Another Muslim Leaves Islam But Afraid To Announce His Apostasy Christian Prince

[Music] hello hello are you there yes I hear you go ahead okay a flow alikum walaikum sooner how are you I'm all right okay what do you say what your brother he was saying that Allah he said to Adam B and he was did Allah created Adam by saying B I heard he was created in stages right so why Allah is lying saying that Adam is the same as Jesus when need of Jesus over Adam was a created by B why the Quran is giving us a very serious TripIt because he is trying to prove to us that Adam and Jesus are the same but neither Adam neither Jesus was saying was it created by B so how was stupid it is to say I created you by saying B but he did not create neither Adam neither Jesus by B he was created don't you agree with it yeah this is stupid from God to claim him such a thing he was clearly not created by just one he was created in the home and the God of Islam never created anything according to the Quran by be anything nothing not the tree is not the mountains not the land that the earth not the Sun at the light nothing so why the Quran lying saying why the God is not contradicting himself saying that he created by saying B but when he never did say B and nothing created by B you know what why we said Jesus was created but created means he was introduced not that he was grown up man okay he was introduced money he was in beginning to develop in the mother's womb okay okay where didn't where Jesus was before he was a created according to Islam according to Islam and he was I don't know deep about this stuff you if you know what is it the Quran says that he is the word of Allah and he sent it down to Mary yes okay so where's the word of Allah was a lot of Allah probably with him okay so Jesus came from heaven right here when I don't know because have any the creation of God you know no problem but that has an example chapter 3 verse number 45 it says that the angels came to Mary and says Oh Mary Allah give me the glad tiding of a word from him his name here the first translation seen would he it doesn't say would be it says his name is Christ Jesus okay so he have a name not will be innocent of all translation he had dinner Arabic I can show you the Arabic no I didn't okay say it correctly media Maryam in Allah who you be sure typically met him in who is smooth messy not his name will be so his name is the Messiah Issa not Jesus doesn't say Jesus here the son of Mary so now what we have we have a word from God who is coming down to earth and that word his name is Christ do you agree with that I think here the word means the news of the pregnancy okay yeah but this is not what I'm saying I'm saying my friend that Jesus before he come to Mary he was what he was a word from God okay let me read it behold the angels Oh Mary Allah give you the English Spelling's of award from him his name will be Christ is the son of Mary held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and all the company of those nearest to Allah oh I heard lack of a word from him word from him means what the news of the pregnancy in the news of the miracle of birth he will be no no you see the glad the news is that he will have I'm sending to you a word coming from God which is a person who his name is a Christ can the world be a man in the same time it's a war than a man at the same time what war was what Jesus exists when the angel said to enter to marry that I am coming to you with the news of a word anyone can be existed in editon little before I was born I was in the form of oil you mean you might say it was this is this is a false philosophy my friend this is not really this is not real because I can say that I don't be what before was exist he was he was a dirt that's not reading this is not logical when we talk about the atom we talk about atom as a person not atom as a bunch of dust so you know that yes and also have videos different stages a person may be a child the person may be grown up but a hairy now she isn't written it yet she is because after that Allah he breathed into her he breathed after that Allah breathe so Jesus is not there and Allah does not say to her to marry being brett net and she was he did an action he did a breed the same as he did to Adam in Adam he did make a mod and then he breathed into the figure of the mud in the case of Jesus it says when a for Nephi for jihad so Allah he blow into her vagina which is very disgusting and stupid to say because if God is God as the previous Abdul he said that Allah he said being is going to be I was long Allah he can say B is going to be so what it was the point of breathing into the vagina of Mary daya tell us no I tell ourselves the point what is the poetry what is the point if he is going to create him by saying B if the Samaritan Adam and Jesus is being a Nawaz but neither Adam neither Mary neither a Jesus neither any of us who was a created according to Islam by a and B nothing in his order created Islam by B Allah he took him two days to create the earth that for Liz to know yet if everything on top of the earth and then two days to create everything in the heaven and the stars yes the B indicates the beginning of the stateís okay no there is no beginning and there's no beginning my friend is no beginning because the B will make you exist not beginning to exist so yes a lot not to create the blood by saying B mod all of nothing in the earth by saying a short show me my much much mad my friend my friend don't don't give me philosophy don't get don't give me felicity you're giving me face if you look like you're you are you are under the influence of the Hindus are you know okay so while you are saying to me the beginning and this is philosophy we are talking about religion not philosophy now when the God of Islam my friend I tried it but my friend that loss document says does the Quran