1940 Chevy Dubl Duti Will It Run After 80 Years Turnin Rust


Turnin Rust


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[Applause] [Music] small-town business owners Wyatt and Lance Bush teamed together to form Craven customs a father and son duo scavenging the web along with the North East Texas woods in search of rusty relics while buying and building on a budget they recreate and preserve hidden patina giving each one a story of its own chasing their passion they're giving the past a future saving lost dreams one vehicle at a time when helping God nature and Blalock media these guys rock you in part by maxed trailers [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] sometimes you gotta even up to the year [Music] [Music] okay looks good to me well what do you think honor I'm glad to see she's here yeah me too I mean of all the old stuff we found and come across her being 80 years old I mean I feel like she's in pretty good shape too but I'm kind of excited see if we can get her going yes still having the original motor and transmission in it and definitely be cool to see if she'd crank up and move down the road again I mean my thing is a lot of this old stuff was normally parked for a reason so I don't know if it had some issues or but I figured as long as it's not locked up and somewhat complete should be able to get her up and going again and that the little tires will hold in the air we can try they don't look like they should so they might definitely help on unloading and get it inside a little bit easier but I know that one back there ain't gonna hold nowhere we might be able have to find a spare to put on it but get it off the trailer get it inside a little bit better working environment I'll have a lot more patience with it and trying to see if she'll run but yeah all in all hopefully we'll we'll have favor with it I hope so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now that we got this old girl unloaded and into the shop we're just going to dig into her just a little bit deeper we don't know a whole lot about the truck we've continued to study up on it there's nothing on the internet about this whole thing we've come across just very few pictures from just brochures there's one form of literature that shows us there was very minimal of these things even made so it's very possible that this could be the last one of its existence with the truck being 80 years old it's had some dents and dings and damage over time so we're just going to see what we exactly have kind of take our first steps hopefully we can get this motor turning over if it ain't locked up and we can get some fire and some gas to her she may pop off and run well I figure we'll dig into her all right I think most everything as far as getting to the engines going to be inside the truck here which may be fun just got a Lynch apartment here that you can see half the motive but I don't know I figured it might be beneficial to go ahead and pull all these plates off because you know we're going to have to get to that carburetor and stuff on the other side of the motor but yeah I don't know I guess we could get those out of the way and figure pull the plugs and get a little all down in them and just try to work that crank back and forth so yep I don't even tell where that battery would have bent looks like the cable runs back here so I don't know if it's up underneath this plate here something underneath there yeah probably have to pull that plate off battery might sit there get all that stuff out of the way we can see a lot better and a little bit little easier to work with it so grab some tools I think it's about a 3/8 or 1/2 inch place I've designed this where you could get these plates off YUM could you imagine trying to work on that thing for the front it's about all I can do is imagine it you know it may be a good reason why all this stuff still here is a lot harder to Rob parts off of it with it hidden right yeah good thing we just put on my aftermarket hater car there yeah clearly go ahead and try taking some of these things up here or now we should never just leave that stuff flipped over think mainly just this left of the engines on the driver's side yeah it looks like a flat blade [Music] [Music] yep there's better yep hey let's try to get this up out of our way here man cheers thinking heavy yeah yeah thanks so anyways should be a lot lighter now don't you see the transmission yeah transmission and brakes master cylinder Oh what that would entail emergency probably Marcy right yeah I think there's a flat blade let me try to get this Adam I need a bigger flat head screw think it'll come now got that one looking on the odometer shows what a 50,000 yeah maybe original yeah they made that cover pretty tight to everything didn't yeah it's pretty clean though yeah you can tell her that old valve covers leaked a little bit over time that that's the big expected you say that the dipstick anywhere yeah this right now okay yeah hey looks looks a lot better than your time at least did I trust it yeah I shall be faulty trying to see guess the carburetors manly right down there below the the manifold there instead of being on top it's down below yeah well we want to pull them plugs out and I think we need to it get something on that crank maybe and work it back and forth and see if it even tries or what it does we need to mark those so we know oh and they're probably so old they'll probably hold their shape and let's see yeah there so they'll just kind of their kind of frozen times I think I'll be alright on that looks like they're about the they're looking sixteenths