[Music] [Music] [Music] focus first you see come on tell me all the baby mm-hmm lady Glen Connor she was with me yes there's a lady waiting loading and Whiting's at Princess Margaret so Duke of Marlborough he was sitting next to Lord and Lady furnish specially from the distribution laughing and smiling dressed up beautiful somebody said they were all special hey uncle Jagga she was there with a friend Oh Daisy showed him engagement ring oh that's beautiful what was it I produced a moment I'm very rare she said she's getting a juror to make her some earrings to match Bell she waked ages hmm and lady Griffin oh she was late and so she made a fast cuz they're given a table away to this bloke good one the polls show the young man there's no Sun he's ever so impressed the way she was carrying on poor thing no I sold her a wonderful she looked she loves me very beautiful she looks Li Li Mei what calms her down don't worry society iris SRH Mercedes to Cuba's free these are aren't showing Bond Street with great Eclair Francine griffa Linda no Griffin you say that Griffin Griffin yeah once that's all right thank you told you already sorry [Music] you didn't go to college you still making excuses for him do you think she keeps cycling [Laughter] what is your so-called friends in these books are they Georgie no blacks mean they give a shit about you you better get used to it like this is it what does it matter Ariane she's fucking noise it's not buck in a palace you know we love you don't you [Music] [Music] you know that when these terraces were first built they were painted Brown and the window frames were green well 30 they were trying to fake it you see trying to make it look like stone and bronze so what brings you here today I'm looking for someone someone who works here no she lives it lady Griffin she's a friend of my mother's friend of your mother's oh oh really what happened lost the address that's most annoying my name is Neil Frost how do you do thing I thought was gonna be easy but big place yes well the region square is a big place um maybe we could help you find your friend in the telephone directory perhaps like to come back to mine well she must be ex directory sit down d make yourself at home you hungry deep No I've got some friends coming round later for supper so they'd love to meet you you won't believe what I found well and bring me a bottle of wine it's just me he's an only child his father's dead [Applause] Deenie how'd you know Francine Francine Griffin neo tells us that she's a friend of the family oh yeah she's a friend of my mom's I'm a cook I told you that she's a friend of that mother if she did they go to finishing school for chance no she smells of unwashed oh come on me o dear share and share alike piss off that was fun wasn't it did you like my friends yeah they were funny did they like me never met anyone like that before they thought you were charming it doesn't matter that you lied about lady Griffin it doesn't matter to me it's true they are friends they see each other every day Dean listen I don't mind hey come here yeah between the first come on [Applause] well too good massage yeah you might get lucky bastard you Thank You summers you no son of mine [Music] what's going on do you know it duster before [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] we're gonna do he's fucking freezing mom [Music] I've been looking for a boy like you I don't want you to touch me I can take you shopping I just need somewhere to stay you can stay here as long as you like Thank You Neil mouthing thank you what a good idea so hell is she dragged in with that this time when you remind me not to put buzz around the vegetables yesterday I swear they did should I wait a few you'll have the confit voice do you know there are still places in England where people pointed out the plates I really do think that an accent like that should be treatable on the National Health what country was a very good choice anybody who can't appreciate the comic world onions who are you I need a job working for lady Griffin dairy Porsche she's quite a character the checkbook should ride in ten days here and your plastic tastic that's what they call it but you know you really have to be very responsible with your credit card it's very easy to run off large bills in no time francy reporters or dog I thought what more bitch wouldn't matter you know you and I really do have a remarkably similar taste who's the boy honey's gracious Dean are you still here you got anything better to do with your time Andy they what shall I tell you why I work coming she's in trade it's just a hobby D something there's Boston's do you know you really could make more of yourself okay you shouldn't be ashamed quite a machine 80 younger than them do you know you're the same age as my son you are the same age as my son you could be my son that's unbelievable isn't it isn't that unbelievable are you free hang around in here okay they'll say I've been fucking this stuff Dean you can't come in here who is it nobody loves Elysee for Christmas this is for you I've got a job at letting lifting together I really could what's she doing in there fuck off do not get back in the air snare do as I fucking tell you hey you fuck off [Music] [Music] I'm sorry lady goofy cry why did you cry are they being bullying you at the gun is there someone I should firm your family perhaps how do you do must be my mother's friend Alexander Griffin and this is Camille Camille step how do you do sandy darling can't you find something of yours for Dean to borrow you're about the same size [Music] franciene tells us that you're going up to Oxford next year well done Alexander which college Bailey Oh are you reading PPE