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this week on beacon web news Robert weary has all the happenings for Valentine's Day weekend May Craig sat down with biology professor Jerry smoky as he celebrates teaching at MC Lane for 50 years fell in love with biology when I first took it in car lusco gives us all the updates on the BT parking lot that's all coming up next on Beacon web news [Music] hello and welcome to the February twelfth episode of beacon web news I'm sim care are you ready to get your school spirit on starting on February 14th MC la will be starting spirit Friday so don't forget to show your Trailblazer pride and support by wearing MC la colors or your favorite MC lee t-shirt every friday in the spirit of Valentine's Day and Black History Month the African Student Association will be hosting a spoken word poetry night at Gallery 51 February 14th from 7 to 9 p.m. the gaming Alliance is hosting a pokemon go event to battle your friends in sullivan lounge on february 13th from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. pizza and snacks will be provided on this week's episode of weary weekly entertainment news robert weary discusses the special events going on for Valentine's Day including North Adams Winter Fest and a saxophonist playing at MASS MoCA over to you Robert thanks zim welcome to this week's episode of weary weekly entertainment news Valentine's Day and Presidents Day are both happening this week as a result there are many unique events going on in North Adams over the three-day break first the much anticipated North Adams Winter Fest will be taking place this annual winter gathering allows residents of North Adams to come out and celebrate wintertime and is one of them town's most popular events some of this year's featured activities include an ice carving contest artisan market chowder cook-off horse-drawn wagon rides and ice skating just to name a few this is an excellent opportunity to get out in the North Adams community the North Adams Winter Fest will be taking place on Saturday February 15th it will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. throughout downtown North Adams please note that parking will be limited next Jahlil saw and his band will be performing at MASS MoCA Salil is a saxophonist and bandleader known for his ability to bring his hometown of Philadelphia into his music his most recent album soundtrack of things to come came out in 2013 Salil saw will be performing at club beaten at MASS MoCA on Saturday February 15th the concert is scheduled to begin approximately at a p.m. student tickets for the concert are $15 visit MASS MoCA org to purchase your tickets ahead of time finally the major movie debuting at the North Adams Movie Plex in this week is the photograph this romantic dramedy tells the story of a woman attempting to recover from her mother's unexpected death which leads her into romantic adventures this is a great date night movie for Valentine's Day weekend photograph stars Issa Rae Lake gets Stanfield chelsea peretti and kingsley been a deer and is directed by stella maggie the photograph is scheduled to open on Friday February 14th times for this movie have not yet been finalized visit the movie plexes website for all future times this movie is rated pg-13 first brief sexual scenes and some language that ends this week's episode of weary weekly entertainment news I'll be back every week to discuss the many concerts our exhibits movies and more going on in North Adams and surrounding towns back over to you sim if you want to cheer on your MC la Trailblazers for an afternoon of basketball then go to the men's basketball game on Saturday February 15th at 1 p.m. in the Amsler Campus Center gym the team will be going head-to-head against Worcester the woman's game is right after at 3:30 p.m. and they also play Worcester on Saturday February 16th from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. join Norman Rockwell Museum in their Rockwell gallery talks which is located at 9-under Road Stockbridge Mass Friday meal plan starting February 21st on every Friday Aramark will be serving lunch for 6 dollars in the Centennial room from an 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. now is your chance to show your favorite YouTube video when the event hosted by the free library you must have a video submitted by February 21st for more information on how to submit go to MC la edu /library on Saturday TEDx was in the Berkshires and Beacon features editor at least man sir I was there over the weekend TEDx North Adams made their third visit to North Adams this year presenting nine different speakers we had the opportunity to speak with Aaron Auster who was the co-founder of a ok barbecue located in North Adams his talk highlighted hospitality and how a meal made with love can bring people together Auster grew up in a Jewish household where food was a big part of how his family communicated and was made with love he wanted to bring these same positive experiences into his own restaurant to ensure this he hired people who didn't need to have experience but just needed to be likeable and friendly they figured if they pulled enough people together who liked one another then it would be their responsibility to teach them how to cook Oscar Oscar said Oscar found it important to eliminate rules of hierarchy that are commonly found within the restaurant business and instead worked on being a team instead of creating a divide between