yeah my grabs them up penetrating all today now that we got this old engine exposed it's everything that I was hoping to say it looks to be very complete it's not really as dirty as I expected it to be we checked the old old looks really good for an 80 year old motor so right now we're just going to pull the plugs put a little oil down in them I'll try to get on the crank just work it back and forth if it is locked up normally if you can get it to move just a little bit it may take a little bit of time just back and forth once we get it turning over good though we'll just move on to the next step get fire get gas get it down the road got a lot we just think that one kind of curious we'll see what the bottoms of these old plugs look like I think it wasn't a flathead though I would have thought yeah I'm assuming it's probably going to be a thing it's an old 6 volt system word like that I would think so good 40 model unless someone had converted it come out pretty easy yeah pretty Carvin though yeah but it looks like it'll clean up tops of them don't look too bad though so I don't know how they ought to date those things or you have an idea at least last time someone change the plugs in it it's not a lot yeah through Auto lots and I see oh yeah definitely gonna be a good motor then something like work oh yeah you know surprisingly though there's not animal nest area where I mean as tight as that was you'd have thought that it got all around it yeah even though wiring looks to be in pretty good shape on it wherever he found it it may have been kind of protected from the elements somewhat that's got them figure we'll get a little funnel and just put a little bit all in there and ready see what she does I think I can reach I'm pretty easy that front one might be a little bit harder yeah that kind of put a little on your finger and just dab it a little dab will do you think I'll turn over I don't think it will today now you gonna pin put it down well I said the good thing is though that there aren't parts robbed off of it so and most of time if someone has it and it breaks down on them especially back then yeah grab a starter or carburetor or something off the other one to help get you back I hope they ran out of gas ain't it and that's a whole story unlikely and read a good story a good story uh I guess we'll try to see if we can get on that cranking out of gear get on that crank and see if it'll move any at all what do you think I'll turn it over with me cool if we had the whole handle it would originally come with this yeah turning over I'm not sure yeah it's kind of got a little slotted slotted hole in the crank there it looks like if I can get like a a wrench or something I can stick in there sideways hate your sin the of them that it's moving is it yeah faster faster I just can't hardly get much of a turn with so tight in there let me try to use something that's maybe like we have a small ratchet handle like a ratchet with a small handle I think we do over another box or even an extension I got 38 expansion yeah she's turning a little bit well kind of stopped its Arnon try to go backwards just for the fun of it to let that ol yeah work up neck on and get everywhere on it but I feel like I've made probably pretty close to full rotation I've turned it both ways pretty good I feel like if we put a battery on that thing kind of hit it let it yeah let the starter turn it over a lot quicker see if we even looks like we have any compression or not yeah like I said I think it's gonna be a six volt system but we can hook a twelve old up turret of just turnout we're a little faster as long as we just you know don't turn on the headlights and all that mass but cables pretty rough ain't ya pretty rough yeah that's a good thing that's a negative yeah yeah think on these old Chevrolet's they were still just negative ground on the six fold a lot of the Fords were positive ground but yes we'll hook one up and find out see which way the sparks go I think she's getting charged I say we go ahead and try on negative ground I think so [Applause] [Applause] okay man into clean nose yeah try it out though you look like getting far enough down to push it ain't touching anything nothing reven probably need to clean those cut yeah let's clean these ants what's the fight thunder yes I'm clean we almost hit like thunder brush or something maybe real quick not I'll see anything I don't guess we've got any extra cables around here doing no I don't think so and if we do I don't think they think we got some shorter ones yeah I like it wrong the end zone yeah hey I'll probably have to run the town maybe listen the negative wasn't too bad paws was pretty corroded negative cables just going and it's hard to say it maybe on the other end also yeah it's pretty rough we'll try it if it don't work you want to grab that voltmeter and we'll see if we're getting juice down there to it no spark or nothing when I try to hook that up ready yep nothing nothing yeah let's grab that mater and see if we're even getting juice down there go hot battery that's what that's for let's see here hmm want to lose that well now that's getting down there yeah who was something a starter yeah possibly that yeah I guess this basically would be like an old school if you're still annoyed part of it there so it could be corroded up inside there let's grab a you want to grab a hammer and we'll just kind of pick around on it and see if we know we're getting juice to it so good old bear hands on these old mouse turds keeps me healthy I brought a small one to try and a big one to fix it so they got where you can all the