AlArabiyyah Bayna Yadayk by Ustadh AbdulKarim Lesson 2

yeah yes no it was stay mystery yeah tone if we take away the W it gets a very strange it become a strange word mystery a tone strange mystery yeah tone type how you see here Jean SIA took are your nationality masculine like good Pakistan and Jean C are two key is feminine and anti like I said is just to emphasize it's not compulsory to put the ante so if you say my jeans here two key to a woman then you don't have to put an T but just to emphasize okay Cinzia took are your masculine Jean SIA to key your feminine so just remember it like that okay photo and I mean Surya you see the difference between the names of the countries and to say I am a Turkish person so like turkey ah if somebody says Turkey are you here something long that's the name of the country Surya why we have the a leaf to make it long say Surya Turkey ah but when it comes to I'm Turkish Turkey yong-soo reuni okay type Helen was a Helen nah yesterday one brother asked me about how can you do like a hello acetylene or something like that no Helen wasa Helen is for an I mean in the for a new footage wit okay this is it integer weed rules they call it it harm you say Helen was a Helen but that's only for Koran you're not allowed to put the tajweed not even on hadith not even on the hadith so tissue it's only for Quran not for hadith not for Arabic books so we say clearly Ellen was a Helen Helen was Alan Hal Hunico Sue Ann is their question none this weed is not being used in as far as I know not now Allahu Alem you cannot use this weed rules are only for the paren prophets awesome said milometer venerable for an Felice Amina whoever doesn't beautify his voice with the Quran he's not from us but with hadith is normal and Abu Huraira to radiallahu anhu we have to have a Delisle that you retell hadith with with this we'd not son shala next week when we come to the classes Allah I say give me for four countries in Arabic then you say Pakistan Ya Allah Allah do not fulfill health lyubov ill health Messer Surya Turkey ax Pakistan don't come and say Pakistani because that means Pakistani or turkey atone that means a Turkish woman make difference between the name of the countries and the Yahoo nespa that you are from somewhere okay Turkey atone Turkey on like well he borrowed hummus men you redo men is who you redo once and yatra who wants to read and the Hirata you done before type men you you try mashallah very good he's trying and you read yesterday of user who wants to read today yeah yeah yeah v huar yes the three men pirata ahi you read you want to read with the brother shala v who are now you do the image in his doing the bother you did none further you start Accio name ahi kaa el yad vashem name ferrotype Perignon you start a nun walaikum A'Salam muhammad if Hezbollah adidas Antoinette fedorov adidas Vetrov Cyril an EGD soon equator of Mohammed entered Europe is it is Peter of who knock Moroccan unik none this my son Mohammed is at the 16 chapter last last at the end of the book we will complete the book inshallah next week Sharla this book say hello Mubarak brothers prophets awesome said and I know how the INA strew the bed i evil i bark lovak hazardous something else - something else none tiya you started one moodle reason none you know this cheddar you see the shedder the w the shudder if you normally what we have been learnt what we have been learned is you have the line fat above kisara beneath and dhamma above but when you come to the shadow you know this w you put fat high above dhamma above and even the castle above if you if you do a letter with a shed though with this w but the only difference this happens with the fat hand this happens with the kisara okay you see all above when you get to the W even the casseras above the line above the letter where you normally put the kisara beneath it yes then it's the kisara it's always you know the shed da is so powerful that it keeps the kisara above the letter okay so here is the letter and here is the letter okay it's the Wow so this is the shadow with the fat huh did the shadow with the kisara sorry no shed that is to to stick on the letter longer than normal yeah any here what what's the example we have been given here modern reason modern reason yes Buddha reason if there was no shadow how could we pronounce it moderation moderation strange but it's moody reason you have to stick on the raw a little bit that's that's the meaning of the shedder this w dis shud de moda reason okay father who was reading father yeah Hedda yeah Hedda oh sorry yeah you're there Ellen yes Ellen yes none very good Helen was a Helen was a Helen nah Mumtaz karahi hada oh yeah Siddiqui who won Mahan this one if you want you can put two dama on the scene who are more Han this one okay I said the broad if you want you can the seed you can put two of this because it's Mohandas own if it's your own book I mean you can say Mohandas but we are learning here that if you are going to if you are going to write it once you might be endowed is it Mohandas in or Mohandas an or