Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves kids story cartoon animation

[Music] once upon a time in a land far far away in the east lift a carpenter named Alibaba he lived a poor life with his wife Alibaba would go into the forest with his donkey to cut wood and then sell these woods in town to earn his living one day he went into the forest to cut wood suddenly he realized a group of horsemen coming towards him and they did not look friendly they must be teased they must hand at once Alibaba hit his donkey behind the bushes and he climbed up a tree the men came and stopped right under the tree Alibaba countered exactly 40 of them [Music] the men took down some heavy bags from their horses Ali Baba realized that these men were the thieves the head of the thieves went towards a big rock and started to yell Open Sesame open suddenly something very unexpected happened the big rock slid open just like a gate and a cave appeared the thieves went in one by one carrying the heavy bags after the last one went in the gate automatically closed Ali Baba was speechless from what he saw after a short while the rock opened again and the thieves came out at last their leader came out he turned to the gate and said close Sesame close the big rock closed immediately and the thieves jumped on their horses and rode off Alibaba came down from the tree and went straight to the big rock he yelled out the words he memorized Open Sesame open the gate opened with a loud noise Alibaba hesitantly went in he was stunned with what he saw inside was full of gold silver valuable fabrics diamonds and treasure chests he looked around picked up three bags and left he challenged to the rock and repeated what he heard from the leader of Thieves close Sesame close he put all the bags on his donkey and head home when he came home he showed the bags to his wife she could not believe her eyes she thought that Alibaba stole them where did you find all this gold Alibaba explained to her all that had happened that made her really happy and they started to unpack the bags oh let's see how much money we have no let's dig a hole and bury the gold why don't you go out and dig a hole and I will ask your brother Kasim for a measuring cup Ali Baba's brother Kasim was a rich merchant but he was very greedy he never helped out Ali Papa so he warned his wife don't you talk anything about the gold no one must know about it his wife a twin Turkish Eames house and asked him for a measuring cup knowing that they are very poor Kasim asked right away what they need the measuring cup for you don't have any money his wife immediately made up a lie of course Kasim did not really believe her he secretly put a little honey underneath the cup and gave it to Ali Baba's wife when his wife came back home they started to measure the gold and Ali Baba buried the gold he had counted in the hole after they buried all the gold his wife brought the measuring cup back but she did not realize the gold that was stuck underneath the cup when Kasim got the cup he looked directly underneath when he saw the gold he was shocked [Music] I wondered where Alibaba found this gold from Kasim could not sleep all night when it was morning he got up and went directly to Ali Baba's house and he showed the gold that was stuck under the cup Ali Baba I thought you were poor where did you find this gold tell me now Ali Baba told him everything so that he wouldn't tell anybody else about the gold if you don't show me where this cave is I will tell the teams what you have done but Qasim Ali Baba knew that Kasim would do what he said with no option they went to the cave together the cave is right behind this rock now let's go away from here the thieves might come any moment Ali Baba and Kasim went back home but Kasim was still thinking about the cave he immediately took two donkeys with him and went back to the cave when he came in front of the cave he repeated the words he learned from Ali Baba Open Sesame open a big rock suddenly started to move and the gate to the cave opened Kasim couldn't believe his eyes he was speechless about the view inside the sparkling gold mesmerised him in a hurry he started to fill the bags that he brought with as much as gold as he could when he had no more room he went back to the gates but the gate was closed and the bad thing was that he forgot the words to open the gates so he started to make up words and tried to open it open door open open window burn whatever he said the gate did not open he started to panic he looked for another gate but he could not find one after a short while the thieves came back to their cave when they saw us seems donkeys they got suspicious and drew their swords Open Sesame open [Music] when the gate opened four thieves caught Kasim right away and punished him right there and then so this was the thieves stealing our gold when it was nighttime and Kasim did not come back home his wife got really worried she ran to Ali Baba's house and asked for help Ali Baba was also