say as we we breathe into her vagina yes or no does it say that I don't know hmm reading - we can we can find we can find that in many verses in the Quran as an example chapter 21 verse number 91 all right okay Larry so the Quran says clearly that Allah he buried and to Mary about China and you know he made her Britain it by that breathing not by saying B so I why he saying okay we created Adam the same as Jesus by breathing that will be accurate according to horn but saying be and he was that a stupid example because he did not say be and never was by saying be same as Adam like if you go in the Quran it says that were Colonel in Sanwa doula well Colonel Insano a doula okay what does that mean a doula that mean that the human being was in ever hass t okay what does that mean if we go and see the interpretation you will find this is a chapter 17 verse number 11 you will find that the human being when Allah was creating him Adam and that the story of Adam Adam said to Allah finish me before the sunset you know the story right and lo it stayed there okay let me let me show you 17:11 this is ebony can see here the favorite I'm doing for the Muslims oh the website is not working totally alright let's see so after 17 where's number illusion right it says the file cannot be found you know it let's try again not it's not working I don't know why let me click at the page from the beginning again let us see No start walking anyway you can see the story where it says that when Allah he breathed into Adam let us see if in this website maybe we can get the story here from the front 17 and this one doesn't give us yeah it doesn't give us the details in here but in evening kathiria we see the details that when allah he breathed into Adam Adam when he when when after Allah he breathe into him he tried to open his eyes and before his soul reach to his limbs he sneeze he said achoo so Allah he said to him bless you and then Adam he said alhamdulillah Adam is born he speak Arabic yeah do you really believe in this garbage that Adam he is born he speak Arabic reading I mean isn't is it obvious that this is really stupid I mean how you can't believe in such a madness Adam he speak Arabic right away he said alhamdulillah and then Allah he said to him may your Lord bless you if Allah is his Lord how he said to him a liar god bless you unbelievable and then before the soul of Adam reached to his limbs which mean to his feet supposedly he wanted to stand up he could not so he said to Allah Allah please finished me before the sunset how in the word Adam he knew that the Sun is going to say it he is just it is not it is in the process of making so when that abdul he says that allah he gave adam he he created Adam same as Jesus by saying B that is the most stupid argument Allah he came with and Muhammad came with because neither Adam neither Jesus was a created by saying be correct in a sense that be any become a grown up man no they are not created like that let me ask you I want to give you a chance other one I criticizes now I want to give you a chance to prove to me Islam is coming from the true God as a Muslim what you want to do to me I mean what is the most strong argument you Muslims have for us to prove Islam to be a true religion probably the concept of God what is the concept of God where we can find the concept of God in Islam there are a class I love someone who didn't say some other it says Allah who I had yeah it's not doesn't say Allahu someone no let me ask you what are having what I had mean one that's not true I had mean one off so how Allah he says that he is one off that is a mistake you can go right now I can't lie for you the word I had in the Quran and you will find that the world I had always come as one of never as one here we go I would type the word I had in front of you in the screen I want you to look with me you can't copy take another shot he will go oh uh okay how do I look all those verses you mean I had you see the word I had I had all of those are ahead okay if we search now for the word ahead we will find the Quran always any choose for me any worse you want have the word all those verses have a HUD choose any of them and you will see that always the word I had come as one off but in the tent and cool Halawa had that is a wrong verse in order to be one of ten month be one of what one of God right okay let me ask you let me ask you if there is any other Creators in islam create your what do you define as a creator well the one who created Adam is Allah right yes okay if there's any other creators beside Allah who created the human beings human beings if Allah give anyone the power to create then he might be able to be oth okay that's a good a good answer who is the one Allah gave him the ability to create beside him I think did have given okay so now we have all creators we have Allah and Jesus but this creator was difficult given the part but Allah has his own power but no problem but Jesus now he became a creator correct ah you can say that okay proper bird okay Jesus he can create a human being can here resurrect a human being from death - yes he was given the power deserve these are called Madelia but is it the Quran said that only Allah can resurrect people from death because the one who created it the first time I think it phrase that okay in chapter 36 verse number 77 and 78 it says and 78 79 they said say okay who is the one who can make people come back to life who was the one did the human being forgot who at the origin of the creation say is who can give life to the dry bones do you see the the verse my friend in the in the screen after number work huh this is chapter 36 verse number 78 78 and he makes comparison for us and forgets his own origin and creation he says who can give life to dry bones and decomposed one at that so who can employ that I see the answer although he answer say say