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Miguel Arteta has been in charge of Arsenal for just four matches and yet the tactics he is instilling into the players are already clear to see let's get straight into it since taking over as the Arsenal boss Arteta has generally employed a 4-2-3-1 shape Leno lines up as the goalkeeper in front of him Collison AK appears the favoured choice on the left when injuries aren't the concern and the 22 year old Maitland Niles on the right in the center of defense the most consistent starter has been David Luiz haven't begun every match so far under the Spaniard alongside him many would argue that chambers could provide the most solid defensive partner but due to a recently sustained injury attenti has instead looked to Socrates in front of the defense is the importance double-pivot well Gwen doozie has been in the mix for this position it is granite Shaka and Lucas to era that appear the favored choices in the attacking for three players appear to have their places nailed down Bama yang on the left Herzl in the middle and lack a set as this central forward on the right there has been rotation between Rhys Nelson and Nicola Pepe but Pepe appears the more likely choice in the long term especially considering his current form during the build-up phase this 4-2-3-1 shape generally shifts to a three to four one with granite Shaka dropping into the back three and the fullback pushing higher up the pitch [Music] in the fence arsenal will drop into a compact for for two or four for one one shape previously I spoke about how Arteta could line up arsenal using tactical inspiration from his time with pep guardiola let's now take a look at the similarities and differences that we can already see the modern-day fullback generally pushes high up the pitch and remains wide at City however the full-backs often drifted century and remained Aoife in the pitch these are known as inverted fullbacks and are a favorite of pep in Arsenal's recent matches we can see Maitland nails in the right back position already performing the inverted fullback role as Arsenal look to build up in their three to four one shape class an AK on the right however moves much further up the pitch and remains wide operating in the mold of a modern-day fullback not an inverted fullback while Guardiola has played matches with one inverted fullback and one attacking fall back most commonly Benjamin Mende being the attacking fallback it generally isn't his preferred method therefore it will be interesting to see whether this is a tactical tweak introduced by Arteta for the long term or simply an adaptation to suit the Arsenal players in the current squad in the attacking phase Guardiola's Man City attacked with 5/4 as can be seen here in their recent match against Sheffield United Funai Emery's Arsenal however generally weren't brave enough to consistently commit so many men to the attack under Arteta though this has already changed as we can see here in their recent victory over Manchester United another similarity that is beginning to stand out is both Guardiola's and our tetiz desire to attack the half-spaces the area seen here between the opposition's central defenders and fullbacks in this example form an city Kevin de Bruyne who plays a short pass to the winger and darts into the empty position left by the fullback a quick one - and the broiler is in behind the Burnley defense a dangerous cross and a goal almost follows here Arsenal are looking to use the same tactic to exploit Man United's defense clatter knock receives the ball in the half space from the Bamiyan he powers to the byline and pulls the ball back Pepe waiting in the middle happily collects the ball puts it in the back of the net and gives his side an early lead to recap we can already see Arteta implementing several styles of play the Guardiola has used for many years the introduction of an inverted fullback the bravery to commit five forwards to the attack and the exploitation of the opposing teams half-spaces however perhaps the single biggest overlap is the use of the high press and intense energy Guardiola's Man City press hi and create intense pressure for the Opposition in their own half the goal is to win the ball back as quickly as possible and in a dangerous position thus catching the opposing team out of shape under emery Arsenal often attempted to press but looked disjointed doing so often pressing as individuals rather than as a team as a results they would commonly leave large spaces for the opposition to play into and break the Arsenal press art Etta's Arsenal are already beginning to press teams as a unit here we can see the forwards pressing United's goalie Herzl is covering Fred Pepe is sprinting to cut off the passing lane to Luke Shaw and lacA zet is attempting to cut off both passing lanes to Maguire and Linda law in this example United were able to narrowly play through this initial price but this tactic consistently disturbed their build up played during the match and was a key factor of why Arsenal walked away as victors before we move on to discuss Arsenal's key players and how method herzl particularly looks like a transformed man I'd like to take a quick moment to welcome you to the channel here on the 12th man I discussed the tactics of football breaking down how teams play and analyzing the big fixtures no major spiel simply if you liked this video hit subscribe now before you forget later on and turn on notifications for regular videos just like this thank you for taking the time to listen now let's get back to the video it would be a miss to discuss how Arteta is transforming Arsenal without highlighting the transformation of three key players Lukas Torah Granite Shaka and of course message Herzl as noted in my previous video Tarara is a player that Arsenal fans have been desperate to see more of and in particular in his correct position on the Arteta he has shifted back into a more defensive role in front of the back for typically playing alongside granite Xhaka here his defensive instincts and ability to play as a double pivot have excelled early in the season granite shocker infamously had a public falling-out with the fans his departure from Arsenal looked almost certain then Arteta took over since the Spaniard landed the job Xhaka has been a consistent starter and regained his form in the build-up play it is often jacker who drops into the defense to provide extra cover as the full-back pushes higher up the pitch his passing from this position along with further up the pitch have excelled in the past few games here we see the ball bouncing near shaka without even taking the ball under control he fires an exquisite pass into lucky' set and sets up the next attack there are many Arsenal fans who previously wanted him out of the club that have flipped their opinions based on recent form but the key question still remains will he be at Arsenal at the end of this transfer window or is the damage already done with the bookies having him slightly odds-on to join Hertha Berlin in January we will have to wait and see while Terra and Xhaka have both been players transformed the biggest change of all must go to message ercel in my previous video I discussed how Arteta would likely look to implement a high pressing style similar to Guardiola so far this appears correct however I also added the ersal a famously lazy player may not suit this high-energy style boy have I been wrong against Man United özil covered more distance and regained possession more times than any other Arsenal player but most impressively he covered more distance in this match than he has in any game over the last two years to say that Arteta has got herzl running again would be a huge understatement [Music] since mikela tetiz appointment Arsenal looked like a new team they pressed high up the pitch the defense looks more solid and they've begun working together as a unit however they are nowhere near the finished article playing a high energy pressing style of football is physically draining on the players against Chelsea Arsenal also started brightly but faded later in the match as their fitness levels simply aren't yet up to scratch this must improve with time Arteta must also win over the trust of the players after their recent FA Cup tie with Leeds lack a set is quoted as saying the manager shouted a lot he was not happy because we knew they play like this and we didn't respect what he had set for the team to truly work as one they must have full belief in the manager which does take time after attaches positive start Arsenal fans are cautiously optimistic comment below how you think Arteta is doing so far and which positions he should try to strengthen in the January transfer window if you've enjoyed this video and want to see more tactical breakdowns in the future click the subscribe button and turn on notifications so you'll know when future uploads are out thank you for watching