AlArabiyyah Bayna Yadayk Bk 1 by Ustadh AbdulKarim Lesson 1

Honda lillahi rabbil alameen salli wa sallim ala ashraf alam be even more saline nabina muhammad in wa ala aalihi wa sahbihi ajma'in summa madad o assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Helen wa sahlan were marhaban the Darcy annuity Al Arabiya Li very naughty pinna b ha Wakata Hana bill MC Fisher hey che in mineral water till Allah we started yesterday I own a WA with the first lesson and we did a little bit about and whether to Ola the first chapter just to remind you I will f wa everything we write on the board is compulsory to know everything we write on the board is compulsory to know so first of all what is the name of the book without looking to the title the young brother there mashallah and arabiya to bein Ayodhya so like you had a few words in this sentence first of all what is the meaning of L the L means the even sometimes you might only heard the first letter of this to the earth like a shampoo I'm cell after God so sometimes you hear this L fool fully you heard this L totally and that is they call it a ll camerea we will get this at the end of the book at the 16th chapter Nisha Allah so sometimes you might hurt the L totally sometimes you might not hear it totally but L means the regardless of you hurry totally or you heard just the first of the two letters and I told you yesterday that sometimes the L is not being pronounced totally and the sign of that is that the letter after the lamb gets a shudder as SH M su as say Yara - okay anyway this is something what is not very important to know now but for me what is important for me is the title now what means baina between raise your finger if you want to give the answer what is baina a Holly between veña veña means between then we have ya de coeur what means ya don't who knows yeah dawn he in two hands he had a knee he had on one hand two hands yeah Danny what is your two hands yeah dekha why do I emphasize the fat high on the calf yeah Ditka yes that's form a circle and that's why because you have also da de aqui so to a woman you don't say add a car you say ya de aqui and to a man you say add a car I know that the brother knows it because if you stop at the end of the sentence you don't pronounce the Fattah you know you make it a sukoon it is not so cool but that's the Quranic style when you ended up at the ayah you pronounce it like that here-take but because we are here learn we want to be sure that you know it's a fad huh especially when you write it so that's why we say your Decca player what means book Keith Urban book is Keith Urban I know if you stop at the end of the scent you say Khattab but we want to be sure that when you write it when you teach your children inshallah you say Keita born with the turn win of the Dhamma the two Dhamma okay what is the book because we know what the is al kita al-kitab oh very good because there is a rule in the Arabic language there is a rule in the Arabic language that every word that has the 10-win of the Dhamma when you put L before it you have to take out one Dhamma what did I said who knows yes how you remove one Dhamma because of the L so what is the book l kita boo you will never find in Arabic the L and also to Damas it's not possible so when L comes the it takes out one of the two Dom at when L comes it takes out one of the two Fattah even with the Fatah when L comes it takes out one of the two kisara this is a golden rule you have to memorize what is student book brother guitar boot Talib guitar boot tally Attali is one of the examples where you don't pronounce the lamb but it's still written up polyp you pronounce only they are the the first of the two letters so the student book is key turbo Talib Keter Batali be okay what means a student raise your finger tightly bound very good just this is the student if you want to say a student just remove L and put to Dhamma Talabani what is to students poly Bonnie poly Bonnie this means to students is it never tally Bane yes it's sometimes tally Bane but not without reason so when you teach a person teach him the root word don't teach him the situation what is just sometimes so tally Bane is just when there is a pre position before it in special situations so Tully Bernie what is the plural form three or more who knows photography toulebonne tolerable we will learn au Haleiwa we will learn insha'Allah in this book that the Arabic language is not like the English language because in the Arabic language we have three forms single forum double forum plural forum you understand me brothers single cell mu fraud double forum and Madonna plural forum what's that al general okay brothers guitar batali vallejo open your books if we say in Arabic plural then it's three or more from three and more because you cannot say two and more because two has a special that is the Madonna that's the double forum so if you say in Arabic plural never say - it's always three or more because we have three forms in Arabic the signal Davo and plural form and then after that we have spoken about the meaning of the word the chapter what's the chapter brothers and where the - what is the chapter what is a chapter why the tone the Dhamma comes back the two one left but after removing the l-y that one what is the lesson at dar so what's the lesson mashallah what is the first chapter and we're headed to Lula this whole chapter is about two things the first one is at the here to what's at the here to the greeting what they're here to whom yo Meridian Salam Alice can't I said and Delta here the greetings is on that day the salon and in the general what is the second issue about this chapter at our roof what means at our of my brother's introduction none at our off means to know each other so if you say to a person if you say a re for