Allah saying to Muhammad saying he will give them life who created them from the first time only that person can bring life back to this one who created them first time is that new news are correct yes well if Jesus can resurrect you from death that's mean he is the one who created your first time because it's what the first nine the verse saying I had the one who can create you he can bring you back to life is the one who created your first time but this power of D theta given by someone else my friend there's a matter listen listen if the Quran confirm that the one who can bring you back to life is the one who created your first time that's me and Jesus is the one who create the first time the Quran did not say and Jesus Christ can do that no the Quran saying that the one who created your first time is the one who can bring you back to life there's no other option do you see other options there because I think if you study law there will be some love that it is plain laws and in other logic find some stipulations because Quran is a whole book no problem we are not saying it's not a whole book but the Quran confirm in every verse on the floor that the one who bring you back to life is the one who created you first time do you see anywhere in the Quran it says that the one who creates someone back from death is different from the one who created your first time no the Quran comes from that in many places so if this is if Jesus he can bring you back today from death to life that's mean this is a contradiction unless Jesus himself is your God my friend you can tell this is the contradiction but to me it is not a prediction to me okay why first of all what is the logic that Allah he gave his power now because now we discovered that Jesus have two power the power of a creation a human being from nothing and the power of a creator of a creation you from dust again when you are dead and bones why Jesus can do that are you there don't you listen okay now I hear you so what is the reason Jesus was the ability to create you and the ability to resurrect you I can I cannot tell you the reason but I can tell you that he was given this power I cannot you have approved that he was giving what is the rule what is the proof that Jesus was given from a law such a power I can say I gave Jesus the power you can say that too it is any proof that Allah can do even what Jesus did did Allah did to Muhammad any miracle in his time miracle hmm why Allah cannot do what Jesus can do here we go the Quran confirm that Jesus can resurrect you Jesus can create you okay so why Allah cannot do what Jesus do we have approved that Jesus did even the Quran witness for that Muhammad witness for that unless he's a liar now can Muhammad witness for us that his God Allah did create anything yes where how show me what is the miracle of what is the miracle of Allah happened during the time of Muhammad where he can create anything by the way you are touching the mic and you are losing the sound don't touch it please now I hear you go ahead I did not say that this is our own saying but what is the proof I can say I created Adam - you see in order to in order to say a miracle and to claim a miracle you have to have witnesses have you ever heard even a crime you do this is even marriage we do need witnesses when you get marry as a Muslim you need two witnesses correct yeah okay so everything even if you take money you borrow money the quran says you have to have witnesses torquey if we if we have if we need to have witnesses in a city stuff which is about money shouldn't we have witnesses about God who is the one who witness to your God that he was able to do any miracle nobody my friend don't touch the microphone when he will touch the microphone you are making a bad noise I'm losing you are you there [Music] are you there fix your microphone Courtney Pathak's fine are you there okay so do you have any proof that Allah can create anything I know I will give you I will give you a clear proof that Allah can do nothing as an example you know the story when the angel came to Muhammad and he told him what Allah told him right about when he came to him to the king what Allah he said to Muhammad in the cave did he say to him read yes recite a alright okay he said to him read a three time why Muhammad was not able to read if Allah is God Jesus said to the blind man see he saw he said to the man who cannot walk walk he walk why Allah cannot do what Jesus does Allah said to Muhammad and three time read and still Muhammad cannot read how does happen because it was not Allah saying that because remember in the debride he is just bringing the word of allah not to his world is not him who's saying read debride is just carrying the word of allah do you agree all right if he cannot read but then why he could understand that he is saying read no he did not understand anything that the entered he squeezed him a three time and there is no catch of no my units coming now so the angel because Muhammad is being ignorant obviously and he don't understand him so the angel he said to him read which Allah he command him to say to him read and Muhammad says read what like I know and the most and they say no this mean he cannot read okay so why Mohammed saying to him I cannot read and the engines just to say to him read what is the point if he will not make a miracle here we go Muhammad cannot read and then I squeezed him again and I said to him read and then he said I cannot read and then I squeezed him again and I say read and then he said I cannot read and then I squeezed him again and I say read and he say I don't really know how to read so what the point of this drama why Jesus say to the blind man see he saw he said to the one who cannot walk walk he walk why Allah said to Muhammad read the three times still is not working I don't know the reason the reason because this is