Mohandas own that's what I want to be sure that you know it has to Dhamma it deserves to Dhamma if you are on in the street talking to Arab Arabic person you say Mohandas okay if you are at the end of the sentence but if you start with Mohandas then you say Mohandas on even on street had it should be but the Arabs they say you know he says to me what's this what's this herder isn't it hada he says to me I see hada I don't see how long we pronounce the HAR long with a leaf I had say then you say where is this a leaf of the ha you understand me brothers I say the Arabs when there is a certain word did they write so many times they just make it easy to write it like this the same is with bismillahir rahmanir rahim normally it's miss me miss me bees me with in the name bismillahir rahmanir rahim but because the Arabs they wrote it so many times they just say miss me like this miss me birth in me the Elif is being taken away why this it's my loom it's known Hollis has Aleph none harlot has a leaf none oh the mother is the word that we stop it's moon its name it's moon its name my name toddle yes change that Buerkle of eco we were there or not yet you see mistake in the book you know the saralyn it has to be a circle here sir Helen under ha saralyn they have done a Fatah here what is wrong under ha you see it or not you change it in a sukoon because no book is perfect except for the foreign this book is not perfect okay after it masa Lama you see yes Tita change in Ha Na Salama same assalamu nun aji you Marcella none a few sting a few things to mention here insha'Allah Maha Maha with means with MA but mass ulema if you go to the if you look to the whole world were a word my salami means goodbye what means my Salama goodbye so we starting shall allow explaining this very quickly after Salam he said had aji what's had a fee this is my brother because just the word brother without my is a whole what means brother Han what means harder this which this masculine or feminine masculine happy he is feminine so we start with mentioning the word Haida is this masculine uh he means my brother ah he a brother the brother and uh who L uh who yes because look what means a brother this is a brother okay what's the a brother a brother a phone what means the brother L ahoo because I told you that if you put the L 1 Dhamma goes away L means the so if you put a L here before Allah who the brother and then what means my brother REE ok we can do this with all the words almost first of all what means a book Keith Urban this is a book any book what is the book al-kitab ooh look L comes inside one Dhamma goes away and what is my book get that be quita be okay my book trodden dahn so sorry and ah who is the brother because L means the what what is dinner in Arabic L the brother L ah whoo ah he is my brother and then we have a new pronoun and that is huwa what means who are he what means who are he okay Paul who Allahu Ahad say he what's who are he what's mood arisen teacher new word this is all vocabulary what you have to learn a shallow for this week what's what is mother is on maderas on he is a teacher so who our mother is on he is a teacher okay look look how powerful the Arabic languages look to these two words this one in Arabic you only need to say who a moderation but look to the English he is a teacher four words in Arabic who a moderation and the Arabs will not say there is something missing because in English we have four and now you are saying to me two words you understand me look how about who a moderation he is a feature okay so what means moderation teacher there are some other words moderation mother listen look to the book modern reason with Aurra there are some words in Arabic but there are some things were different with the same name there are things with the same name so you might heard in this class that teacher is Medeiros on you go outside and somebody says that is the more alimony but that's the same so don't come to me and say to me you said Madhuri's and I heard more a limb you might even heard who stared on what's also teacher take an order they say Oh strategy isn't it mr. G so almost the same austere don't means teacher morale iman means teacher moderation means teacher is the difference no so one time you say this one time you say that okay please I'll moderate zone is masculine muda reason is a male teacher not the fifth female teacher okay mother is on put between brackets the m4 masculine we will get that later on but that's Madurese a tone in most Arabic words listen to me Baraka la vie comme in most Arabic words the difference between the male and the female is the top moderation Madhuri satin Sadiq Khan Sudhir cotton and so forth and so on so this star dista and talking about this stuff this stuff that makes a lot of words from masculine to feminine okay so it's easy hamdulillah just paste that on it he had the feminine word okay refika baccala efika baccala Helen was a Helen you know the Arabs you know somebody wants to do any Attero foot sitar off the introduction we have done that does the name of this