bearing nothing I'll just go ahead and hold it by you nothing nothing that feels kind of easy doing it yeah pressing that Oh doesn't look like it's much to get that starter off there if we want to try to pull it and just see see if we can get it working you know out on the truck sure the old brush isn't everything in it or probably yeah rusty and try well we're room no yeah let's go ahead and pull that off and where we can get it outside this broken old it or whatever we need to do list it up throw it buy a new one see as it is their man 1609 six tanks alright need a wrench yeah want to go ahead and try to pull this linkage loose pair of needle-nosed oh I'm gonna do it my hammer I'm gonna take that cable off first and get that out of the way so we're not yeah trying to take it off after we get it off we might have to get under the truck for another one there we'll get under there look real quick just see what it looks like try to you anyways didn't crush the under here it's bigger in a 9/16 so but honestly I think it's even bigger than a - yeah it might be out for under six thousand six tanks let me sit I can get you on real quick 11:16 you find that one yeah I found it I'm gonna grab a 3/4 inch wrench little ratchet wrench work on your top side I've about got my watch your eyes and have seen me knocking all kinds of little pieces of dirt down there keep your mouth closed there's a lot of mouth starts yeah I don't need to go home with that on my breath here's coming yeah I need some wd-40 nice easy exhale you just kept a bit car broke off of it yeah just amazes me though I mean it's nasty and courteous it is the arming the understand yeah oh the third hit something everything you've been really cooperating with this already I got mine see any other ones or is it just the dirt and grime that's holding it on there and grounders watch your yeah it is I guess I'm gonna drop it to you down low okay I gotta get I got a washer here I'm trying to get off the top of my yeah feel what you're talking about on that that cover on the flywheel yeah it's rusted out you ready yeah I'm ready here comes like I said there's a bunch of trash coming with it got it got it right there should be a lot easier to mess with now yep that's pretty rusty itself I'm yeah oh well here the whole bottle end of its missing rusted away I don't know if that thing I'll ever ever work and I guess we can pull it apart and see I don't know if there would have been anything in this area of the starter right there that it would have RF everything's back in this housing are part of the housing you have not sure where the brushes would have been over yeah it's really I don't know how part it I mean it's like really clean and part of that in there so I guess there we want to just try to pull it apart I mean I don't like we've got anything we have nothing to lays it all on that so pull it apart and see what all has turned into dark it's pretty small maybe like off no it's not that small we like 3/8 maybe air 7/16 gives you 3 eggs screwdriver or something I get the bird off we're a lot smoother that'll do normally lost my touch yes 438 so WD I actually may just try to take this little button off the side here first because looks like there's just a thin metal sheet metal strap that runs across there yeah I don't know what that does but it could possibly be rotated maybe if we had to but if we can pull this off and maybe clean it up before we have to go out you can to the he put it might be worth it hopefully it might just be a little corroded up in there on that button need a bigger screwdriver yeah if you can find something that's got a little bit wider head on it better for you it's not very deep my hands down mister you can stab them really soft metal get on it with those no I'm gonna go grab that jump box where we can hook it in and just kind of play around like that outside here just try to hook some power to it we can tap around on a little better see what it [Music] it's all around today move dry and there you can hear it I must spray that praise God I've seen that rust hole on the bottom I didn't figure that down here I didn't figure that it was gonna yep even try really put some red in there too if you know I'm just up there yep we need small wall instead of that man that hurt I guess a final final go or yeah some on that shelf in there top it's definitely a good step in the right direction yeah I'm just trying to work this try it again Thanks so you got with that I think go with it be nice if we could rotate that though and or at least put something over it maybe yeah we can if nothing else we can after we get it back we can right yeah come back to it hopefully they don't start getting contrary once that's back open the Tura yeah put that screw back in there well it just had to be scared enough that we're gonna break into it to try to mess with it yeah guess we'll throw that bad boy back up there I got it all right probably go ahead and let you get your bolt on there first okay okay I'm started all right I think I'm just gonna leave this other wire that runs to the starter that would hook to the charging system unhooked for right now since we're just since we're running 12 oh the way we don't have to worry about any of that right stuff messing up and obviously we'll have to run on wire to our cool okay I'm finger snug so yeah go ahead and Pat another oh let me get mine on there real quick all righty got mine started now get this on there see how she turns over see if it looks like it got any compression or not okay good I'm good all righty how about come on out from under it all righty you're