a false god because of God he said to her don't carry it even if it's a donkey will read don't you agree with me if God he said to a camel be he was wrong okay so how Allah he said to Muhammad the three time read after three squeezing still Muhammad you have no idea what's going on I don't know the reason naturally let me tell you what every reason because obviously is a fabricated story because there's no way God he cannot explain to his a prophet what he meant at least at least obviously Mohammed he don't even know what's happening and why Allah can't explain himself he will go he speak it to my mother my mother dog get it why Allah is making an order that the Abdul before you who called me he said Allah if you want to say something to happen he say B is going to be here we go he said me he said read three time and yet Muhammad the poor guy he cannot read a few story for him I liked when I was I called you to ask Christian no problem but before you ask me about Christianity what do you think about this foolish nation Islam do you agree that this is stupid the story is a stupid what do you think I think I have some lack of understanding in these days no but I mean the story here about about about about Mohammed he cannot read don't you think it's a story is stupid because there's no way that God you say to a man read the three time and still he will not be able to read because God has yo Quran says if you want something to happen he say B is going to be and here we go he said to him read the three times I understand what happened mother you have no idea he went to his wife he said to her cover me cover me you know and he started shaking and breaking and going crazy and freak out so why Allah could not even explain himself to Mohammed what do you think he don't know the ID don't you agree would we be honest don't you agree that stupid here the story here is a stupid I think many the stories in the habit and way Muslims feel that we cut is for her story I didn't mean with argument of Muslim and the most and they say this is a very authentic I think that the whole point is very stupid that this additive okay thank you very much so we agree that the story here in the highest at least is a stupid what about the Quran because the Quran says that story Allah he said to Muhammad in the Quran read is it Allah who said to him read in the Huon are you going to say now the Quran is false Allah didn't tell him to be because no my friend the Quran is saying clearly and actually many places say it to him that Allah has said to him read you know so how we say that Allah how we say the story in the hadith is false when the firaon confirm the same story saying that Allah he said to him read Allah read or there are something written Darrell brought what I think did I probably brought some written materials to Muhammad in the kale no problem okay we'll go would you would use a theory guys agreed he brought him some material material how we stupid it is from God to stand Muhammad written material but Muhammad cannot read you just confirmed to me I'm not insulting you by the way you sound like a nice guy gentlemen but you just confirm to me that your God is a stupid because here we go you bring me a letter and I cannot read and you said to me read so is the stupid here either you are going to do make a miracle of me I cannot read and you say to me read and suddenly I am a person who can read or it's just cheaper to say to me you read and you give me a letter but I can't read like you're saying if someone is a known a little illiterate person it is stupid to bring something written material right because they don't although he knew that Mohammed is illiterate what do you think he knew right of course okay so how he bring the minitor to read but Mohammed cannot read so what the point yeah okay if Jesus my friend let my friend if Jesus said to the blind man look at me and the blind man is applied he would say like what I'm blind what are you talking about so if Jesus said to him look at me if he is God should make him be able to see right because there's no point to say to a blind man look do you agree yes it's me that cool off okay that's that stupid actually to say to him look at me but the guy is blind and you know is applied and supposed to your God but look Jesus he made the blind see he made the one who cannot walk like when Jesus said to the man he cannot walk who is sitting down in the ground when he said to him carry your bed and walk the guy should say to him like what are they talking about how I can walk he did not do that he carried a bit and walk here we go we have Jesus who is the god of the Christian he say to the man who is a blind see he saw he said to the man who cannot walk walk he walk and we have the God of Islam who he knew supposedly that Muhammad cannot read read and he gave him as you said written material to read and his tell Muhammad cannot read so who is the false God here I think I have a lot to learn and understand before the daddy but my friend we have to be honest here I mean come on it clear for you be honest with me it's really clear that there is something fishy here in the story yeah there is something fishy because thank you very much you're good there was something fishy so as long there is something fishy that's me Muhammad is a fishy prophet he cannot be a prophet this is story it must be fabricated there is no way Mohammed II receive an order from his God to read and yet he cannot read for this is against the nature of God because of God he say being is going to being as the Quran said that said Allah said rememory read if you see if God if God he said let us say there's a there's a 1 billion a human being army with heavy arms and he said to you you will be victorious do you think he will be victorious or not against them sorry I cannot tell you if I am fighting now let us say all of the