who Anna I re for who I know him that comes from the water out of knowing each other to into intro duce each other we have done yesterday in the beginning of the book this is a recap aleyküm selam locket we have done yesterday a recap we do now a recap for everything we did yesterday what is the dialogue or the conversation who knows somebody yeah amazon al hvar uu l huar uaaah tell hvar ooh none well hey VAR o is the dialogue what LG VAR o the dialogue today you hear that a lot today we hear the word dialogue a lot l Hawara banal at the end something it is very dangerous and hey well if you look in internet you see something they call it al Hawara banal at the end we have done two of the three words la vara is the baina and at the UN the religions some people I don't know what the intention is to please the others they try to meet with each other and they say only the Christians and Muslims and Jews can meet in this who are and then they going to going to talk to bring each other close but you cannot bring Islam and kufur close to each other you cannot bring to heat and shake close each other so sometimes you might hear you might see in Internet al Hawara Boehner at the end you can go to Christian to bring him to the heat but not to make concessions you understand me you are o Boehner at the end so if you have ro Boehner at the end you know what it is because at the end is the plural of Dean Dean is religion at the earnest religions okay on door what means owned or not it's Tamia listen if I point to somebody he's the only one that speaks that if you want to ask something in the class raise your finger okay brothers on door is look it's Tamia is listen and it means repeat what means I it repeat it starts with assalamo alaikom and then waalaikumsalam we want two brothers to read this first who are insha'Allah our brother there what's your name son and brother Ali okay you can borrow a book I think who hasn't bought a book yet who bought a book mashallah so the one that borrowed a book today it puts his back to put it back in the boxer brother Ali took one book to borrow inshallah yeah it's last day to borrow the books and Sharla okay accra a karahi antal carry LOL you are the first reader who enter carry attorney you are the second reader the first who are now walaikum A'Salam this means some people make a mistake they say well alaikum as-salaam know why alaikum assalam wa alaikum ooh you see why alaikum o because in the Arabic language there is a rule that it's not allowed to put two Su Su Coons after each other is totally not allowed you understand that you have a word okay you have a word and then you have the two letters of the word with the sukoon this circle is not allowed also on the Quran and sometimes there is a sukoon at the end of this word the first word and sukoon at the beginning of the second word you understand me is also not allowed so what happens then like in the Quran happens one compromises so one have to change his sukoon to Adama walaikum A'Salam we understand because as starts with what look to the book what's the first letter of a salam a leaf what is the last letter of oral a poem meme WETA sukoon ya need that is it the circle okay that is the original situation of wa alaikum as-salaam okay well alaikum so when the arabs they saw where alaykum ending muna sukoon and an Aleph is always a sukoon even if you don't see it okay Elif has always sukoon even if you don't see it so this one had has got a Dhamma brothers this is just for information this is not something we have to know now but just to to give you an idea that saying wa alaikum as-salaam is wrong by a UFO walaikum A'Salam nun for Don no no just go further Jolla nun so what is me harlot my name is harlot what is me and how do you say my my name is for a feminine the same nun it's me is my name is for a man and for a woman the the the difference comes with the you forum so what woman says is me no problem at all a man says is me my name is but when it comes to the you forum you have to change a bit numb phuddle is me Halil what is Halil is a name Arabic name what's the meaning of it none none something's any the highest form of friend the highest form of friend that that is Halil I am je it Akmal go further none mashaallah what's safer Haruka yeah that is the literally meaning how is your situation but in England we just say how are you none you know we don't say he said something wrong because he'll mean situation what is the hell in that country what is the hell in your house what's the situation but it's quite difficult to say how is your situation because that's what it's means literally we just say how are you are you behaving well hamdulillah and that is the best answer you can give be higher in what I am doing laughs somebody says caifa Haruka the best answer is to say be higher in I'm okay I'm fine well hamdulillah it is the photo of a lodge the name of Allah that I am be higher that I am okay so don't forget to mention Allah's name subhanaw taala nun go further Ali were caifa so we know what caifa means so somebody says to you how is the book how do you say that how is the book mashallah you see if you know if you would you can mix them al khattab somebody says in which chapter are you you say I'm enough enough aware that he'll alarm the first chapter he say how is the chapter how do you say how's the chapter no no I ask only him kafir - wata - how's the weather - wata - how do you say how is the dialogue who knows the brother - huar nam mashallah mashallah tybo and Hawara Thani a true body aduba I do body yonni repeat after me type as-salam-o-alaikum walaikum A'Salam is me holla mass machi is me hadiza caifa halloki be higher in wal hamdulillah okay for how Luke ent be higher in wal hamdulillah the brother at the end what was what's your name