AVLOG 19 AIS​ 5G ​ที่ 1 ตัวจริง​ X TEMPT​

Hi Gun, may I interview you? Yes sir! Do you see what happened before? Yes, I do. Cleaning teeth is an important part of my life. Just you guys don't really see Bro, It stuck on my teeth, so I have to pick it out. Let’s start right now! Today we are at the AIS 5G The Real No.1 event at Samyan Mitrtown. Is the AIS signal really strong? Will you find that I'm bragging if I say? Am I acting too exaggerated? I've been using AIS for a long time now. They have great promotions, especially SIM2Fly. I'm currently on an Asia tour. So I always use. I kept it behind my phone. I have been an AIS client for a long time. Today I have the opportunity to come to work with AIS. I am very honored because I’m AIS client. Whether watching movies, listening to music, playing games, never stumbling at all So I helped my friends win. You really use it! AIS The Real No.1 The internet is very fast, although I'm using 4G. Do you use AIS? Yes. I do. Actually, I've been using AIS since the first phone. What is your AIS 5G? It must make the game play uninterrupted. Makes me easily rank up Hi, there! Hi, There! My name is Gun. I like to eat Northern Thai Chili Dip. Take time to talk to her Do you have any problems? OK. It started. Everyone, fight! How do you feel? Oops! My friend is like this. He acts like everywhere is his home. Do whatever he wants to do Eat whatever he wants to... Eat Sing whatever he wants to... Sing Play whatever he wants to... Play That way, sir! Where are you going? I don't know Now we are going to the AIS 5G gee gee gee Baby, Baby event How do you feel right now? I’m excited. What benefits does 5G have? Ummm it’s... What do they reduce? Reduce frequency? Reduce latency! Make the signal faster 4G has already strong, but now we have 5G. Ten times more powerful than 4G More powerful than 5G is our smell. AIS 5G The Real No.1 I’m hot as well, so... The air will float at a low level. AIS 5G, whether high or low, has signals. I believe everyone is ready to meet your fans. Let’s meet 4 young guys of TEMPT Thank you everyone! Hello everyone! First of all, would like to thank AIS. We are very happy to be working with AIS. We already use the AIS service often. Until today, we have come to open the 5G experience. 4G is fast but 5G is faster Today we will find an innovation called “Bring future today”. I'm not showing off but... My light sign is green like AIS. I'm excited to experience the real 5G. Let's start with Why do you have so many fans, Perth? Because I’m cute. What do you have to make many girls like you? My smile Really? I don’t believe you. Show us your smile I will listen to the voice from the audience. Go! It’s awesome! Our first booth is 5G Hologram. Ask what this booth is about? First of all, because next year, AIS will bring 5G in This time, AIS has partnered with DoubleMe, a Holographic company. Created in 3D at the speed of 5G, providing sharp images and low latency. No matter where we are, if we go for a video call, we will see this Hologram. Correct! We have VR glasses. When you wear it, it feels like you’re in a virtual world. Like they’re in our bedroom Yes! Now we are at the booth on my left hand side. It's a booth called “shared mixed reality” or SMR. Ask what is it? Imagine that it’s Hologram style office. This room is as wide as our world. It means that we are anywhere on earth. And we can use this room to share to work in 3D Hologram straight away. On this screen will be the image from a VR camera that the team has put. We will see a picture like this when we wear glasses. Yes! It will be a floating image like this. No additional tools needed only one pair of glasses How do you feel after seeing this? I feel it’s as cool as in movies. Thanks to 5G technology. Mr.Plan Yes, sir! Right now, Plan is in the booth of 5G Remote control Vehicle. Which the driving force will occur in this building, but the car is outside. Which we have Perth sitting in the car In the future, we can drive while we may not have to be in the car at all. Yes! The test is in Bangkok. But the car is at Songkhla University This car is in front of this place. Ready Set Go! Clap your hands! His heart is now shaking. OK! Clap your hands! How do you feel? I am excited because in the future I can send people home while I’m just at home. Then I can go to sleep. This one is 5G The Robotic, The Future of store. This is a collaboration between AIS, the signal leader and ABB, the leader in machinery and technology. Yes This one, We brought this machine to connect to this tablet. Through the 5G signal that AIS has introduced as the first Yes Next, when we go to the supermarket, we don't have to carry heavy baskets anymore. You can order products via the tablet here. Because our 5G signal has a low latency and has a high response Therefore, picking products by color according to size can be more accurate and faster. Gun, you can choose one. Take it, Gun. I will take it to P’Plan. He likes orange fruit. Today, we will test the efficiency of 5G technology from AIS how awesome is it?. Let’s see who’s calling! We are capturing. Hi, Title and Gun. Hi, there. My name is Gun. I like to eat Northern Thai Chili Dip. I love you too. One more person, oh see! P’Plan, say hello. Are you from the south? Yes Say hello, bro. Hello Is the video call clear? It’s very clear. You guys are so cute. Let’s take a selfie if we’re cute. I must thank everyone for coming today. Even the inconvenient people still support us in other ways. Thank you for your encouragement. Please follow AIS 5G The Real No.1 Hi everyone, It has ended. I really enjoy the AIS event at Samyan Mitrtown. The response from the fan club is excellent. Thank you very much AIS He’s adorable.