country of a china is going to shoot at me they have missiles they have bombs and God said to me hey Christian press I will be I will give you victory do you think God would keep his promise because he's Almighty God of course ok here we go so if God is God then it doesn't matter really how how difficult the issue is what God he say is going to accomplish Allah he said to Muhammad read and he still Muhammad cannot read isn't it obvious that one doctor won't confirm that in the front of us their cry bismi rabbika alladhi follow dr. abyss never be called a hollow read in the name of your lord who create ok the guy ok ok I can't read and then he squeezed him a game read I can't read so the wrong confirm the story the Hadees confirm the story but it confirmed in the same time according to you Muslims that Muhammad country what do you think my friend are you willing to leave Islam actually have a lot of doubt in Minister is in Islam but I am to ask something I will tell you about Christianity but come on let us first confirm that Islam is not good for you no more obviously it stupid religious cult because actually I think I'm an obese in Islam Islamic education I ought to learn okay I am more than you read more about I will be happy to help you always watch my videos but obviously if one if we discover one lie the rest is a lie God is not a liar correct oh okay hey this is a lie this is can't be God this is Quran God cannot be a liar this is a lie the same as in the Quran says that God he created their man from the sperm of the wind and the man came in from the backbone and the sperm of the women came in from the rips let's strip it this is God be God the same as the God he said that he created you from a sperm-drop of semen and then the drop of semen became a congealed blood that is a lie a human being will not go through any of those processes there is no where is it each claim that a lying my friend a lie this is a big fat lie I challenge any Muslim who have who claim that this is a miracle to call me here we go I'm live on air I have 1000 almost 200 people watching who dare to call me and say this is a dis is a miracle that is the opposite because when the quran says that allah created you from Allah Allah he just he just you know approved all that he's a false God because Allah is a country the blood did the blood oh how what kind of God he's saying at the human being he created you from a congealed blood that's stupid how that can be who in the world on I believe in such a thing which is a translation you like my friend more I don't have defense i read okay yeah but you see all the translations say is that he was created from kanji the blood how god can say such a stupid thing this is God be God I stupid very simple you know you can go right now and check in any any scientific website is not a Christian website you know any just science you know this is stupid then we made a not far into a clot there's not far no not far is not it's a drop of semen that's mean millions of semen they became a clot of congealed blood how such a mistake can be happen the semen would transform into a congealed blood and that will be the baby no semen and there's no egg you see the from only speak about about something else maybe baby and the women they come together and Mohammed he explained it that the man have a sperm coming from the backbone this is in chapter 86 verse number 7 and the women have a sperm coming from her ribs and look specifically the location of the necklace and I can show you that even Mohammed explained that in the hadith Muhammad in the hadith he said the messenger of allah said that the man water is thick and white and the women water is thin and yellow and which of them comes first that child will resemble the parent wish me would be a boy or a girl do you agree with this chapati that if a man have autofill okay so you're smarter than this my friend how we can believe in such a garbage this is science they lied they lied to people you know we are here to get me busted I am live on air every day and I are looking happy for we strong my friend this is this is Asahi vada this is Asahi hadith this is Asahi how did you see it it says sorry I I know I believe that all the so he and our other to my friend we this is gone this is gone to before Quran chapter 86 first seven this is not only hadith okay we got let us throw the head to the garbage what about the Quran the Quran says that and we showed you the other verses too is speaking about Allah he made you from a sperm into a congee the blood so this is a stupid thing to say it's not it's not like it's not the one mister it's all over the Quran Quran is a book of mistakes it's a chain of mistakes English mistakes how God he's saying that you are created from a gash in fluid coming from between the backbone of the man and the ribs of the women this is garbage base in the Quran with my respect to you and your wife or if your family Muslim women they have a breast in the testicles the hottest occurs and they're in their chest in the location of the necklaces specifically this is what the water I admit arrived is not only the ribs the rib is the location of the necklace specifically for women so Allah created you from a Gaussian fluid coming from between the backbone of the man and the ribs of the women saw the gushing fluid coming from to source the backbone of the man and the ribs of the women which is the location in the case do you believe in this garbage this is gone now what you will do no I don't believe that ok so here we go say I'm out of Islam you don't believe in the Quran that's wonderful so say I am how tough it's not my friend but if it saves that scene in Hongkong the backbone okay here we go at your front of you the soup wrong this is wrong my friend this is it hang up feel even a bath forget about FC or even Arabic it says there is erosion when brain