Ibrahim you read with the brother next to you insha Allah okay time Allah make it easy for you Alice pant I'll give Shiva to the brother our brother Ibrahim say I mean brothers Taibbi Omar you read with your the first reader and you the second reader I'll carry will o one Volturi ethanal carry means the reader it's not only in the Pakistani Sephardic to a personal email maybe I'll carry it's also the reader none for Don none so pay for her Luka you say that to a man okay for her looky you say that to a woman enter is you masculine well auntie you family these are basic things you have to know in any language so anta means you must clean auntie you feminine these are pronounced isn't it pronounced al Hawara 33 go go bit quicker inshallah Hawara sell it assalamo alaikum wa alaikum assalam min Anantha name in Pakistan hello auntie Becca Stanny nah I'm an abacus tiny worm urgency Atoka anta emergency Atoka anta ana turkey on a enemy in Turkey ax a Helen was a Helen who haven't read I want to read man lemme être while riddle para toda la una y una is mocha baba na macaws mashallah trouble in a nun talent about study and I mean tortilla not who else want to read insha'Allah the brother next to you who else the brother there what's your name of E for Hannah Sharla for Han means in Arabic happy so you have to be then happy always inshallah for Han means happy if you say enough our hand I'm happy much on a very nice name for hand for them you start da Air Farce Otaka alpha is race so taka your voice raise your voice irva so taka rah alaikum assalam none where are you no no we are the third who are same none at the top you start with start from the beginning start from the beginning Sharla hell not hell hell yes hell very good say another time non he'll enter Bacchus tourney now I'm an abacus tiny worm agencia touka anta repeat for Han na I'm an abacus tiny worm urgency Atoka anta emergency yeah toka anta turkey Eun and I'm in Turkey ah now I'm very good from the LA we are very happy to see the brothers here we have inshallah patience with each other we are handle a Muslim you understand you was also maybe a while ago you could not read fast so if to have patience with each other and sha Allah and hamdulillah is a big Nima that you are here because they are youth of your age who are now maybe walking in the city centre messing around your hand Allah in the Masjid to learn all hair so have Sabourin shuttle ok have summer with Arabic language and shall Allah like I said yesterday you have to have good intention with learning the language of the Quran ok brothers so there are a few things insha'Allah that I want to mention regarding this third who are I know that a lot of you are knowing these issues but like I said yesterday the more difficult issues will come later on in sha Allah so the first thing I want to explain is for the one that doesn't know this and I know that a lot of you are knowing this first worst of all is the word min what means min from and it's quite confused it's making some people confused because you have a other word that is written the same style so that's why it's very good to put the shackle on it you know the shackle you know it's shackle is the haricot the Don Moffitt ah the zubur the page the I don't know them all but that is the shackle okay so mean means from and it has a brother this mean has mean has a brother that is men but man is who the mean is from and men is who ok brothers mean is from and this one you write at the same with the same letters but with the other shackle that is men what's men who min is from one man is who what means aina we're very good aina where what's aina brothers so we know how to say when before you come to the class you say where is the book how do you say where is the book Michele Anil kitab ooh where is the book al-kitab ooh you know Anil kitab ooh I say read the conversation you say where is the conversation who knows Anil huar ooh very good Anil Haru the conversation what means enter now none you muscular no feminine okay very good we will get later on me naina aunty that's what are you from you say that to a woman to a woman that is muharram of you not any woman in the world auntie's you feminine entice you masculine Anna what means Anna I just I you know in sometimes when you translate things literally you get in trouble you know if you look to the boogie my say Anna means I am from but just say I Anna si okay sometimes it's me but just keep it on I okay what means Anna and uh men from Pakistan Pakistan in the Arabic language you don't have the P so you say babsi say Bab see you don't say Pepsi say BAP see you don't have the P in Arabic language but does that mean that the English language is better because they have the P there are more than 10 letters in the Arabic language that you will not find in the English alphabet the line you can say write in English Ryan who can say the dot in English is their dot you can say Dava it's not though in English there are many letters in Arabic that you will not find not in English and not in other languages so like even Cathy you said yesterday the Arabic language is the strongest language where you can express yourself the best language to express yourself whether you seeing something feeling something and so forth and so on so we have two things here we have Backus tan and we have Backus tiny and we will explain that insha Allah what means hell ah Nam look brothers after saying Adam in Pakistan I'm from Pakistan you see the word the word it's not a word it's a letter in Arabic they say it's a letter but anyway that is grammar don't think about it in the Arabic language if you want to make a question you want to make what a question you can make a question by doing one of the two following things to make a question you want to let the