whole chapter at the here to the greeting mataró he says you know you're my friend I want to introduce my brother I say had a he who won Madera soon this my brother he's a teacher what does he says a Helen was Helen Helen was a Helen welcome ok so I come I say had a he who are Madhuri soon what do you say that's the end who answered they gave they give ok Hadassah deity who are Taliban histor student what do you say and then Oh Soniyo welcome you understand me just not stayed like this just say yes no Helen was a Helen give him the feeling like welcome ok Helen was a Helen yes so deity is my friend if you heard the e woody are it's my like heater be my book you see so DT is just like here can you write down with that no problem it's always yes my none none none it has nothing to do with my den if you see the two dots is mostly my not always but mostly okay but the Elif has not never to do with my okay so we say first of all we're going to build it up so different is a friend so the pond so the phone is a friend what's the friend Assad Assad a pool Assad affords a Sudoku the friend the friend the and it is a friend Yanni any friend it is different all masculine they're all masculine words okay what is my friend so de PE you all know my brothers that the sod has a small teeth the tooth the sod and the dot they have a small tooth you see here you see small tooth but you have already learned this in the alphabet I think Sharla the sod and what and the dot these two letters have a small tooth you see that okay so what is so deity my friend Merkel avec my friend ah mashallah as-siddiq oh very good no siddiqa tea but I don't know yeah we will have it in the in the next hey WA inshallah look mashallah the brothers ello here he who was that he advised me I put two Dhamma with L it's not allowed to put Ellen to Dhamma so he saw it and he practice it because I can make also mistakes the brother first you forgot ok bismillah yes the difference comes to the you form and the heat energy yeah but that's not like my my name this different situation is me is for male and female okay but but yeah because this moon is me it's my name he say why is is me a male a male and a female can say that both because the name itself is for both is moon is name but when it comes to Cydia cone and Sudhir cotton it's different because Sadiq Khan means a friend and Sudhir cartoon means a feminine friend so the root itself it's not the same while we go if we go to East moon it's the same you understand me no no it's metal yes he understand this moon is the same for male and feminine and female total okay that's so deep oka yeah you have to change quickly from the path to the calf because the top is high in the mouth full mouth so the hookah so deep okay so dear Pookie Sadia tataki your feminine friend sadita Tookie but so dear Koki we don't have that in Islam that the your friend a man has a female friend we don't know that we know only marriage none for them not it's a so Depot I told the brothers yesterday sometimes you don't pronounce the L completely just pronounce the first letter and what is the Delisle for that is the shed that that comes after the L if you see a shadow you know this W if you see this W after the L that means the lamb has not to be pronounced I'll give you a example which one has a cheddar the first one second one so where we pronounce the L completely and where we don't pronounce the L completely yes so we say al-kitab oooh clearly al-kitab ooh but we know when we come to the second one ash M su wash MC Waldo ha ha in the Koran wash MC a sham so what's the Deline it's the shutdown the shutdown the sheen as SH M su so what we pronounce this one and the third letter do you pronounce the lam no was it the lien the shedder on the letter after the lam so DT so dat my friend for the lie the yes you have to write the truth now tybo he says harder so deeply this is my friend who one more hand disowned he is a engineer what's Mohandas own engineer architect okay you know what Mohandas is who don't know what Mohandas is don't be shy you don't know okay go to the next page you see Mohandas at the top next page you see the man with the helm with the helmet with the helmet Jonnie you have a house you're living in a house but before it was a house it was just ground and then when it was ground and man came he said the Mohandas he draws the house the house has to look like this it needs four rooms it needs some space it needs two floors that's the Mohandas he's wearing a helmet because people are building maybe something falling his fall on his head maybe stone or brick so he has to be prepared so Mohandas is the engineer does this mean that and Mohandas in the Arabic language and even in English it's only for the house no you have Mohandas for car you know before they bring a new car it has to be drawn maybe not with the hand what with but with the computer you know Mohandas Mohandas is in different companies but the famous Mohandas is the one that has to do with houses and you know that before things are being built ok brothers so you know