the front of house in the back of house he decided that everyone was going to be paid the same amount and equally divided up the workload Oscar found communication to be essential to operating a healthy business between staff members but also between staff and customers he said he wanted people to have that connection where they felt connected he compared hospitality to a lost art even simple things such as smiling at people looking them in the eye are important from beacon for beacon web news I'm Lise Mansouri MC lays annual Student Leadership Conference is fast approaching this year marks the 25th edition of the event and will be taking place on Saturday February 22nd from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to register go to MCA edu slash student underscore life and click on the service leadership tab the registration fee has been waived for all MCA students MCA is presenting its annual global film series the first film being shown is the last black man in San Francisco this award-winning film tells the story of a young african-american man trying to reclaim his at home in San Francisco it will be shown on Monday February 24th at 6 p.m. in the Sullivan Lounge on Tuesday February 25th Holyoke mayor and congressional candidate Alex Morris will be hosting an organizing summit for his bid for Congress at this event Alex will be discussing his goals for the 2020 election and you will get the opportunity to meet fellow volunteers the event will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. the men's basketball team has an overall record of 14 to 7 and B WN s reporter Kara Fusco was able to ask what has made this season one of the best in recent years the basketball team had their first loss of the season in the conference this past weekend while playing Bridgewater State the game resulted in a score of 78 to 67 causing MC laid to fall to 6 and 1 in the conference while still suffering their first loss the basketball team is ready to continue their season and keep up their winnings I think one of the best parts for me and the most enjoyable parts of this year's team is that we get contributions from a lot of different people I think overall the team we have depth on the roster which we haven't had in recent years I think you know with the previous game we played Westfield that was the overtime game that we want Quentin hit the shot at the buzzer so I think it's pretty natural for us to have a letdown after that the loss that you're talking about is was against Bridgewater and I mean they're just they're real good team you know we just we came out kind of flat that day Bridgewater capitalize and it's a tough matchup for us so we love to compete we love to get out of run our weaknesses like sometimes we struggle getting back on transition with defense but that's something we'll definitely work on especially once playoffs coming one thing I want to say is like thank you for the support we always needed it we love when the fans just come out and show us love and that's from all the sports teams even the local staff the community we love it it just makes us even play harder and better the end all is always being to say that you've played your best basketball towards the end of the season so you know we had that nice winning streak we've had a couple hiccups along the way so we've got a sort of readjust and hopefully we can continue on our upward trends as the playoffs start in a couple weeks the Boston Bruins are hosting their 13th annual pajama drive from now until March 15 if you would like to help make sure every child in Massachusetts has pajamas you can drop off sizes ranging from babies to children to teens at the MCL a free library on February 26th the literary magazine spires will be accepting its 2020 open spring submissions anyone can submit pieces ranging from creative writing to fiction writing visual art photography graphic design poetry and lyrical essays and more written work must be submitted as a Word document and images and graphics must be high resolution submit to spires at MCA edu by March 8th 2020 all submissions will be reviewed an honesty and considered for publication for the 2020 journal a November's giving thanks reception MCA honored many faculty and staff who have been here 5 years or more but one name stood alone professor of biology dr. jerry cismoski who has been teaching at MC la for 50 years buena biden's made Craig heard some fun stories from him and his colleagues as they reminisced about his time here dr. jerry cismoski has been a biology professor here at MC la since 1969 yes I love bio since college I fell in love with biology when I first took it and I said oh it's interesting I liked it and biology just a lot of courses a lot of areas were of interest and I just followed my interest in my heart you might say blow up on Long Island okay I've got sister and a brother and that's where I went and then I went to school as an undergraduate to Appalachian State University North Carolina I got my PhD at the University of South Carolina then I came here I've had you know I got my kids my my daughter and my and my son and I got my grandchildren Jerry I've been working together we both been department chairs and I watched him over the years when they had a lot of brand-new faculty over there and he was the only senior person and he has led the development of the of the sciences as it is today actually liked it I liked small school I've always loved the students that's what