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going on it is fret bow here and I am back again today bringing you another video this time I'm gonna be covering stylus resistance in depth specifically I'm going to be covering a very popular build that a lot of carries end up going and that is of course what I've nicknamed these status resistance build so what is that resistance for those of you who don't know status resistance is a fairly new mechanic in DotA it's not super new but in terms of you otice overall lifespan it's pretty new I believe it's approaching about a year old and it's absolutely one of the strongest mechanics that we haven't Doda to date so what status resistance does is it reduces the duration of most status debuffs slows and stuns by whatever percentage you have of status resistance so if you have 50% stat resistance a two-second stun will now last one second on you which is incredibly strong needless to say so how do you get status resistance well every hero by default starts with a base status resistant of zero meaning if your stun when the game just starts you will be stunned for whatever that stun length is so if the advertised length of a stun is two seconds you're gonna get stun for two seconds which is the way most of us think about dota honestly the easiest way to get a status resistant item spoiler its items the easiest way to get status resistance is in items some heroes have talents for it but items are available to every hero in the game and every hero can buy this combination of item there are two main items that people use for status resistance and they are going to be the highlight of today's video actually those are these Saints in Yasha and the satanic these items will grant you 20% stat resistance and 30% stat resistance respectively these two items are frequently seen being purchased together by a ton of carries the main one that you've probably seen it on is troll warlord but it can also be seen on a ton of other heroes and carries such as slark juggernaut razors a big one who does is build quite often terrorblade and even sniper some other heroes do do it close variation of this build as well like dragon die in the husk are mostly huskar who instead of a saint in Yasha opt in for the heavens halberd heavens halberd also greens a 20% status resistant so in the end the math does total up to the same amount now you might think okay sang-jin Yasha gives a cool 20% stat resistance at a satanic on top of that which now gives you an extra 30% and boom you've totaled up to 50% that's quick maths meaning stun debuff slows and disables now last half as long on you right but hold on cowboy that actually is not how status resistance works that would mean is tax additively which would be super broken you could buy for satanic total up to a hundred and twenty percent static resistance and literally be impervious to disables it'd be like you had a permanent BKB on which thankfully that's not how it works and you cannot do that status resistance actually stacks multiplicatively and this involves a fair portion of math that I'm just not gonna try to explain to you guys over video format the formula is in a lot of places if you're really that interested in understanding how the math works I suggest you look that up but just know that the two items you'll probably see most often a change in Yasha plus are satanic will always add up to 44% status resistance meaning you reduce the duration of stuns and debuffs by 44% which is still an incredibly large amount so what's the deal what is so great about this build and what's the point well it doesn't actually decrease the damage of spells done in fact it she makes them do their damage faster so spells that aren't instantaneous damage like doom venomancer all rupture and really any other damage over time spell are only gonna last about 66 percent of their usual duration but this doesn't mean they're only going to deal 66 percent of their normal damage they will always still deal their full damage this just means that instead of taking for example you get doomed doomed deals 880 damage over 16 seconds at max level you are now instead going to take 880 damage over about 9 seconds which looks pretty hilarious because it's a ton of damage coming in very fast so you might think this bill doesn't make you all that much more survivable since it doesn't actually reduce the image but that is where you are wrong be built for a ton of these carries is basically as follows you have your boots you get a saint-jean Yasha a satanic and then a BKB now let me tell you guys something about dota the number one way a hero with a BKB dies is by getting chained stun locked down and killed before they can use their BKB what this status resistance bill does is it basically makes it impossible for that to happen 2 second stuns now lasts basically half as long meaning the enemy team is going to need basically two times as many stuns to keep you locked down for long enough to kill you not to mention that sange and Yasha satanic and BKB I'll give you a ton of bonus strength and HP so not only are you harder to lock down but you're actually super tanky you would probably be within the 3,000 HP range this build is always going to buy you enough time to use your BKB pop your satanic and get back to full HP to most likely win the teamfight considering that the enemy team most likely blew most of their spells trying to kill you in the first place some notable spells that status resistance is insanely good against our rupture doom beans grip axes Tom the item abyssal blade and even the Legion commanders duel yes that is right with this build you can actually affect Legion commanders duel you will basically never die in you're gonna have so much raw HP lifesteal and the duel is gonna last almost half as long there's basically no way for Legion or her team to kill you inside a duel those are all really a lot of long duration debuffs but honestly in my opinion we're status resistance really shines is against average disables and stuns a lot of players play dota off of muscle memory and when they throw out a stun that lasts three seconds they expect it to last three seconds every calculation they've done in their head before they ganked you was based around you being stunned or sheeps ticked for three seconds but all the sudden you're back in the action and only half that amount of time they haven't done enough damage to kill you yet suddenly you pop your BKB you pop your satanic you turn on them they die you win the game I can tell you guys that a ton of people have not adapted to statuses since yet shoot even immortal players including myself aren't used to taking status resistance into account a hundred percent of the time yet I can't count the number of times I think to myself okay I'm gonna Legion commander duel this guy we're gonna lock him down for 5.5 seconds that's enough time to kill him he can't get his BKB off we're gonna kill him and boom we win the game except he's only dueled for about three seconds and we lose the team fight because we miscalculated and that does happen a lot you guys anyway that's all I got for today you guys this was just a really quick little public service announcement on how good status resistance is and explaining this really popular build that a lot of carey's do honestly you probably knew about this build beforehand you either have seen it played against it or even done it yourself but hopefully now you understand why people do it and why it is so good thanks for watching you guys peace out