Beginner PHP Tutorial 2 Installing XAMPP Part 1

hi this is Alex from PHP academy' dorg and this is a PHP video tutorial for the new Boston now if you're just getting started with PHP and want to start developing you're going to need somewhere to test your code now you may have already purchased paid hosting and you may be able to upload PHP files check with your hosts to see if they allow PHP extensions 99% of paid and free hosting will allow you to run PHP on the server it is pretty much a must in most cases for most hosting companies so what happens if we want to test everything locally on our local computer it's fair enough us creating a PHP file and uploading it to a server but we want to quickly develop we want to develop quickly and easily on our local machine so what we can do is we can essentially turn our computer into a web server now it's highly unrealistic server because if it's not properly configured your PHP ini files not properly configured or anything else is not configured you're going to run into trouble so you're going to have some security issues there so bear in mind that everything I'm showing you is to setup a your opening another port on your computer so you're opening up port 80 on your computer which is going to allow people to access everything that you put into your htdocs folder if you don't know what I'm talking about that's fine I'm going to go ahead and explain to you what you should do in order to create or install this mini webserver onto your computer now I personally use xampp and the whole thing behind your web server and PHP is that you're going to be using apache and then PHP is a module if you like on top of Apache which allows you to compile in the background server-side because PHP is a server-side language it allows you to compile and PHP files and run them and display the contents of your actions in the browser so basically you need something like xampp or something like w amp I'm showing you double that W amp simply because you know if you're having problems with that example for any reason you want to use W app but I'm just going to show you that to say you to tell you that is available however I'm going to be dealing with xampp and xampp default directories things like that so if you'd like to follow along with this tutorial i'm going to be using xampp otherwise going install w amp and see if you can take anything from this tutorial away with you and in apply to w amp settings as well now the first thing you're going to need to do is obviously come to Apache friends org and you're going to come down here and you're going to say xampp for windows linux mac OS solaris anything any the obviously operating system that you are using so it's obviously free of charge we've got little screenshots here an easy installation the installation etc etc etc so you can download you can download this for Windows by just simply clicking xampp for windows and i'm going to be giving you the example here and running through for windows so i'm not going to be using linux mac OS or solaris i I'm going to be using windows in this case so once you've clicked the file or click this link you're going to come down and you're going to say download xampp here so when the installation here says method a installation within with the installer or without the install and we're going to choose xampp here and what that's going to do is we can click on installer so i'd highly recommend you install it with the installer we're going to click that and it's going to download so pretty simple stuff you're going to open this installation file and once you once it's downloaded so obviously it's hosted with SourceForge so you're going to save this file you're going to wait till that's download it's sixty three point two megabytes and as it stands for this version