makes me tick if you will students have been fantastic I have a good time I try to get as many laughs he's a well-respected professor a very talented man in the sciences and in a great colleague it's nice to have that that was a sense of camaraderie had years ago a lot of people that got together and here we are all this all this time later maaske said he said I'm silly because he enjoys working with the students m-seal I had been overwhelmingly fun to be with you know why because they generally are open-minded they could discuss controversial issues and to me that's one thing the college should be a chance to discuss different sides of controversial issues definitely been a huge factor in the department he's been the chair of the department previously and he's been a colleague for many of us since we started so he's been a mentor as some of us have come up in our careers my final question first maaske is when he plans to retire I don't know absolutely not I have no plan I get up every day I love what I'm doing and it gives me some feeling of purpose and I get to see my kids and my grandchildren you know all the time I can't go tomorrow because I got school on Monday but you know I got summers all this time to see him and I feel like I'm still contributing and I think it's it's a balance and I'm just gonna keep going until I wake up that day go what the hell am i doing and I'll leave for beacon web news I'm a Craig and here are your top stories from the latest edition of the beacon the parlour cafe recently received their liquor license customers of legal drinking age can now enjoy wine or beer award-winning photographer and Emmy nominated filmmaker John Stan mayor gave a lecture on February 10th about conflict prevention and resolution for the NCAA community the North Adams artists impact coalition will be having their quarterly North Berkshire artists meet up a chance for artists to come together to build connections identify issues that artists may experience and discuss opportunities or rez solutions available this event will be on Tuesday February 18th at 7 p.m. high low and North Adams will be hosting a comedy booked open mic event on Wednesday February 19th at 8 p.m. performers must sign up beforehand for more information on any of these stories you can pick up your copy of the beacon and many locations around campus or visit I stabbed her and hitting her with a hammer steel Knudson changed his plea to guilty in Berkshire Superior Court on January 23rd 2020 and has been sentenced to life in prison with a possibility of parole in 25 years starting February 23rd Massachusetts drivers will be hands-free the law will prohibit drivers from using electronic devices including cell phones unless an hands-free mode fines can be up to $500 for more information go to WWE and spree some parking spots in the Berkshire towers parking lot had been closed off due to damage to the wall Caro Fusco has more information on what is being done about this problem commuters have been recently frustrated due to the parking situation at Berkshire towers parking lot Lawrence Beeman tells us more about what administration will do to fix the problem as you know these are a retaining wall that kind of lines the parking lot up there and you know behind that is a very steep and enlarged hill that you know the wall kind of helps support there's about I want to say maybe seven eight months ago we noticed that there was some deterioration of that wall and then it actually started to crumble so some of the large boulders fell out and kind of were spilling into the parking lot this is primarily due to last winter we had some significant snowfall there was a lot of rain in the springtime so it kind of compromised some of the Hill in some of the some of some of the rock wall there with parking spots blocked off or possibly residents parking in the parking lot and not being ticketed there was never any room in the parking lot and it's honestly a really tight squeeze all those cars are really close together and I have almost hit cars so what we've been trying to do is trying to contain it as much as possible we it took us a while to get some quotes on repair because it's a relatively smaller job when you approach contractors who do that type of masonry and construction work you know this is a small job and they really don't you know it's kind of on the bottom of their list so it took us many many months to at least get some quotes to assess what it would cost for a permanent repair for that upwards of $100,000 administration's active plan is to continue to try to contain it and keep some parking spots blocked off so no one will park there students should expect a permanent repair when dry weather comes in the new school year begins if you're interested in a career in art therapy there will be a panel featuring alumni who are currently working in the fields On February 20th from 6 to 7 p.m. in Bowman Hall 203 there'll be pizza and the event is free and open to everyone the 23rd annual Winterfest celebration in downtown north adams will be held on Saturday February 15th starting at 9:00 a.m. if you're interested in participating in this year's chowder cook-off applications can be obtained by contacting the Office of Tourism and community community events at four one three six six four six one eight zero that's it for this week to stay up-to-date with vwn you can follow us on facebook at slash MCLA EWN thanks for watching and we'll see you next week [Music]