worried about what had happened to Kasim so she went to the cave and saw the donkeys standing right in front of the gates that's when he knew that his brother was inside and killed by the thieves he went to use wife and told her everything they decided not to tell anyone about this after a while Ali Baba and his wife started to live in casinos house they started to run his business and helped it grow into a bigger business they got wealthier and wealthier during this time the leader of the thieves realized that the gold in the cave was decreasing every day so he ordered one of the thieves to see if anything suspicious was happening go into town and have a look around for someone who recently got rich and started to spend a lot of money when the thief was walking around the market place he saw Ali Baba shopping with gold in his hands so he followed him home when Ali Baba went in the house the thief marked his door when it got dark Kasim wife went out to put fresh water for the animals and when she did she saw the markings on the door she realized that it wasn't for a good cause so she took a bucket of paint and marked all the doors in the neighborhood soon it was morning and the 40 thieves came to find Ali Baba's house when they saw that all the doors were marked the same they had no choice to go back but their leader was determined to find him he disguised himself and started to walk around the marketplace he finally found Alibaba and followed him home knocked on the door Alibaba answered I came from a long way I brought jugs full of olive oil I heard that you are the richest merchant in the area maybe you would like to buy them Alibaba invited the leader thieve home for dinner that night thinking that he also was a merchant the thief carried 40 jugs of olive oil to Ali Baba's house and Danny Baba made his servants prepare a nice dinner table Alibaba wanted to host him that night in his home of course he accepted the offer when Alibaba and the thieves were dining at the table Kasim schweiz wife went to look into the olive oil jugs suddenly she heard some noises should we get out no it's not done yet when she found out that there were thieves inside the jugs instead of olive oil she knew that this was a setup she immediately went to the kitchen and boiled some oil then she came back and poured boiling oil in each and every one of the jugs of course the thieves suddenly got fried [Music] at midnight when everyone was asleep their leader came next to the jugs you can get up now when there was no response he asked again are you guys sleeping when he asked again he could not get any response he opened one of the jugs he was terrified with what he saw and knowing that he was also going to get caught he ran away and never came back in the morning Kasim wife told Ali Baba all that had happened now they knew that they didn't need to worry about the thieves anymore and so Ali Baba and his family lived a happy and rich life once upon a time in a land on the east they lived a poor but a very good-hearted boy named Aladdin living with his mother Aladdin did the hardest jobs with the farthest distances just to earn their living one day he was going far away to get some bananas to sell in the market suddenly he came across a well-dressed man with a beard and a dark look the man talked showing the gold in his hands hello my boy I'm an old friend of your father's would you like to win a gold coin I call coin if I pick bananas for the rest of my life I still wouldn't earned that much money the man asked Aladdin to go down the hole under the rock a little further away and asked him to do as he said Aladdin thought that this was a very easy task together they pushed the rock further away and watched as the hole appeared being as tiny and as agile as he was he managed to go through the hole inside he found a very narrow staircase and down he went when he made it to the bottom he saw that the cave was lightened up with an old lamp he couldn't believe his eyes inside the cave with precious stones gold and was full of treasure while still at shock Aladdin got scared from the voice he heard from up above land have you seen the lamp turn the light out and just bring the lamp to me out of all the treasure and gold that was lying there Aladdin couldn't believe that the only thing that the man had wanted was his old worthless lamp now Aladdin was scared Aladdin took the lamp and began climbing up the staircase but before he did anything the man started to yell give me that lamp quickly Aladdin couldn't understand the man's behavior first I want to get out of here if you don't give me the lamp this instance I will lock you up and escape forever at that point Aladdin knew that this man was up to no good no first I want to get out of here all right then you asked for it they stop what I'm doing unaware of dropping his ring in the cave the man pushed the rock back on the hole and left Aladdin there al adhim saw the ring on the floor and as soon as he picked it up and put it on with a