good I think that's got it go ahead and give it a try uh yes long as we're in neutral well yeah should work give it a shot find my battery cables yeah so you can turn our oh thank you really see there we go moment of truth ready yep Oh hope there it goes kind of our lots of compress yeah [Music] sounds like it's turning ever pretty good really knocks or anything that yeah sounds like it's scary tell it's moving all around pretty good too it's thin don't smell like gas though I figure I'll turn it over a little bit more and yeah let it get everything lubricated yeah I think it needs to spin just a higher their house that's good let's uh yes let's go ahead and why are smoking a little bit it's not hot I think it's just that oh oh oh that's honor guess we'll pop the pop to disturb your cap off and check the points and if you want to find a wire that we can run over to the to the cool perfect get some fire going on yeah we do at least still have points in there that's good they my wire say they're pretty petrify just kind of stayed where they were at I don't look too bad it's bad at all it's probably the littlest robot I have ever seen yeah someone had put in their points in here at one point and a y-yeah trying to clean these points up just a little bit want to go ahead and pull it loose the old wire loose that way it's not fading back through that then I guess we'll probably need to clean them spark plugs - all right now want me to okay got that yeah I'm just gonna I just got this wire looped around here where I can run it straight to the battery they clean up pretty good yeah pretty good come on here that ain't got much for gap I'm gonna give it just a little bit that was touching yep cleaned up pretty good run this up underneath here it's somewhat lla I'll clean them points up best I could with a screwdriver I might have to get a little piece of sandpaper or something but they're your wettest spot where we can try it out real quick let's see oh yeah spark in here so I'll bet it's working just fine well I can get this cabe only trying to help oh yeah I never seen one have that much spark was it sparking a little bit cool affair yeah oh it's just cause we ain't got the wire on there well cool cool cool cool right here so put the plugs back in it try to find the carpet right now it's kind of hard you don't really see it over here yeah I was looking at underneath around the gas tank it didn't look like it had been sitting on the ground or anything but oh yeah so did I get stars gas I doubt that I doubt that yeah that's anything we'd want to use if it did yeah they don't have much of a gap oh yeah don't let me forget to put that rotor button in there and we're trying to figure out why with it getting fired two points for not the plugs yes it sounds as well as it could turning out it's hard to tell until you actually get get it up and going if there's anything loose in man well I hope what I'm 80 years old I've got that much compression I've read up a little bit on them all these Babbitt motors and I guess you know the bearings were really bad about going out on them pretty easy it's not like you're doing bodywork while you're doing it [Music] you're checking them taking bets on the cranks all right a little crank I don't see why it's why I shouldn't as long as we can get fuel to it yeah get feel to it as long as you know every all the valves and stuff are working like they should be I bet I guarantee you we should at least get a a sputter or something out of it it's gonna clean that but it's not that bad the other wires definitely something we're going to have to get it right onto I probably won't be able to buy any form-fitting and the cool wire wherever it went little troubles Elena didn't spot a I tried to plug itself in and then things are brittle so we know we're getting fire at the points should be getting fire I didn't look at the inside of the distributor cap but button what's good I say let's get a little fuel in it and see what it what it tries to do you see anything about the coals it's hard to tell I'm pretty sure that's the breather there you never seen one that little small place Wow little bitty coffee can looking thing yeah huh no in Thai spice and carb cleaner chili in it see what it does I know what it's gonna do I know what I wanted today and don't it but it's there it's pretty neat it still that gauges actually have a you know old pressure all of that stuff's I mean it's all hooked up still it looks like look you want to hook that wire and the battery up yeah got it get comfortable here flying the shootout I guess I'll spray it a little bit and I'll try to keep it running if it if it tries come a long ways down in there try [Music] ready sounds like it's trying to I hear kind of a some kind of a sound yeah every once awhile honestly we may need to pour a little gas down in there I don't know as far away as that is I'm really getting enough of that don't work I can give you that little squirt bottle that's got a little oil in it I just want to give it a little bit better drinks and what it was just try out contact [Music] she's getting close I don't want the starter good too hot though is it warm on the outside and I said a little bit of that wd-40 still no it's fine it's all about sex fans just our wire mmm-hmm she's right there we fly to do a little bit I think either that or I'm trying to choke it out a little bit with my hand it may just be getting too much area I don't know where the choke settings that on it everything like said everything's kind of with the rose up we need to spray it down good I like this wood here maybe you choke