3 Tutorial insert archers

we're on the third tutorial of fiance and today we are going to ease her at let's say the competition that we already prepared the last time it was international tournament open the competition with 70 50 metre round two distances with 36 targets for rattles per target let's go to see the first way to add some applets that very easy is the basic standard list with the flag here we can see all the targets empty that were ready preferred if you want many target by targets these views very useful and the first step is to add an efforts here or simply here directly in the row that you want to use and very easy simply needed to insert the name and code and after all data like a family name and even name date of birth and so on or if you have a database connected very very easy you can search in the database this is a channel database but there is also theta 1 me it's somewhere here can write more matter more easy and you see that here he pasted all the data like Bieber family name even name and date of birth gender women or men of course the country code here is a club so it's a club at the code of the club this is if you can take part of multiple teens if she's shooting for a different team for the team competition and the division if they choose a recurve carat of verbal if was ready anak sure probably should be there shoot yet and each class came from date of birth and the class where she should be is depending you know that the junior can shoot also like a senior so he here you have a junior you another junior and center here category is the depending of the score that she reaches in some country and the target type here we have no other choices but sometimes it's possible like in Indore to choose different target kind and the participation in individual qualification and team codification around here she's hon if sometimes she cannot be allowed to participate to the final sir maybe if she is a foreigner in your country sure she cannot be the national champions she will take part in the qualification this is always a score but she cannot shoot for finals so team finally and you don't find out and mix team finals this week share crossbow is used during the drove the target assignment or wheelchair if we take two places a and C in ABCD or B and D of course and a crossbow we take the same but in our example the means a B or C D because it take two parts that are not possible to crossbow shooting in the same moment and so that we have all these data target this coming from the Roda to selectors if we push save and you will have in a few second your athletes skander Antonia here we target one this is the first second solution you have also participant list advance it it's a little bit more easy for the computer but you have the chance you see of course already here you have also the chance to either the picture choosing the document and in JPEG and closing and the individual participation is used here still working and my stove with someone and you can have the filter and so on how to either not let's simply add let ro you in sir data here this list is going to disappear soon and the third solution other solution is the athletes Inc take data from this loader spreadsheet import is an excel or txt file it open a page where you can paste here the data of the athletes is important that all this column are presenting in your spreadsheet that's beep session division plus if you don't have you must have the column also empty so let's now to take a one that we already prepared it's for Ward 3d championship just a few second to open you see individual list you have already a spreadsheet it was not like this but we move it the column must be exactly in this order and assume that you have this data you simply take the first let's go to take someone and go until the age was the shift-key present of course and after copy or Apple C control C can become Ian sale control V and you can simply load your palettes with the load address button you see it's all connected if you go to the participant list now get all these nice people here and of course there is no session because we didn't give to them no targets because we didn't sign yet so next step will be to assign targets at the outlets so just to save time we gave session 1 to all of them when I was not online way now you can see here have listed all the people without targets and this was the first one was already insert but it's nothing change you see they are more meso recurse amber bow I'll cosign targets first that very easy open the role and right here the target man me and saving if you are here now when we order here the second is from participant advance it very very low and the third one is very very useful and fast as a charter terminal assignment and you can go here the Easter all the targets one after the other one and so on but of course is still long when you have hundreds of fat words and is not correct or didn't general Rose might be sorted so this is the the Dro it's a target drove you must choose here in the session course one we don't want to make a filter here so let's say all separate division of course separate places let's try now who will see later and this is the flag that you must put when you are sure that your assignment is good and hints are here from target 1 to 36 my target one was already noon to solo from target to their suggestion is to take always open our printout to print out of the target assignment you find it in practice and print out this order by Target and close here you see the four that we already in sir that are empty so now let's try okay and you need the Dro you put it together the people that should be near 70 meters and the people that are different category called woman will come junior man and a burr bowl that goes shooting here this division can we clip it out because it was only one so don't suffer the classes let's do like this you see that now the juniors shooting with other people on 70 meters is it good yes sign and now it's that if you go to the your printout refresh the page Apple R or C P control are you that the people sorted you see that is stopped when you change something and that means that this solution is not good but you see woman and verbal cannot shoot the same target and with our man and woman better shooting a 70 meters so there is no problem how to manage this come back to the previous target manual assignment and simply move move these people that not okay you see we need to move probably for a 2 1 a why not hey leave the barber alone and now refer to page and you have target that you can use now the last common that you are going to see is the target move target and the director that assignment is very easy you simply can beneath all the target that assignment that you need and target and by rank Cal peel if you must redraw the target assignment after the first days I'm not doing my naughty you can rank it from absolute event or sit before plus and this is destination target might decide from where to put them and move target assign it you want to move all the effects from target to you say all of them on target - you want to move all those in course one of course but on target 7 you