10 Foolproof Signs a GIRL LIKES YOU


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Often times a man is clueless or confused if a woman likes him. A woman may instantly tell if someone likes her because she is biologically hardwired to detect subtle signs if someone likes her. A guy on the other hand needs a woman to tell the right in front of his face that she's attracted to him before he realizes she likes him. Worse is sometimes we only realize it in retrospect years after someone had shown interest in us. Fortunately there are numerous ways to tell if a woman likes you. Most of them subtle, some are obvious although some guys are still left in confusion. In this video I will discuss the clearest signs she's into you so you won't have to wonder at night in confusion whether you have a chance with her so you can finally ask her out. If she's very enthusiastic to whatever he tell her, intently listens to you, nods three times to encourage you to talk more, laughs and giggles at your lame jokes. Then my friend you have a woman who is mystified by you. This is because she wants to appear fun to be with, outgoing, agreeable, and wants to appeal on your good side. If she helps you fix her necktie, buttons or unbuttons your shirt, or fixes your hair. It means she is comfortable with you and probably attracted to you as well. See you likes you by pretending you're having a hard time fixing your tie. If she's not shy and goes on to help you, ask her right there for a date. The next step will confirm if she definitely likes you. If she says yes well she's obviously into you. Think of this, if you're a celebrity heartthrob or if at least you look like one, she'll definitely say yes in a heartbeat. She will drop her plans and clear her schedule just to be with you. If she says no but suggests a different date, for example she might say no but she's available on the weekend, she still likes you but does not want to cancel her plans. If she touches your arms hands shoulder or thighs whenever she's speaking to you she definitely likes you. Women are very sensitive to touches and will only touch someone they're attracted and comfortable with. If she touches you deliberately even when not talking with you, for example she taps her shoulder or touches your arm when you are sitting close by or when she passes by you, it's a clear sign of attraction. Anatomically, woman's version of crossing their legs is very unique to them because they are the only ones who can do this naturally because of the frame of their body, making it look very feminine. Now if the woman you are talking with crosses and uncross as her legs multiple times and most of the time they are pointed at you, then it means you have her full attention. If she's wearing heels and her hanging foot is dangling and playing with her footwear. Well lucky you, this is a subconscious sign of sexual intentions. A woman who checks out a guy is obviously into him because she finds him pleasing in her eyes and couldn't let him out for sight . But do you want to know if someone is checking you out. If she's in the vicinity look at your watch or check your smartphone for a second. When you finished observe if she does the same. Often we like to mimic people we are interested in and most of the time we do this subconsciously. She fidgets her jewelry, play with her necklace, or rotate her ring while talking with you. This is a subtle sign she's nervously excited to be around you and she needs an outlet for that tension. Additionally, playing with a phallic object may indicate sexual thoughts escaping through her fingers. For example, she is slowly stroking the stem of her wineglass and running her fingers around the rim. If she has a bottle with her she might start stroking its neck. She might also do the same with a long earring and even start pulling her ring on and off her finger. All these gestures may exhibit sexual thoughts. She plays with her hair and moves it all to the other side and exposes her neck towards you. This means she feels secured in your presence. The neck and palms are erogenous zones and if shown in the presence of someone she likes she subconsciously wants it to be touched by that guy. Some psychologists say that the gesture of fixing her hair is a biological instinct to release pheromones from her armpits, thus initiating sexual attraction. When we are sexually attracted to someone we tend to gaze at their eyes and lips. This is called the flirtatious gaze and is often done by women who are sexually attracted to someone. When she is looking at you observed if the pupils of her eyes are dilated. The pupil increases in size when we want to fully absorb something that pleases our eyes. So the next time you talk to her observe if her flirtatious stare is combined with dilated pupils. She will mimic your gestures and sometimes even the speed of your speech and tonality to appear agreeable and likable even. If she likes you and does not match her speech but instead increases her vocal pitch more than the usual, this might be a better sign. If she is mimicking your gestures but her pitch is higher than normal, then it means she is accentuating her femininity and is appealing to your masculine instincts.