yeah they're all frozen that's a let's go again [Music] okay season-long today yep go ahead yeah it's definitely a good run yeah I mean it sounds like really solid I mean it really can't tell and until we let it run a little longer but it's not locked up and she does for running so I figure we'll go ahead and get some gas hooked up to her and I don't know if we'll have to gravity faded or hecht out I feel pumped my still organize the whole thing so if we can get that hooked up and try to get it to idle loosen up some linkage yeah yeah get some penetrating oil on some of this old gas line kitchen if you want to grab that fuel tank I'll go ahead and get some deputy Ford in let that stuff base okay okay you found the tank yeah it's right there good thing is there's plenty of spots to set this whole tank in here for now it revs a little there's a little bit in that throttle but I think there's still something we could ever get gas into that carburetor all right start loosening some stuff up right good thing about gravity is most time it don't quit working yeah I think if we set this gas tank up here on the top sheet metal up here that should give us plenty of height to let it flow through and down to the carburetor it's a good thing about the carbohydrate being down that low yeah and I said we might have to pull it off and let me see see if we've got us a leak here or not I think I've got it good but it'll tell in itself real quick for them I got anything coming at your son I got it all back tight so I don't know it would be going into the carburetor what you think up here yep look that'll work Factory just because I was plug wires bit me I'm gonna make that just a little bit well let's try it out I guess I'll go ahead and just give it a little squirt of gas to prime it a little bit it sounds like I hear the gas pumping down into the bowl house all right I think we got a clean line should fire right up go for it already you ready yep Oh one odd the chef was why don't we start so cos it's a little bit choke fell loose there I have to get that cable hooked back up yeah sounds good yeah I don't see no smoke or anything like that till we ain't got a missing a muffler got a big ol hole or something but other than that they wanted you to know this coming to town when this yeah which way now it only only be a lot better get them old plugs and wires replaced on it yeah check get all this plane might not hurt just to go ahead and drain that old oil and put some fresh oil and if we're gonna try to drive it but I mean I'd love it I'd love to see if it would move and everything but I don't know if the clutch is gonna cooperate with this huh it does move up and down yeah how does something set that long and yeah I mean we've had a few little problems with it but Island off or something that set that long right yeah and be 80 years old yeah you know I wasn't really sure Trenton kind of kind of acted like he was a little concerned that these old 216 Babbitt motors we're out pretty simple but odometer showing 50,000 miles sounds pretty good to me we collected rings way at the back back there not a fan yeah I'll just slide it in from the front here you can move it where you need it there should be some hole in there on the shell come loose yeah yeah I went too bad I don't know about a filter on this thing I don't see anything that even looks like a an old filter yeah I didn't I was looking earlier I didn't see anything I was kind of looking for like an oil bath top something another that but I didn't see any indication of anything that where it would even come off that hole is it feels good but it is pretty dark it's got little little color to it there that's how it feels yeah that's good fine oh yeah it's right there put it inside all right just like it's fairly easy spot to fill it up there it looks like so yeah funky looking a little old plugin and you can see little something there just real quick water so that's about got it there put that in your truck they put that love truck go ahead and pour that door heater core being in a way they're kind of makes it funky shit bark yeah we can all right I don't think this thing has an oil filter warrant on it which doesn't make sense but I don't know what they did back in the 40s Joe Vitt until it broke down and then pass out my health check it I don't think that was a fool and used a little bit out of it something else will do it a few seconds to go down shows on the fool yep oh goodness glad to get you some glasses got him buddy don't worry do that Dan laughs there ain't no old filter to change it's gonna be hard to hard to do that naturally outside well I say let's get it off these little rollers and purse we're in it put some air in the tires and see if we come over down the road so the clutch is at least pedals moving you know as long as that clutch disc ain't rusted itself to right to the flywheel there and it is springy so that's yeah it's not like it's going down you haven't pull it back right let's get it off these things gonna have to give me a seat though I don't think this thing is gonna work - like they standing up trying to drive it so I don't think that battery is gonna clear getting that back in there so yeah we should have another one though a little smaller maybe on the Volkswagen yeah yeah that should work that one a little narrower yeah yeah it work oh yeah that wouldn't fit down in there pretty good yeah yeah I think rather than running that coal wire straight down here to the positive I think we just need to clamp it on to the starter there that way once we're driving it if we need to kill it it's a little