person feel that you are asking him something first of all by putting the AH and secondly by putting the hell okay these are the two they call it tools the two tools to make a question in Arabic you understand me brothers if you want to make a questionable sentence okay Yanni I give you example if you remove the hell from that sentence he'll enter Becky Stanley you see the sentence hell and tabacky Stanley what means he'll enter Bacchus Danny are you Pakistani okay remove the hell what do you say then that is you are a Pakistani without doubt so making it in a question just put the hell before you understand me and also the are you can say I enter back east Annie Annie are you Becky Stanley so put one of the two okay in the Koran you find hell I find ah Allahu Allah is there a Allah with Allah and it elsewhere is known but Alice Panthers ask in the mushrikeen Allahu Allah Israel a with a la Habana don't talk use we are in the class he'll enter back is tiny what means he'll enter back is tiny are you back is tiny there is something I want you to know even this is something what is quite far from what we're going to do now you see what's the difference between Pakistan the country and Pakistani what makes the difference what makes the difference the latter er they call it here on Misbah here on is BA you don't have to write this yeah a nice bar you know you have a word and then you want to say that it belongs to you it's yours okay give you example of the year what they are does what means book Keith Urban what's my book get a B just put this year this year on this bar it looks like this it'll be my book what is pen kalamoon what's my my pen Halle me what is something what we have done before anyway we haven't done really a lot of words but anyway if you put the yeah it's my my book and Merida to the table Merida T my table notebook afternoon my notebook daft re and so forth and so on okay brothers so Becky Stern E is that you are a Pakistani I'm a Pakistani an abacus tiny worm a gene C Atoka anta say what is wha and what is ma say to me it depends say to me it depends because ma can be the denial ma ma can be two forms it can be ma yeah I haven't I didn't go out matter have to I didn't went mad I have to Maharaj - I didn't go out and you can also be the ma of the what like MASS MoCA so what what is the thing that make the difference the context you know what context mean you need the way the built the sentence is built you cannot say to me I want a golden rule what's the difference between this man and this man there is no God the rule is just look to the sentence okay any if you put the MA what's a questionable MA this what you get a question mark at the end this is a sign you can use it as a sign to know the difference between the malware you are denying something or the mad that you are asking something because by saying MASS MoCA you see a question mark at the end so ma is what / no denying you should write like this denying denying like this denying so I teach you Arabic you teach me English Sharla is that a good deal Sharla okay you can talk after class inshallah we'll merge in Syria to Kayenta this word we have to break it up so you might understand it better than Sharla so first of all we say Jean see a tone we have to go back to the root of the word otherwise you might not understand it the root of this word is Jean see ya tone and what is Jean seeit own nationality very good what means Jean C atone nationality and now we know what means Jean SIA took her and that is what your nationality and now we also know what means mergency Atoka what's that what's your nationality you understand me what did he reply and a turkey yawn I am Turkish and then he emphasized by saying and I'm in Turkey ah just to emphasize I am from Turkey none ma is here in this sentence is what and in other sentences it might be not denying okay if you say ma adapt I don't go two meanings what and not the context that makes the difference and also the question mark because if you use the what you will get mostly a question mark at the end of the sentence none sorry no none matt is always with the fat hat because you see the Elif after it if you see a letter okay if you see a letter in Arabic with a fat hair after it it always have to be able to Fatah because the a leaf makes the fat how long it can never be a dumber or a kisara ma so it's fat ha and something else and in making it long nom re jin sia two key is your feminine and that's what we will have in the next how are so Jin SIA to car is your nationality but I forgot you to - I forgot to tell you that you put the M between the brackets because the masculine your we will get a shell at the feminine your nationality well how do you say my naturality brother Omar mashallah Jin see a T because the ER is like my heater be my book but that's not something that they ask you now in this book just they just say my jeans here took a enter what is your nationality you say Anna Turkey yawn I'm Turkish I what is your national nationality and the antis just to emphasize it's not compulsory to put the enter because the car already means yours so why do you put enter after it just to make it more powerful okay he said Anna Turkey on I am Turkish and I'm in Turkey ah what's that annum in Turkey ah I'm from Turkey and I'm in Turkey ah Turkey as a country a part of it is in Europe a small part of it and the rest is in Asia okay and then he said a Helen was a Helen what Ellen was a Helen welcome and is there a other word for welcome marhaban Helen was a Helen you've also marhaban you might heard sometimes people that are really trying to welcome a person by saying Helen was a Helen what marhaban that is the fool so if you really want to get a person feel like you know double welcome you say Helen was a Helen one marhaban