is still built arrive at arrive you can go and check now Rajib is the location of the necklace at the women arabic language is very rich they named part of the bones so the location where the two ribs in the top where the location of the necklace meet that is called thyroid and they call it that name for the vivo so here we go what do you want more leaves now my friend I think I got me more about you just say that you just say this is stupid you just admitted that this is cheap and so what you do is actually if they're my friend here we go in front of everybody do you think really all the Muslim scholars they misunderstood do you think the Muslim scholars who don't speak Arabic all of them they get it wrong all the scars they say that this is about the backbone of the man and the ribs are the women let me ask you a question which is color you like me to show you me more I don't have when I say anyone you wish that's mean I am very sure correct because you might have someone maybe say the opposite but all of them to agree that this is here we go this is a gelling we change a bus ABI bus is the cousin of Muhammad this is a very early Muslim scholar the earliest actually but this isn't generally in issuing from between the loins of the man by the way this is a long instance backbone of the man and the breast bones of the women forget about in the obverse we can go to the Arabic that because here we have let us go - Emma Cathy let's see if Emma kathiria is working now the destroying what is this number and chapter number chapter 86 verse number seven okay chapter 86 ATP ATP mark number seven this is a bigger thing here we go it's working now it says he created you from gushing forth fluid gushing water gushing forth meaning the sexual fluids to the Ferrari claim that women have agony he utter chapter 86 Bob months five to seven is a short channel a man upward from what he was created he was created how well did you really know what you reach for me I will be back in a second get some water please okay you can go how I hear you yeah so let man observe from what he was created he was created from a fluid ejected emerging from between the backbone and the ribs indeed allah to return him is able the day when secrets will be put on trial yeah it is saying imagine come between the backbone and the ribs what does it mean from between from between means what alright are you there yes okay so did you see it you're smudging on beating the backboard back bones and that is from between odd does it mean by from between it's between that because it is 2% the man and the women so between the man and the women the backbone of the man and the rib so the women this what would be mean between what there's a there's a man and there's a women do you see it nigga theory we got proceeding from between the word between here mean what the backbone and the ribs okay meaning the backbone of the man and the ribs of the women do you see it and here ladies and he say and here it says which is referring to her chest with the fair in the actual path Quran running path not up fear does it my friend we are interfere because to show you that this is what it's meant I'm not I don't care really foot of sear but those are people who speak Arabic very well and those are the one who defend Islam it maketh ear he don't he never explained the Quran by the way he is the feeling this time because here all his book because every can see he live in Syria so he founded by Christians who they always expose his term and see and she can say how stupid it is so because here he made his book based on the accusation trying to defend it so and look this is after defending look what he came came with he could not hide it so taurah i mean real mean this is what the ripe there are in arabic meaning the following referring to hairy chest and in fact in arabic it doesn't say only that it says the location of the necklace all right so it's very clear the backbone of the man and the ribs of the women I II the fluid is yellow the fluid of the women is yellow and fine how I can how he's able to tell all the details very simple very simple because the water are hip is only for the bones of the ribs where the location of the necklace only for women we don't say too ripe we don't say it arrived for the location of necklace of a man because he don't wear necklace so here is the tribe will provide to us this is speaking about what a soul is only only for the man this is why they say means will be a be close via B image mean the backbone of his if his father because Mohammed is copying what era before him believe they believe that the person is coming from the backbone of the man why because when men have too much sex he feel that he have like a weakness in that area but but this is stupid so but because they because of that false belief the Mohammed he came with the conclusion as the Arab they believed before him that the baby the man his sperm coming from there and the women she have a sperm coming from her ribs so my friend what you would do now you want to stay as a Mustang come on I mean it's very clear is there any happy explaining this sure no problem tones of hadith no problem let us start with this one here we go Mohammed dr. Mohammed we have a clinic and people they come to ask him questions about six The Messenger of Allah said the man's water is thick and white and the women water is thin in yellow whichever of them come first the baby resembled the parents so Mohammed he explained have to let default this is absolutely false not only that I'll show you more this is just a beginning okay this sahih hadith a mousseline she asked the master of Allah about the women who see a dream and look how filthy I mean with no shame a woman she is coming to Muhammad saying she was touching her vagina and she have orgasms yeah I ever think how can that woman Muhammad is sort of sexy