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hey guys welcome back to let's talk and you are with me mirror well I am in Auckland and I just wanted to show you something well the thing is that sure I have found out that people are very very healthy because they make sure that they ride on bicycles they walk a lot and they use a lot of East Cooter's well guys the best part about these bikes is that you can just pick them up from anywhere they will be parked in different areas and you know you unlock it you ride it and you can leave them anywhere just like this bike you know I'm sure someone took a ride and left it here and I found [Music] hi guys well okay I just got done from my work and I completed my right i was just riding and while riding i just was trying to recollect a few phrases which i would like to talk to you about and of course they are related to cycling or biking and of course in general how what you can say while you're conversing in english in general all right guys let's get started with today's lesson [Music] okay guys so let me start with my first word which was related to cycling and that is tempo okay so now when cyclists use this word tempo they usually mean the rhythm you know when they are riding together in a group everyone is just massive matching their pace and just keeping a good rhythm so the good phrase the phrase that I have got from this is just keep the tempo right for example I liked the tempo of my studies today that means you probably kept a good rhythm in studying and you studied for a long period of time or you can say we need to keep up the tempo and work a little hard that means you need to speed up the tempo maybe you're slow or I really like my team because we always keep up the good tempo that means your team probably has a great rhythm good coordination together alright guys now let's talk about freewheeling okay so if you are cyclists what's a freewheeling what's freewheeling they will tell you that it's nothing but just riding without limits or without rules so how can you use it in your conversation you can say that he led a freewheeling life he led a life without any limits without any rules oh you can say that hey a little bit of freewheeling is fine but don't overdo it a little bit of being limitless without rules is fine but not overdoing something right or you can say that although we love freewheeling it's good to be disciplined at times right so that one is freewheeling for you guys hey so there is always a lane that cyclists follow right correct similarly there is a phrase which is memory lane well let me talk to you about that today you can say that talking to my grandmother is like going down the memory lane of my childhood right memory lane is nothing but recollecting past memories all or old bitter or sweet memories either talking to my school friends is like visiting school memory lane or school days memory lane right when you talk to your friends you talk about your school and then you just try and recollect what all happened in school the other day I met my friend and we both just went down the memory lane when we were children right you recollected what all naughty things you did as a child so that one is memory lane okay now I cannot promise that as a cyclist you will all get always get a smooth ride right you might get a bumpy ride okay now the next phrase is bumpy right when I talk about bumpy ride I just mean you know going through tough times right for example today was a bumpy ride for me that means you today you had a tough day tough time well going to office has always been a bumpy ride for me maybe your office is not that smooth with you right you always have tough times or doing math has always been a bumpy ride for me that means doing mathematics has been tough you can also say that talking in public has always been a bumpy ride well that one was bumpy ride hey now let's talk about this phrase along for the ride along for the ride is usually being there only physically okay just for the heck of it not really putting any value into something so for example hey can I just come along with you just along for the ride that means you just want to tag along with someone just when someone just for the heck of it right or hey I'm going for a party do you want to just come along for the ride you just want to come there just to be physically present don't act like you're here only just to be along for the ride just be present mentally as well does it happen to you that you just physically somewhere and you're just stormed off in another world well sometimes when I'm tired it happens to me so this one was along for the ride the next one is ride ones luck well here you're trying to say that you know things are happening just by chance just by some good luck or fortune so you can say these days I have just been riding my luck or you can say I've not been studying really you've been riding my luck lately have you been doing that no don't do that because you must always work hard don't just ride your luck all the time okay so this one was right once luck and you can use it when you want to say just things are happening by love or by chances just you have a good fortune that's why next one is pretty much casual you know you're just saying that go for a spin it actually means just going for a ride or just you know just for a spin just going for a ride for maybe to buy something or just casually write so you can say today we went just for a spin with my family right your family all of you guys went for a ride over a drive anything or you can also say that hey I'm just going for a spin do you want to tag along with me right you're just asking someone to come right along with you go for a bike ride or anything you can also say that whenever I'm really tired working I just quickly go for a spin so that I get relaxed I personally do I like riding bicycles because you know it just gets the nervousness out of me and I'm much more relaxed so this one was go for a spin now the next one is take for a ride that means to con someone to mislead someone for example teenagers usually take their parents for a ride right they mislead something they mislead they tell them something else but they're doing something else well I was serious I wasn't taking you for a ride now you can say that come on now don't take me for a ride tell me what is the truth right now don't mislead me well now this one is rollercoasters right what does it mean it means when your life is all about ups and downs highs and lows and you still go through them and you survive right so for example my life is a roller coaster ride right or you can say he worked hard went through a rollercoaster ride and then became a CEO but this one was roller goes to right guys well how about I pump you up with this one get ready oh no not really the phrases get ready and in cycle terms I would say gear up that means get ready gear up for your exams boys gear up for the roller coaster ride Oh guys you guys must gear up otherwise it will be too late okay okay guys now I better gear up and yet rolling my roller coaster ride okay so that's all for today guys I really hope you enjoyed my phrases for the day and I hope you're enjoying to watch me write as well well if the next time you are in auckland i really suggest for you to try on your because it's awesome okay I will see you soon in another letter until then keep rolling with the flow guys [Music]