easier to grab hold up and down here yeah once we get that seat plate up here that's gonna be hard to get at it so yes I'll try it out make sure we got a good connection looks like it so I'll clear all this junk out of the way grab that seat I figure I'll go ahead and have your head help me a little more going in it's heavier what you think it better this seat is heavier mainly all Oh in that seat part I don't fall through the floor that floor is pretty soft should work I don't figure we're gonna put them other panels on there right yet I hate to put them on there and need to get at something that ya figure as long as I can sit here and get to the pedals and everything yeah it should work just fine a little weird feeling but it should work I guess that's how they drove them back in the day yeah cool well I figure we'll probably go ahead and shoot some air in the tires and get it moving around a bit and shoot for the outdoors crazy that these old tires even attempt to hold their yeah you know something crazy what's up if that is a lot of these tires have the date code on them if that's the date code most time it's the week in the year it shows those would have been the 20th week of 39 so those would have been I guess basically the original tires okay that's crazy and say so this thing has been out of service for ever yeah always scares me yeah shooting air into these elf especially when they Creek almost say that's good my back went over there still lack of time yeah crazy that's a worst-looking tire and it's still got air yeah that's the best one we got I think it goes down quick cool thank kind of regal it just a little bit so let it out yeah just too much trouble to try to fight it inside let's see what that looks like yeah maybe a little bit more I think I can just come right out of the angle that's should be good well get it off the dollies and see if she'll even try to move forward or backwards I think so we're we're at that point yeah good on my side already two down two to go still no lakes on that radiator [Music] no bar should be good you know we've got some sheet metal rust here and there on the van but the frame solid it'll be everything looks really good up underneath there good good coming down well things are getting serious thank ronita strap down though gas tight yeah we'll go ahead and put that up on register see if I'm fine stir them hey there's a little short one over there by the oh yeah yeah that's the one should work I'll get right back in the same spot I guess having the gas tank strapped to the heat is not going to be anything is it I said we ain't driving too far I'll give us something to keep her haters happy anyway should be fine I don't even know if that thing's still hooked up not doubt it we won't turn it over oh well I want to crank it up see if I can get it to let's see if it moves a little bit let's try it out well where that chokes gonna be setups you may be a little bit stubborn we're definitely gonna need to get a new choke cable for it so we got just that huh let's go for it now wherever their fear works well reverse is in kind of a funky spot there yeah I guess it would be a 4-speed then reverse is kind of over here where ii would be but over a little further so you try to get it outside yeah let's we get something to help block the door up if we get up a little higher all right looks like we're spoiled like some kind of oh yeah finally linking it yep huh that look like it's coming out of the radiator yeah that top hose that top hose out of the radiators just dry rotted accomodating probably building up a little pressure from the heat should be fine yes I need to go ahead and move my truck I know brakes and that being there down that up good I think those doors a latch there yeah they should or at least close as well as they are keep me a little warmer anyways goes first go up and check that water and make sure we're not leaking out terrorize me a little puddle not a whole lot yeah let's go ahead and top it off real quick just really fun I mean going too far below now they even get worn my time we get there well I'll pull it out ride in it with me down there yeah I'll get it pulled outside real quick see her move under her own power after who knows how long on the original tires with a gas tank strapped to the head to the heater I might let you go ahead and kind of hit that starter it's nothing out of reach you ready yep right I'm ready gave her a go to save our me so definitely get some lips to this sign going to cut you down the road well here five four just for the fun of it that's all the gears all the gears that's awesome but your data Oh Oh No that way when Jessica well we made it related on it's absolutely crazy that it's secret runs that good yeah I mean it's a first journey and after who know who's left many years when we first come across this old truck we were so excited to even find this whole thing in all my searching I've never seen a staff van even familiar to this I've dug around on the internet and I'm quite confident in knowing that this is probably the only one of its existence and to know that she actually still runs is just so cool to know but the only one is still up and running now there's been a whole lot of controversy of what we should do with this whole van we love custom builds around the shop but with a piece this rare it would be really cool to see it go back to its originality with that being said we're going to keep working on it we'd love to hear your comments hope that you enjoyed this video and be sure to tag along with the rest [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]