doctor sexy doctor dr. Phil so who sees a Muslim she said to Muhammad asking allow a method of Allah about a woman who sees in her dream something like which menses so she is mr. Beatty in dreaming about men doing bang bang to her The Messenger of Allah said if she sees that he and has a discharge discharge then let her perform bath o Musa Lama and this is the wife of muhammad said o Messenger of Allah does really that happen by the way o mu cinema do you know so Moosa Lama no this is the wife of muhammad o Musa Lama she never have orgasm because she is asking Muhammad really she woman she have discharged that's mean Muhammad never never never made his wife have orgasm this is how good he is in sex his wife she's like what really women they have orgasm what are you serious I look what Muhammad said yes the water of the man is thick and white and the water of the women is thin in yellow which other of them come first the child resemble depends do you see it yeah it is false it's false your prophet is false my friend leave Islam come on be a man be the man who to make a decision yeah if the stories are true then of course made-up story okay by the way how other people who reported this story because oh this is a Muslim otherwise I am the wife of muhammad and now you see it's I here do you see it says sorry sorry okay but these are personal stories it's can should not be distributed it as a book my friends a friend who care about the are personal or not they dispute them and they are there and they expose Muhammad so now it's your decision after all what you saw really you want to stay as a Muslim I think if these dollar then okay so say it do I need to say why not why not because I wanna I want to see that you made a smooth intelligent decision I mean I I'm wasting my time with my friend would you know I'm explaining to you because I just I want to talk open my mouth no I have a target and the target is to share the truth and I want to see my price is even high one who double take after friend here we go doubling does this a hadith so here in the front of you or not this is this is Sunnah that come my friend is this is not a Christian calm do you see it this is right okay so how we can double check more than this what you would do what extra you can do you will go to Dharma for Hamid no that's it this is a hadith written by the Muslims approved by the Lord's name Muslims and it's authentic so what we can do more - I asked six this is the shake this is this is a this is a this an evening measure we can show it to you from al-bukhari this is the biggest shake what shake those are the real shake not the one like zakir naik and the potato those are the big ones I connect he read their books to speak about Islam what shake don't you see my friend here we go this is a Muslim okay anis give me Malik this is one of the computer of Mohammed reported about a mosque a mousseline narrated that she asked Allah messenger about women who sees a dream what man sees sexual dream The Messenger of Allah said in case women sees that she must take a bath hello Christian p.m. actually my faith in Islam is strong Adam because I believe Muhammad of a very generous man and very kind and and but I also heard from some Christian that we are very ruthless man is that true I understand what you said can you repeat again my state of in Islam is strong because I believe Muhammad was a very kind and generous okay Muhammad was very generous man are you sure yes that's a good one my friend Muhammad he was the biggest criminal ever let me ask you a question starting with Muhammad personal life do you think it's a nice gentleman he will have sex with a child no okay how Muhammad he at the age of 54 he thought for a second to marry her at the age of six what will make a man at the age of 54 I don't know what how old are you my friend what will make you in such a age think to have a sexual attention just to think about it of a child at the age of six and this is sahih al-bukhari and the society what do you think is that an behavior of a gentleman if a man come to your house I wanted to be honest and he is 54 years old and he said to you I like your daughter she is hot I want to marry her what you will do be honest what I will do yeah what you would do you would say you're jittery welcome no I don't okay but you what you think about him he was thinking what he's a scumbag he is a perverted man what you would be honest with earth not work yeah so he's not a gentleman he's not a good man because you see in order to think just to think about a child in a sexual way that is proof that I am NOT a good man you do not need tons of proofs that's it a man he's a prophet of God already he is married he have wives so why he is thinking about even a child what about okay the tribe is full of women there's women women they have a breast they have legs they have otherwise described but I'm talking if he is if he is a crazy about sex that's ok no problem go toward a woman even even even dogs don't have sex with little puppies they sniff them they began they can sniff the female if she is really in on Mohammed let him be the same as a dog sniffed her she is a child she is a 6 years old she have no breasts she have no bomb she have no legs you have nothing she is just a baby so what will make a man think about a child to be his wife unless he is mentally ill and he is perverted yeah not good so is Muhammad is still a gentleman for you I'm confused brother my friend come on be honest with yourself because I fear him a lot when I go outside I see vehicles and I thought if I die what will happen to me you're afraid they will kill you if I pronounce my appropriate don't be what we're not when I have a suspect but I understand that already [Music] you know who I am inside you know you can do you can see that [Music] you know we're you can do you know [Music] you [Music]