hey brothers none no it's two words and one letter the water letter Helen and was a Helen none and the meaning is just welcome just welcome and wa sahlan it's not goodbye goodbye has other word and that's the thing we will get inshallah in not the next haywire but the one after Bible Hawara Rabia is there any question about the Hayworth Alice rod Allah none Helen was a Helen these two words make this meaning if you just say Ellen it's a word but it not it it will not give you the meaning of welcome hell means he'll have has different meanings ll is also family k FL al how's the family Sahel has also other meaning and that is easy sell ok something is settled the book is sell easy but brothers like I said if you going to literally I'll translate every word you're going to bring yourself in trouble so just keep it Helen was a Helen Danny welcome ok but it's very good to always ask Mujahid rod raha Mahalo the student of oblivion adverse and this is narrated Saheb Bihari he said la al awwalin mistaken when a moose takbir ok Mahalo Mahalo he said Mujahid the famous tur Barry and student of oblivion obverse he said two persons will never learn knowledge the Moose takbir the arrogant the one that feels himself too high to learn and also the mistake he the one that is shy you know he doesn't want to ask nor he asked you can ask me two hundred questions if I have time in the lesson no problem as long as the questions are you know like serious none yeah on this bar this year this is latteria nice bar is that something belongs to you yeah the below belonging yeah the belonging here you say the door is the baboon baboon is door baboon is door adore the door al Babu my door baby so he put just this year and it gives you the meaning that thought something belongs to you this bar is that it belongs to you so you say Qatar Boone book what's Keith Urban book how do you say my book you use this year get a B okay so how you change a book to my book so a book means Keith Urban my book Keter be you see ya barakallahu ik yeah of ownership that's better but you know don't say it no like Rob be my lord then it has not never the meaning of ownership because we are servants of allah spirit allah but in other things in dunya things Beaty my house I own the house Beatty but this year the own ownership lasts a very good translation translation for this letter yeah unless ba not for the logic Ibrahim a nun nun first of all today will we will only do if it belongs to you masculine or you feminine so we have done in this turd who are Jin SIA took a your nationality Jin see a toka kita Buca your book pala Mooka your pencil and the fourth hey why we will do the you feminine but the his or her we haven't done that yet okay so if you say something belongs to you you say they are Keter be my book what is your book kita Buca hit Ibuka kita kita Buca so we have done until now we have done this we get one morning Sharla Keith Urban is booked kita be my book kita Buca you masculine we will get the you feminine shall after a bit player wada clear wada means clear water none assalamualaikum waalaikumussalam mean aina auntie Anna mean messer hell anthem is Rhea nom-a-nom is Rhea we merge in SIA to key auntie and I'm in Surya did I say something wrong and I mean Messer her auntie Masseria nom-a-nom Ezria homage in Syria to key aunty anna Surya and I mean Surya Helen was a Helen you know after going out of this class to Dasia Allah you have to know four countries which are they Pakistan Syria Turkey ax Messer Egypt miss turkey a turkey and Messer we have four countries and thus that are the four countries that are seeing here in this to hell ours and they are really looking like that if you go to the map if you go to the map this is the form of Turkey this is Pakistan the form of Pakistan messer this is the form of Messer and this is the form of Syria okay brothers so who haven't read yet total of a hill kareem total and if that if that is you start enter if they're not and I mean missile its enemy in me Sarah but just leave that enamine Meza because you finish here and this is something that has to do with grammar none trodden miss Riya two things first of all the yeah has a cheddar you know what said that means the W the small W that means you have to stick on it almost two seconds mystery yeah you have to emphasize it miss aria and secondly dista where miss rear ends with when you end a sentence with this star it changing a ha you get me there is one top there is one time Arabic they call it a telomere buta the third that is close and it's like you see it's close you've also the open thought that's like a boat you've seen that data let's this one this one will never change in other letter but this is the open turtle move to have a towel lmf to had open top it stays like that if you begin with it and with it same but this star the closer if you end the sentence with it or I in the Quran a change in what in a half its and this close to has two forms one it's like a ball you've seen this and one is like this so here which one do we have open tur no not open to tell my Buddha the closer so when you end with it the sentence it changing a ha that's the rule he'll auntie miss Rhea say if really to her the hub he'll anthem is Rhea but the teachers in the schools and in the Institute's where they teach Arabic they want you to pronounce it fully regardless of the rule because they want you to know if you're going to write this word are you going to put the proper shackle the Dhamma or the fat how the kisara that's why they say hell and team is really because it has to dhamma so if you write it you have to show that it has to dhamma you understand me hell and team is riittää n-- and also miss ruyan you know the the masculine egyptian miss ruyan egyptian na miss ruyan Masseria tone Oh God