what Mohandas is you know this space with all those things these are the folk ability that's waiting for us Allah - - to memorize for this week inshallah so look good to it after a bit before we go to the vocabulary insha'Allah we we finished a Helen Helen math Salama masa llamas goodbye for male and female okay same math Salama you say to a male misil Emma you say to our Muharram a female Massa Lama goodbye okay brothers what miss math Salama goodbye it's a feminine word but you say it to a male and to a female it's a feminine word because it has a table you know when you see a word with this star it's almost always a feminine word but you say my Salama to a man a mass Salama to a female what means mass Salama goodbye Mohamed Adel is Vitara type adidas Vitara Phonak and as a piranha cur al Hawara said is lost huar hamdulillah we we did some good things from doula today but in Charlotte I as-salam-o-alaikum walaikum A'Salam when I when I say this are you an equi repeat and look in the book both that you because you might repeat and looking to the board or something but when you go home you don't know what the word is or you might read it not correctly so look to the word then you know it's this word with this voice Yonsei me assalamualaikum waalaikumussalam hardy he ot he opposed Eva habiba Ahlan wa sahlan Haddie he saw Ducati he appalled by alan wa sahlan Massa Lama Massa Lama type many Accra who reads father who also told Allah what's your name type smilla you sort none boom test so as Salam is known heard he is the famine in this we have done the merciful in this that is harder the feminine this is heady he know had eyes for masculine and Hardy he is for feminine but Jahannam is a feminine word because I told the brothers almost always when you see a word ending when at ur its feminine but the rule is not 100% it's maybe 95 96 almost always when a word ends on a table you use Hardy and almost always when a word is without its muscle in but not always because Al Harb ooh the war is a feminine word but it has nota and even some names of the Sahaba ending with that are you gone not going to say this is a feminine obey the - told her - exactly this stuff this tell what we said is a feminine top talha to obey the - and so forth and so on and a Naboo is a feminine name but without our so I tell you this is in general now further who has a question trundle ash M su none shame sue is also feminine not very good Thai way or if WA you read or not yet you finished so Hardy he is the feminine this of T is my sister so we start by saying what is assessed ER or tone what is the sister and or to what is my sister very good ot my sister Porton is assessed er an Assessor often and then my sister is of T yes so often our sister the sister L off towards disaster my sister is of tea Oh somewhat okay sorry brothers just try to wipe this out Sharla a sister yes here is a dhama where you mean the first one this one is a dama this is sukoon and it is to dama Oh turn one dama one sukoon to dama because the root of a word is almost always with two dama but it gets just one dama if the L comes before it what means the okay we go further had he of T here Toby button what is here she what's here she here means she what is he who are what's Toby Burton who don't know Toby batoon means feminine doctor what means family in dr. Toby Burton I put the F for female okay Toby between sadita tea after it had his identity this is my friend any female friend okay had his identity because what means our female friend our female friend Saudi Fatone so this pattern is a female friend what is the female friend very good as sadita - you don't pronounce the L the lamb because of the reason I told you what is my female friend Saudi fatty okay so D état EE my friend female the friend none sorry by the dot sparkle avec the two dots you've seen the zocalo Heron I saw there are two here two dots I forgot to put it and sadita tune our friend also female what is thoroughly button female student here tirely baton what is thoroughly born male student what Starly button female student what's my Salama goodbye even if wa after this we go through the next page in sha allah and i want to bark a low fee comb to focus with me very important issue now what do you see on the top of the page and why that's all Ola on the right top of the page what do you see the first chapter what's you on the left top of the page Adar so 30 the second lesson so we have the weather nobody talks with each other if I explained it we have the weather what means the chapter and in this chapter we have a lot of lessons six lessons in this chapter I thought it was six none so we have a few lessons in one chapter none adopts a journey we are now starting with the second doors what we what do we see with the green with the green in the green line and yeah I will move Friday to L move rather to say LM afraid I - you know sometimes the Arabs they want to write in a beautiful way just like calligraphy so they put the Aleph and lemon meme we have learned like this L mu you've seen meme clear meme round