We'll go to Lin'An now. Find the villain for revenge. What will you do next? I don't know. I don't know who I am nor where to go. You go. Never mind me. Why don't you go? You won the Joust. I'll follow you. Don't be stupid. The Joust winner was Young Prince. The one here now isn't that person. The one I love is you, whether Jin Prince or Song commoner. Nianci. Why so stupid? You'll suffer with me. Being with you, I won't fear hardship. Yang Kang. Let the past be past. Don't hold onto it. We'll start a new life. New life. What is a new life? Be a Song person, living simply. Let's go to Ox Village. I heard it's green and mountainous, like a beautiful painting. Find land there, build a house. You plant, I sew. Living with you will make me happiest. OK, I'll heed you. I'll go with you. Nianci. I won't mistreat you. I won't disappoint you. - This outfit suits you. - Does it? - Sure. Song clothing is nice. Tomorrow we go to Ox Village. I heard there's a nice inn with fragrant wine. OK. We'll try it. Oh yes. I'll buy travel snacks. - I'll sell my ornaments to a money lender. - OK. Anyone see this young sir? He's Young Prince. Take a look. - Seen him? Look. - No. - I got food. - OK. - Seen him. - No. - What is it? - Nothing. Let's go. Xiruo. After you left, Kang'er disappeared. I will find him. Yang Tie-Xin died. Kang'er and I are left. I think of him as my own son. Xiruo. All I couldn't give you this life... I'll give to Kang'er. What's the matter? You've been too quiet. If... What if I say... Come home with me and be Jin Princess? 6th Prince forced Mom and Dad to die. I won't be Princess. I'll be an ordinary Song. Yang Kang. Don't forget. You're a Song person. I understand. I understand. Get some rest. Little Red Horse. Feel good? Jing, look there. - What is it? - Hey! - Aagh! Rong'er, you! Jing, are you okay? Brother Jing. Jing, grab my hand. Seems you can't swim. - In the Steppe, how to swim? - Fine, I'll teach you. Skip it. I won't swim. - Learn. - I won't. I can teach you. Look at me. - Are you OK? - I'm OK. Relax. Breathe. Come on. What's this stuff? It's lotus-wrapped Beggar's Chicken. It keeps the aroma in. Roast chicken with tender meat. You'll see how good it is. Just listening, I'm salivating. But there's no Tao Hua wine. - It'd be perfect. - Tao Hua wine? What is it? Wine from various peach flowers. After Dad drank that wine, he is still praising it. Unluckily we have none to drink. Jing, it looks ready. - Jing, it's ready. - Eh. Considering this chicken is yours, I won't fight. Give me the butt. - You are... - I'm a hungry old beggar. Here, drink. I don't drink. You drink it. Is he an Elder Hero? I'll tempt his taste buds. - You little... - Elder, sit. Try my chicken. Here. Try it. For me? I won't hold back. - So good. I'll tuck in. - Jing. I've never had such good chicken. Since you like it, have more. This is for me too? You eat too. At this age, I'd never had such chicken. Beggar's Chicken satisfied you. This is my honour. This girl is a sweet talker. I can't eat for free. Here, for you. If you have any wishes, ask. No, no. We can't accept. Keep it. Yes, we can't accept. To be honest, this chicken is stolen. - Stolen? - Rong'er. You stole it? Jing, I saw some chickens here. They run free, so I took one. That meant, we met Old Beggar. I like sharing chicken. Oh! We ate the passing chicken. You passed and ate it. Good, eh? This girl is funny. Let's be friends. I'm Huang Rong. He's Guo Jing. What's your name? I'm Hong. Call me Qigong, friends. He is a Hero. I'll take this. Heaven has no partings. I'll go. See you later. - Qigong. - Eh? - You're going. - Yes. After eating, I'm sleepy. I want to go rest. I burned it. I have so many dishes I can make. - Other dishes? - So many. Such as pork meatballs, pig feet soup, stir fry, dumplings, braised meat. There are still many others. So there's more good food. Now I'm not sleepy. I needn't go and sleep now. We'll stay here a while. Come, sit. She's not your wife? Go for it. Lad, you're lucky. - Thanks. When I was young, if I'd met a beautiful, smart cook like her, how great. If I was 20 years younger, then.... Do you have designs on Rong'er? Silly lad. Who's competing? She likes you. - Hey, afraid I'll take her? - Jing, Qigong. What are you saying? - We're saying... - We're saying, - did you buy vegies? - Already. Wait for my cooking. Hey. I can't wait. Jing... Qigong. Don't be impatient. Rong'er will feed you. OK, fine. I'm gluttonous with good food. I forget all else. The ancients say index finger (food finger) moves. If I see and smell good food, my right finger quivers. Then that finger... I cut it off. My greed messed up big, so I angrily! ah! cut it off. Though I cut it, I'm still greedy. Qigong. Here it is. Here, here. Come on, quickly. Taste my dishes. - Mm. It's delicious. - Of course. Qigong. - Try a meatball. - OK. - Try it. This isn't mere beef. There must be mutton, pig ears...calf kidney - and, and... - What else? - Deer and rabbit meat! - Bravo! This meatball is complicated. - Qigong. You discerned all flavours. - Sure. What haven't I eaten? Palace food can't match this, except for 5-Treasures Mandarin Duck, recipe unknown. You went to the Imperial kitchen? Did the Emperor invite you? Of course he invited me. He just didn't know. You stole it. What "stole"? I tasted it. I lived 2 months in the kitchen roof. I tasted for the Emperor. I ate the best; he got the rest! You do anything for food. Born to eat, live to eat. - Eat too. Don't just watch me. - OK. I'm very full. I'll pay you back. Whatever you want, tell me. Qigong. Could you teach him kungfu? - Teach kungfu? - Do this. His kungfu is below mine, so he gets mad. So teach him some moves. Rong'er. Hm. I tell you, I never took any Students. But this is your food. It's delicious. I'll teach him a little bit. - It depends on his ability. OK? - OK. - Great, Qigong. - Great, Jing. 'Southern Mountain Palm' 'Peach Blossom Isle Divine Sword Palm' Rong'er, good Palm skill. Qigong. He can't beat me. Your dad is powerful. Would I teach this lad? - Qigong. - Huang Yaoshi is your dad, right? - How do you know? - How can't I know? You showed your dad's style. Also... You have your dad's nose. Once you fought, I knew. - Then you know Dad. - Not just know. He's East Heretic. I'm North Beggar. We fought often. He fought Dad and lived. Qigong must be powerful. - Qigong. - OK. Qigong. Take us as students. If we learn 10%, we'd have no regret. Quit it. I don't like being flattered. I'm sincere. Teacher. We'll learn, not shaming you. Don't call me Teacher. I took no Students. You stupid lad, forget it. Qigong. Qigong. I'll make you good food. - What good food? - Lots of good food. - Lots of good food. Quit it. You think your food will get my kungfu. What do you think I am? No way. Qigong.