philosophy politics and economics it's a gentlemen's degree why are you pulling there we're not printing anything to get out there which is just as well what do ya know Dean works my mother what did you say your name was thing D where did you guys go I did wrong foot dad in Essex isn't it there are lots of them is Dean short for something [Applause] he's keen a fucking good shirt but she's an idiot good and it is still an around you were wearing earlier it must be really useful do those zips and elasticated wrists mean what the hell were you thinking the magic on two coherent words together pardon pardon Alexander serviette shut up you idiotic little car my god Alexander you can be so bloody English at dying there's only one thing worse than pity and that's charity an English aristocrat would have nothing to do with charity unless there's something in it for him I think I need a stiff drink yeah Merry Christmas teen lady G left you this would make gone on holiday she wants you out of here before she gets back [Music] you know some people never like to pay their bills you know what the city is the city is over I've had it with you people I'm going back to Paris that's where they know how to treat a boy like me I have an invitation from Luke thank you for everything I'm sorry we didn't have more time to get to know one another you can always find me if you look hard enough you ever passing through Paris that's Paris France you'd be sure to look me up oh happy holiday are you telling you old Italian I'm sorry I can't send you this it's a school tie and well I can't send it to you I won't be a moment I just have to call for authorization Oh what are you doing I thought he could spend 50 quid without authorization in this shop we authorize all payment sir I just have to ring to authorize this payment won't be long doesn't take a minute excuse me I'm sorry oh I don't want I don't want these I've I've changed my mind what the fuck are you doing in here take that tie off take it off immediately where did you get those clothes dear mind take them off then right take them off look at him he's pathetic he thinks that by wearing these clothes he's made himself somehow into a gentleman you know what he is you know what you are you're an oink say it I am weak say it let me hear it Dean I am an oak you are annoying and no matter how hard you try you'll never be one of us get out of my house sardine I'm sorry that he did that to you why did him speak to you like that because it's right I know what he says he's right I'm gonna leak to say what she said now listen TV thumbs people [Music] fuck me fuck good family I know Paris so much fun my mother inherited the house Wow we used to go there I want to be somebody to be enough for all this it's never gonna happen is it may I try it's impossible for someone lovely you can't do this there must be a mistake little turn you would Oxford and you'd never amount to much do you know who I am yes sir I didn't know you were in the money plan pays bill I didn't amount to much though did I do you know who I am the first do you know who I am of the year could you say that again please last bit six one oh so okay thank you bye yep thing pager control yeah it's Dean Dean page yeah I do have experience no no I don't well thank you very much there's very little that I can do to help you just disappeared into thin air no he's stolen tired from my son so he's pretty since I'm not a friend friend was he a friend of yours what well he was living in your house with you look I just said he could stay in my home while we were away he had nowhere else to go I didn't really understand why you're talking to me at all like I just wanted to help him I'm sorry lady but we're even good with him nothing is as it seems what is that supposed to mean Jim what just what are you implying we don't really have any problem with what you do privately with young men but well it might help us to sort things out if we know exactly what was going on with your young friend you know who I am yes I was just trying to match cheating reputation I don't really give it down anymore I'm just a person stoped and you'll be leaving now yes thank you time lady Griffin I don't have to bother you again he must be caught a character on the comms room who is that one of you people embarrassed to be alive have no idea where he is he just left me without a word he's probably gone home to Romford it's a big problem not speaking French in force you know that I discovered that maybe you have to go to language I can learn more I take your name if anything comes up but to be honest I think it's most unlikely what's your name Alexander pretty and I spell it gry SS a while no relation is foreseen she's my mother [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm a great fan of [Music] why do you run away they won't do you any good without an information from us sorry I want to help you there's that dreadful woman Francine she's a bitch she's not a bitch just just alright I'll get you scared yeah I'm a waitress to serve those people we've all got smiles on their faces Oh apologies for it's okay sir to me someone they find in place co-sign anything but no Shama but keep an honor I wonder will be back shown up he's no clever sir okay okay darling that problem thanks a lot hello hello they say you're Dane speak to me Dane I need to know that you're safe sweetheart this is Alexander Griffin the son of a very exclusive Alexander I want you to meet David Glendenning Alexander - how did you graduate no relation - I'm sorry what brilliant David is a tax exile isn't that exciting do you know for single if he nothing that his mother it's a little yeah and he is very prudently chosen to work for