what is that are you wearing my panties are you masturbating in mommy's panties take those off what makes you think that's acceptable you don't have my permission to use my panties to get off give those give those to me right now what do you you're masturbating and mommy's panties mommy's panties you don't have my permission you're not allowed to do this I wore these just the other day you went into the dirty clothes hamper and got these out didn't you young man what do you have to say for yourself you're using mommy's dirty Underpants to masturbate I just I if you really need to use panties to masturbate we can go to the store and get some for you okay I just mommy wants her panties for herself you're not allowed to use mommy's panties to get off anymore okay okay I well since you've already started since you've already started I'm gonna let you finish this one time just this once okay so you can put these back on right and you can finish just this once yes you can put them on sweetie it's okay but I don't want you to get them even dirtier than they already are sweetie so I have one condition you can continue to masturbate in those panties right now if you come in your hand and you eat it okay is it a deal I know you really like wearing mommy's dirty Underpants but it's the only way you're gonna actually be able to to finish all right go ahead now that you got them on again you can reach down stroke it from mommy yes right in front of me sweetie go ahead that's a good boy so sweetie have you ever eaten your own come before you can tell mommy no Oh sweetie you're just gonna love it tastes amazing mommy eats it all the time from your father and from other men at work but don't tell your father that oh yes you're gonna love it you're just gonna you're gonna come in your hand just like that you're gonna fill the pump your hand up with and then you're just gonna eat it up for me okay it's not scary that's why I'm here sweetie that's why mommy's here in fact you're probably gonna like it so much you're gonna want to do it more and more but I have to say it it takes a lot of practice to get to that point so mommy has to insist that well you should tell me if you wanna eat here come again so if you feel the need to masturbate and you want to eat you're come come over for rent to mommy tell me all about it and I'll come and give you instructions just like this cuz I know it's a little bit scary but you'll really like it once it finally happens and I will be so proud of you sweetie is so proud yes so keep stroking you're doing very good sweetie I want you to build up a nice juicy load for mommy okay you gonna do it for me you're gonna be a good little guzzle it for mommy mm-hmm you want to make me bad don't you you do keep going do you like wearing mommy's dirty panties when you masturbate sweetie I had no idea you took it this far I've dirty panties keep stroking was your plan all along to cover my dirty panties in your come sweetie you're a naughty boy aren't you yes you are you're excited to eat your come from mommy gonna make me really happy if you do it right sweetie you are excited aren't you oh okay that right there that's pre-cum that's kind of coming on the tip of your there okay what I want you to do sweetie is take your fingers and kind of rub the tip of your around just a little bit get it nice and wet on the tips bring your fingers up to your mouth or mommy mmm and taste it go ahead I'm watching that's it good boy now bring it up and put it in your mouth yeah how does it taste you like it have you ever had your pre-cum before it's a little salty little warm mmm that's just a little appetizer sweetie you're just gonna love the main course yeah hmm you're doing so well for mommy well but you know um your father is going to be here pretty soon so I'm just gonna speed things up a little bit okay you're doing so well just keep stroking your cut for mommy mm-hmm does that help sweetie when you get to see mommy's big breasts right in your face mmm you like mommy's bra I know you like my panties but my bra supports my breasts just right doesn't it sweetie oh you're doing so good okay your is getting really Swan that must mean that you're getting sensitive I think I'm gonna show you a little bit more sweetie keep stroking you're doing so well for mommy so well I think this will help a lot you like that sweetie mommy's big around but right in your face you like that oh you're nice and swollen now mm your fingers wrapping hard around your just for mommy you're doing so good build up that nice big juicy load just so you can eat it for me sweetie make me happy hmm make me happy yes all right sweetie well your father will be here soon so I'm gonna count down from five okay baby I want you to come on the count of zero okay you're gonna come right in the palm of your hand for mommy okay five there you go baby keep stroking for cover mommy I'm gonna eat your load just for mommy three that's it baby that's it doing so well baby too come from mommy fill your palm up with maybe one you there Oh sweetie you doing so well keep going you're soaked clothes ready baby come from mommy do it then zero come on baby let's fill the palm of your hand I've become yes baby oh yes sweetie oh oh you did felt oh my gosh that's a lot more calm than mommy expected you did save up a load from me good boy good boy now you know what to do next don't you baby hmm what are you gonna do for mommy you're gonna bring that load of come right up to your face and swallow it okay I'm gonna do that for me right you promised okay baby you're gonna love it it tastes so good take my word for it baby come on no hesitation I know it's scary but that's why I'm here okay bring it up to your mouth stick your tongue right into it and lap it up because you told me you're my cousin come guzzling Sun right yes you are so do his mommy says come on don't make me wait baby come on you told me you were gonna do it don't break a promise that's the only reason I let you finish in mommy's dirty panties you promised me you were gonna eat your so eat it eat it up come on let's go baby come on just bring it all the way up do it for mommy come on and lick it there you go sweetie there you go there you go oh good boy eat it all up don't let it drop go to waste okay mommy eats it all the time so I know not allowed to waste that it's too precious baby - precious Oh sweetie lick your hand clean Oh baby you're doing so good for mommy you made mommy so proud you did such a good job well see that was a lot of fun wasn't it now I know you're gonna want to do this again but like I said sweetie not unless I'm here to help you walk you through it okay we're gonna do it together next time all right I know it was scary but you did it sweetie I'm so proud of you you