but some are doing like this and mood arisu you say where is the mean I see I say he's beneath the lamp that's what happened here where is the meme beneath the lamp so if you if you putting the L you want to go to the meme normally you go like this mu but sometimes if you go to the other side the other direction it's also meme you see the small thing this is the mean it's been put beneath the lamp this is like a star - right okay so we have the word and move Radha - this would you have to memorize what that means for that no no no this way or this way okay what means and mafra that who don't know who knows a Miss on the for cap to folk AB you Larry Barker lovak what means and move Radha - so if I say next week what have you done with the folk app or the vocabulary I will not say that I will say what did you have what have you done with the Mafra dad have you learned the more that some people say more Fredette vocabulary even in English I don't understand what is vocabulary who knows how to explain it it's just words just to memorize they have been put here just to memorize no other reason okay so if you have more that don't say to me do I have to memorize this okay and move forward that is the vocabulary okay bark a la vie comme play you want me to write Almo Fredette and then the folk ability or you if always already seen the word there yes and move Radha too the vocabulary okay it's here Allahu Alem you know it's just like a name the vocabulary it can be a little bit it can be a lot you know it's just like a name like the food the food any it can be just one masala fish or more okay stay you read after me Merkel African these are the words you have to memorize and shuttle off for next week normally they're like 20 but I don't know now 1 2 3 4 16 and we have some countries 1 2 3 4 20 countries and this for 24 modern reason modern reason poly baton Toby baton Mohandas own Han often if you want to put the damn lights upon its upon you ok it's your book if you want just to clarify how to spell to spell it han with two Dhamma often so deep own Saudi cotton Anna Anna Anna aunty he had her de hua here Pakistan these are the countries we get first for the four countries to memorize and then with the year and ESPA to say I'm Pakistani I'm Turkish I am Syrian Pakistan turkey ax me sir Surya Pakistani Turkey atone miss ruyan Surya tone type after ah he not none I have done that because look you can say Becky Stanley if you stop but if you can if you want to need know the full pronunciations Pakistani Yan turkey atone miss ruyan Surya tune okay you can also send them here in a short version because you're ending the sentence Pakistani tortilla misery and Surya type Etra total aji the first line numb you sorry not sorry second one none none none I want you to read them another time with the translation we want the Tajima Tajima is the translation you want to hear it with the Tajima so we know you are learning something with the proper understanding well done Montez Montez is not only Jade Jade means good but Montez is perfect Mumtaz Mumtaz none Montez is the highest you can get perfect knob tybo satoru Thani the second line for the brother there you know Mahone I know it's out if you stop at the centres but I want you to pronounce the shackle Hahn a brother Oh tone male or female none so the platoon Mumtaz masha'Allah very good brother you have je g then a Hermes an Nam Chon none Anna is I but it's for male or female that's why you see double a man says Anna and a woman says Anna what means i but when it comes to you you have two forms the enter the male you and female you what's aunty so what might what makes the difference is the feta for the meal and it's the castle for the female I said when I never know I said when I yeah I know I said one I said one yah-yah-yah on one one you love Faruk I have today I want to write the names of the brothers insha'Allah because I forgot yesterday to do my own register to know you know if the brothers are coming every time and so just let me finish this insha'Allah just one or two minutes in sha allah and then we will do the register and maybe there is an announcement I'm not sure or anyway where did we stop with header who was going to read the brother what's your name are he the one before him pass him can you read Sharla tada what's harder masculine this masculine this what's that feminine this very good so you say hey da hoon this is a brother had he often this is a sister nun just he who was he none she so you put inshallah with pencil or something if it's your own book hada masculine this had he feminine this who are is he here is she and then the last thing very quickly laughs none turkey ah none mashallah Montez the last thing insha'Allah and a hot tub now none turkey Latin Turkish woman none miss ruyan Egyptian man we have done the country's above this for our the countries now we're talking about the people from the same country so miss ruyan is Egyptian Egyptian man Surya tone yes a Syrian woman Surya tone span Oklahoma hum dick Shannon la illaha and stuff lyrical - Blake Oh God