me he's going up to Oxford next year very bright charming young man Dave PPE had been with very pleased to read please don't encourage him he never pays for anything to explore my champagne does cocaine in the bathroom is rude to everybody with Alec careful don't get involved don't like anything with the tiger very admirable of me to get a job during your year off wasn't my idea do you know my mother she's always trying to sell me something very persistent tell him where she's been hiding you know your father's first wife was very good trends of my mother's name my father Johnny Johnny Johnny grew from Johnny and your uncle Lou is a very good friend of a dear friend of mine none of you have much to do with him for D but it is really very good value we should try and spend some time of the model here can be delighted to meet him I can't meet my country meetin you're not an ass anymore just a rather funny old man of finishing I'm not allowed you know if you play your cards right it'll be yours when he don't that house is too close is it but I don't suppose there's much chance of matters I have some just want to place I must have seen a gun - go I'm sorry this was she doesn't know you're here does she she told me you were going to work on a farm you I don't believe my eyes you two know each other David I love this boy are you going so what's your name Alexander bless your heart you saved my ass what were you doing what who are you running away from you ask too many questions [Music] [Applause] Thanks foolish pretty ritzy place huh it's David's thank you some Colombian peasants just his stuff and harassed and refused my line of cooking hang on hello yeah we're here no I just thought he like pretty bored talk to me that's all fuck you you don't sure of course I'll ask him ten minutes David says that I should invite you to stay here he says that Herman is creepy well you did tell my told me not to get involved he's moving in David's right you won't live with that burst wad Dermot guy you need to be with your own kind you've been here a month and you don't know anyone David's coming here and then we're going out do you know Freddie furnish oh you'll meet everyone oh ma spent yeah I'm fine I wasn't down in Paris but I was gonna get your birthday present yes hello what would I want to get married for of course you'd recognize me oh ma you think you could say hi to Uncle Joe Bailey for me yeah no no say hi to him - no I'm sorry ma no ma you married him I didn't marry him MA dreadful dreadful fucking one bad hair disgusting teeth English I am the law it's divine okay I take God film stars fitting honest article palaces with walls wool carpet it's not our way David for fuck's sake I want to go out I'm going to finish you coming you can't dress like that get her something to wear come on sweetheart party Oh David apologize to Alex go on [Music] [Music] Selena she is gonna marry the Prince of Wales fucking powers like that [Music] you know so you have to call him Sir even when I fucking find out it's still you know doing his old dog they're not running much from clean as a uterus who cares she gets to be the princess right the people need to buckle puss sure David BIG's the Queen is just swell - she's okay nice a lady never have two days work I like he meant so I can see her suspenders her skirt David his family to all families used to [Music] how do they spend their life early along party bus I think he's gone AWOL no surprise you another one looks you know like why'd you leave Stella's in disguise seems to be such a nice guy [Music] when you [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah yeah [Music] [Music] he's naive the farm that's far too many questions tourists he's perfect keep your hands off I found him first let's see you ends up there gently come here you Richard Twinkie there don't kill him anything nasty about me well it'll have to be a good girl and do exactly what I want if you want me to keep your little whorehouse secrets you know how to treat a girl like me [Music] hello you're speaking oh yes we met last night no no that's okay well well thank you very much yeah I know I have a lunch engagement already on Thursday but look I'll try thank you [Music] okay means well good restaurant just a minute he's in the first yeah I don't know spending money spending a lot only I don't understand how he gets away though oh it's easy if you careful there's a list of dodgy cards nobody checks I don't know what he's doing for cash though might be selling the things he buys lady Griffin yes team page I know he's been working here he's my son Dean yes Dean pages your son that's right what do you want but he's disappeared this is all beginning to make sense now you put him up to it didn't you know he's in Paris I thought you might know where he was I do where you don't you people have the social services for this sort of thing now go away before I call the police I didn't expect you to him away your son is a thief and a liar no he's not you're wrong what sort of a mother are you anyway I only took men because you throw him out now get out before I do call the police god it's beautiful here I love Paris do you think David's got any coke left I never fall in love anyway I'm not Murray I'm marrying a house would you marry me boy like me release you love me I could love you are you Richard and David thanks for breakfast would I get along with your mother I don't know she's not what you think stay with mice 11 and gave me a watch it's party wanna meet a princess Princess Elizabeth of Lithuania Alexander Griffin Griffin Alexander Griffin hmm I'm sure so happy to meet you I don't so much about your thieving lesbian hands up roommate did you miss out her stairs