tremendous noise the cave made up in a pink cloud and from the cloud appeared what seemed to be a giant in fear Aladdin took a look at the giant wish for anything you want but don't cheer for death you only have three wishes I wish to go home okay Baba with a glimpse Aladdin was back at home [Music] seeing her son appearing from nowhere Aladdin's mum began to scream eleven explained to his mother all that had happened he told her that he wasn't able to get the gold but instead was left with this old lamp wanting to clean the lamp Aladdin began to rub it suddenly the fees coming out of the lab covered the whole room and a genie appeared from nowhere [Music] whoa wow man I've been trapped in the slam for hundreds of years and you saved me well wish for anything you want stunned and frozen Aladdin and his mother kept staring at the genie the genie repeated what he said wish for anything you want well in that case prepare us a table full of delicious food and drinks all of a sudden a feast table appeared in the middle of the room with all kinds of food fruits and sweets from that day on thanks to the magic lamp anything Aladdin and his mother wished for came true they were living a rich and happy life [Music] a long time passed by one day when passing through the markets xi saw Princess Jasmine the king's daughter on a silver throne carried by the soldiers and he sell in love with her he went home and told about it to his mum and his mum prepared a chest full of gold with the genies help and went to the castle she told the guards that she had brought a present to the Sultan liking the present very much the sultan called her to his presence when she told him about her son's intentions the Sultan asked her to prove her son's wealth and power if your son wants to marry my daughter tell him to send me 40 slaves each carrying a chest full of precious stones and they should be followed by 40 soldiers to protect them hearing the Sultan's wish Aladdin's mother turned back home sad because she thought that even the genie would not be able to grant a wish this big 11 picked up the lamp and rubbed it harder than ever and the genie came out well wish for anything you want Aladdin told him about the Sultan's wishes [Music] the genie clapped three times and suddenly right beside them appeared 40 slaves with chests full of treasure and 40 soldiers protecting them the next day seeing that all he had wished for was right there in front of his eyes the Sultan was a very impressed he wondered how rich Aladdin was I want my daughter to live in a big and fancy castle that is the only way I will let my daughter marry you Aladdin told the Sultan's wish to the genie genie granted his wish right away Aladdin could not believe his eyes a gorgeous fancy castle was standing right next to their home he couldn't believe his eyes Sultan thought that he could not find a richer husband then Aladdin Aladdin and Princess Jasmine had a huge wedding that went on for three days everybody heard about Aladdin's luck and wealth but Aladdin and his mother did not say anything about the genie to Jasmine one day a salesman came next to Aladdin's castle [Music] jazmine heard the salesman yelling and thought that if she would exchange the old lamp with a new one it would make Aladdin very happy she gave the salesman the magic lamp and got a new one the salesman was actually the evil man who trapped Aladdin in the hole where it all started when he got a hold of the lamp he immediately ordered the genie to move the castle far away with Jasmine in it when Aladdin returned home that evening the castle was nowhere to be seen he knew something very bad had happened their old house next to the castle was still standing he ran home right away and found the ring he found in the cave as soon as he put it on his finger the giant appeared once again but donned for goods you only have two wishes left take me next to jasmine right away as soon as he finished his talking he found himself in the castle he hid immediately his wife Jasmine was serving the evil Mammon he was holding a lamp in his hands when no one could see him Aladdin put the ring back on and the giant appeared again [Applause] wish for anything he wants but don't forget you only have one wish left let that evil man go in a very long and deep sleep as soon as he finished his words he ran next to his wife Jasmine was looking at the evil man in fear when she saw Aladdin she got very happy Aladdin told Jasmine all that had happened from the beginning jasmine listened to him with amazement Aladdin rubbed the lamp again she appeared well wish for anything you want sandesh evil man so far away that he can never ever find us again the sleeping man suddenly vanished a lenin asked the genie to carry the castle to its old spot take us and the castle home the castle flume in the sky and landed back where it was before with the castle back in its old place Aladdin was finally next to his mother again Aladdin his mother and the princess lived happily ever after [Music]