Ask A Speech Coach when to pronounce the letter G June 2018 Easy English NEWS


Elizabeth Claire


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ask a speech coach dear jeans Erna my teacher says I should pronounce the G in anger and hunger but not in sing or singer can you tell me why Marty dear Marty the English language has 44 sounds but the English alphabet has only 26 letters this means that some letters might represent more than one sound English has three nasal sounds hmm our alphabet doesn't have a letter for the sound hmm so we spell words with a sound hmm using the letters and G as in song thing doing running other English words have the sound mm followed by a good sound nigga we spell those words also with the letters ng jingle hunger thus the letters ng can represent either as in thing no good sound or own as in finger pop G to make the sound of the e as in sing let the back of your tongue touch the top of your mouth block the flow there so no air gets out of your mouth let air out through your nose let your vocal cords vibrate leave your lips open feel the sound resonate in the nasal cavity for the sound of hug as in finger you can feel the resonance in your nasal cavity but let the gut out in a little puff of air through the mouth when you should not pronounce the G a in any words that end in ng sing Qing strong lung among wrong ring thing bring nothing helping doing thinking working playing B don't pronounce the G in tongue also note that the UE is silent tongue C be careful not to pronounce the G at the end of a word if the next word begins with a vowel King Arthur is not king Garth er this error is sometimes called an ng-click try to avoid it practice sentences silent G King Arthur is praying in the church cutting strong onions makes me cry among all the animals I like the young elephants best I'm going over to Long Island boys are coming over this evening at 8 o'clock certain suffixes with silent G when nouns and verbs that end in ng have the suffixes and II D or s do not pronounce the letter G the singers longed for some good songs some kings do things without thinking when you should pronounce the G D where ng is in the middle of a word and the following letters are not a suffix let the G pop out anger angry finger hunger hungry England English jingle jungle bungalow kangaroo the baby kangaroo was hungry the angry kitten bit my finger I lived in an English bungalow the bells jingled and jangled when adjectives that end in ng have the suffix ER or essed let the G pop out stronger longer youngest winter is much longer in Maine than in Virginia the youngest daughter was the strongest in the family