yeah did she show you hurt I don't we all have to write something what you write an extrovert outgoing loves to be center of attention this woman to your serene Highness these tiny ovals here indicate that you sell yourself short you have feelings of inadequacy grave doubt Thank You Contessa that was super the degeneration of this writing is worrying from in a health sporty very excessive the city however means that you are cleverer and more genuine than people credit you for what is this your signature here so close tell us tell us about the Lord people Lord everything Lord collision I cannot tell you everything about North Creek in from this okay what did you do that young man that face your demons what are you talking about Alex it's I'm the game you live according to tradition which prevents you from feeling and showing any real emotion God where's your champagne I love this game everyone hey Bobby she said I'm clever and none of you realize it I'm surprised you turned out as well as you have your mother's a fishwife your mother tried to persuade me but if I wanted to keep my husband you should never see me taking a shit no how are you too good for us Alex I don't fuck anyone by fucking David Blaine Danny is that your problem it made perfect sense an overbearing mother no father oh it would make perfect sense I gotta go to find Benjamin I get five bitch no I don't know anything about you you don't want to tell him I've never really talked about it knowing ya the first person here is that must come from somewhere I come from Brownwood Texas well what do you want to know why this has been two years years I've been floating around after she changed is she my mother how'd she change Luzi my father was he good to you no he left when I was born that woman was a saint it was perfect just the two of us and this man starts coming around you know what happens on their wedding night he tells me to get the fuck out of there so I did I just up and ran away design you I knew there was more to life than and staying and Brownwood marrying the girl next door and eating catfish and chicken fried steak so I went to the city and I made some sacrifices things I'm ashamed of it done things I'm ashamed of you've never made a sacrifice in your life can you keep a secret no I don't have any secrets what I want to know is who do you depend on I didn't know about me I want to tell you about me before it's too late the hell's going on here I think nothing at all Alex you're quite upset Freddie no I'm upset fucking no contest bitch I'm bored let's go out it's Tuesday night no I think it's time we left Paris amazing David amazing tomorrow we'll wake up in the Sun why can't you I can't afford it Debbie silly you have to worry about that I'll pay you can pay me back sooner or later well how do you do things like that because you're one of us I like this you never fall in love isn't this just perfect fucking perfect Benjamin Alex can join us in [Music] to begin again I never seem to find the words from another [Music] [Music] to say from another [Music] to say [Music] from another [Music] but you next time instead of listening at the door like a fucking pervert anyway you're thinking about you on fucking you like that never been fucked do you like my hat Benjamin I want you to go back to Paris why you know why Alexander I've ever told you how I met Benjamin no what's the matter with you tell him David don't what Charlie and Benjamin fuck you I sent him a note he sent me a note he's a busboy at Studio 54 where studio 54 I've seen your mother there Alex topping tonight leave him alone hi my name is Benjamin and a brief description of what he could do with me with his biggest asset for a price there's no free cash where I come from and all this well this wasn't enough for Benjamin he still wants more that's not true you don't own me yes that's okay Alex and I will go back to London and live in Eaton square I don't need you in that Redhawks I didn't steal your money I don't believe you you just want to get rid of me so you can be with him he's my friend porky here first class send you home it's damaged [Music] sleeeeep I stole your money don't be stupid I was tired of him he had so many problems [Music] [Music] what is turn start he'll be gang home soon you're excited about Oxford another fun you're gonna have I don't have to think about [Music] we touch [Music] you checked all the restaurants you don't exist a fucking ghost all we just have to check in here I don't like surprises I'm going to like this one David what's better David why did you bring me here because it's your birthday how did you know it's my birthday Louie told me it was your birthday you weren't going to tell me uncle Luigi that's right this was all his idea it wasn't to be a surprise is he him he's here isn't he I can't meet Alex Alex please don't be angry no he desperately wanted to see you he understand I can't meet him it's too late I can't Alex please all right but this is gonna be dreadful David for both of us you'll see [Music] well happy birthday sir is this some kind of joke is it well what you want me to do no Alex please shut up you plans to humiliate me oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to deceive you I certainly didn't wish to spoil your birthday I'm sorry I'm maybe I should maybe I should leave your your friends have told me that your charming beautiful young man I should like you to forgive me please Uncle Louie listen as our blood runs as one I forgive you hi I'm here to see Alex Griffin and I have a friend of David Bunnings and Alex oh so I'm supposed to say what do you know who no please no can I just say hi to somebody inside Syfy's you're a very lucky boy you have no idea as well as your camera fucking piss poor fabric no I think [Music] I didn't steal that when he was a sweet Griffon you make cool Lord Griffon your beastly to a good friend of mine you come with howdy who are you I've got a photograph of you look you don't look anything like it who are you I work for the credit card but that's not why I came what are you gonna do sooner or later you can have to face it about who nobody in there wants to know Dean no I suppose the day they love me all of us coming he won't take no for an answer what do you thinks gonna happen a lot find out who you really are they're my friends powerful friends yeah make powerful enemies wait where are you going I'm going home I'm going home I want you you didn't come here cuz who love me did you Benjamin garner you stay you piece of fucking shit nobody talks to me like that not anymore I'd fucking kill you and no one on earth of care if you lived or died don't call me that name don't what do you want me to call you nothing No Name all I wanted is right here you're right here tell me that had nothing say that you mean don't look at me [Music] [Music] [Music] what's the matter you're a terrific real tiger yep saying you didn't make me come I never come with a John don't feel bad about losing your virtue and he went fucked up British Astra crap you see I'm exactly what he said I was you're all the same you get dressed and good where where shall I go Oh I don't always be a toy for people like you I'm taking this money because I need it I mean there's no free cash where I come from look at you look at you you've got everything I know I'm not good enough for you do you think I enjoy being me you I had to get away from who I was but Who I am ain't much better I'd do anything not to be me I know that Benjamin we're not so different tell me that you love me you don't want me you want what do you think I've got you don't know me you'll probably never know me how much more is there to know well for a start I'm not Alexander Griffin this is a sick fucking joke you're fucking with me right all right what's your name your your real name Dean who say my name makes it sound true you you stole the money from David didn't you yeah I hate you think David might take you back if he knows the truth did you fuck you my name Diddy you said that you loved me I never fall in love it's still me liars are very unattractive people you'd be deluding yourself if you think for one second that I'm going back to Brownwood or any place like it I just want to be somebody yeah you you told me so many lies eyes are like wishes Benjamin you tell enough of them some of them come true telling a lie is like dropping a bomb everything's so quiet sooner or later you don't hear anything not even your father see these element what's amazing big smile on his face tonight Senator Charlie we're making nobody laughing at Ben Georgie he's up to us negative fuck you planner calling there is - sure why not maybe I do mean something if I pretended I was at Oxford University if I hope my math people laughed out loud they didn't listen to what I had to say they just laughed it away Ison to me people like us I spent my whole life avenging those bastards put your mic eat lady Griffin whatever problems are going up on my own it worries managing so what I'm still in awe of his ability to steal from this company you came from nothing yeah we call you locked away punished pocket if I have anything to do with it you're a fucking idiot no I'm not I got a first Oxford you see he was the one stealing from your wallet it wasn't me why did you come here what did you think I take you back did you what would it take for me to never see you again money of course that's you know what this city is this city is over I've had it with you people I'm going back to New York that's where they know how to treat a boy like me Foley will drive you to the end Foley who do you think I am I'm not flying in the back of a plane what did you ever do your entire life except get up in the morning and spend somebody else's money you and me both sweetheart it is true that an imposter touch my breasts [Music] can I come in look it's me Freddie said that this was the party of the year are you proud of me I didn't excellent job of being exalted Griffin better than he ever could [Applause] now sit down don't sit down I came here for a reason I'm not going anywhere [Music] no but anyone could be that ordinaire and still know how to use a knife and fork his accent was possible if perhaps a little he thought that we'd only be interested in you if you had a title no pity here I actually think that whatever his name was it's really rather slimy well the reptilian in fact prison will do some good it was fine manners in a setting not quite befitting of that quality maybe we shall run into him again the next time he'll be you imagine that in the reception of the cheery army pretending to be you come on David he was all a bit too good to be true a beautiful boy in the verge of an ugly this is Freddy got being impossible Alex didn't have a middle-class bone in his body we all want to be you are and you want to be how do you do that you know we never really knew him very well but I liked him whoever he was I wanted him to be Alexander Griffin as we will be because because he was my friend [Music] you know years later I ran into David Glendenning in a bar someone giving it too large it lost everything heroin lost a lot except the house they still let him live in that big house and what is on the menu for this morning at the end of the day what does a man truly Ellen but his name in the Nick I was reminded of it day after day b612 1-0 page [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you