Ben And Hollys Little Kingdom The Wand Factory Camping Out

oh isn't it a lovely morning yes nanny plum hi honey hi strawberry have you come to join us for one's practice yes I came to see if Holly wanted to play but now you could join us for one practice but I don't know where my wonders you're holding it so I am you know how much fun one practices now you can practice lifting rocks with magic do you want to play football we can't we have to do practice it's okay ones are very strong to break them don't be show him honey hit your one on that rock okay oh dear Holly strawbries husband's practice going not very well Holly's broken how wounds how did that happen I was waving it and she bashed it on a rock that wasn't very clever sorry nanny not to worry we'll just get it mended magic nanny oh no I can't mend it why not ones make magic but magic can't make ones it's like chickens and eggs chickens make eggs but eggs don't make chickens but eggs you make chickens whatever the important thing is I can't mend ones by magic so who can mend it the elves that made it they do everyone knows that oh very good making ones else don't use the ones honey they just make them on a rock ah [Applause] princess Holly what can I do for you Holly's broken her wand she bashed it on a rock I see not to worry we'll just mend it follow me we will make these hard hats we'll be taking the train oh hi everyone we're going deep down counting down level 500 the one factory it's the deepest level marriage once after 8:30 pantograph because wolves are magic and magic sure we built the one factory has deep underground as possible oh my tummy now what's wrong with your body it's break itself she bashed it on a rock yes yes but we need to find out exactly what's wrong with your bond the x-ray shows it needs a new stick and a cog service this way this is the stick house where we grow wooden sticks for ones but the stick for a wand must be specially grown and made from the right type of tree correct nanny plum the wood for my wand comes from a plum tree because I am nanny plum the wood for your wand Holly should come from a come from it must come from a strawberry tree let's see how that feels it just needs a little trim this stage of wonder repair is a mixture of woodwork and gardening now princess Holly we need to mend the head this is the hmm interesting that doesn't sound right [Music] not yet nanny plum Holly's one needs testing to the testing room the one testing room it is the safest place to do magic in the kingdom a special ring to do magic we don't want the magic leaking out and causing trouble where's the fun in that magic is not meant to be fun sensible magic is what we do here what's he doing magic spell lemonade we're going to test the wand by turning the lemonade into something else or a monster with a hundred eyes and three legs wait and see the lemonade has turned into water why would you want to do that that's not magic it's very sensible magic it's rubbish magic well what would you turn it into how about me you did magic outside the test rope oh it's a lemon I meant to turn it into a frog nanny pulled up my one's not working right it's rattling oh I see what you mean that doesn't sound right when did you last have this wand service ten years ago one should be serviced once a yard yeah try that yes that's much better Manny you turned the wise old elf into a frog so I did are you going to turn him back again oh I suppose I'll have to silly old elf at yourself very good your wand seems to be working perfectly don't wait ten years before getting it serviced again yes wise old ow sorry thank you for mending my wand wise old owl you're welcome princess Holly I promise to take special care of you from now on yes hi hi Holly are you ready to come camping yes please why have you brought an orange it's to scare off gnomes you know what they say just scare off a gnome bring an orange from home what's wrong with gnomes oh you don't want to bring your gnome on a camping trip they talk and talk and talk and talk yes gnomes are just like elves absolutely not gnomes are greedy boring creatures who talk and talk and talk and look at the time we really should be going [Music] here's the timetable one set up camp to hang up washing three make a campfire for that all day try to relax mr. elf I'll do my best mrs. elf can we sing songs there will be no dancing or singing just camping here's the tent magic tent up for us mr. elf Holly I'd rather you didn't do any magic remember this is an elf camp elves have been camping for hundreds of years we can put tents up with our eyes closed Wow one elf tent lovely now we're on holiday yes and that means there's holiday work to be done holiday was next on the list hang out the washing with Ronnie jester all right why do you need to hang out worship campsites gonna never be too clean and tidy I'll slice the orange how do on just take knives away it's the smell gnomes hate the smell of oranges now we're safe next on the list collect sticks for the campfire okay that's enough sticks follow their unknown mine before you join you well thank you I'll only stay for a week or two but we had an orange yes all you wouldn't have found you if it weren't for the smell of this orange hate oranges normally yes but I'm on a violence diet you see II for eat ten points and 20 steamed puddings I need to balance that boy eating fruit let's make a fire how do you make a fire mr. elf rub two sticks together really fast like this you have to rub the sticks a little bit faster would you like to hear the interesting thing I know about sticks sticks grow on trees amazing isn't it I nice and warm now that's because fire is hot I'm hungry me too what a surprise I badly anything today I've only had 10 toys escaped full of chips 30 apple tarts wow that's a lot a sponge cake on grits sausages and not orange I thought you said you're on a diet um there are some things I don't eat like stones wood and television sets those things what you're on this diet - oh I never knew it was so popular what's for dinner mrs. elf she's an onion pie thank you very much yes very good [Music] would you like me to tell you an amazing fact about elves I'll take that as a yes the owl is in fact a bird it has big eyes for seeing things six o'clock time for bed I'll put the fire out it's dangerous to leave a fire going princess Holly that's right don't go to bed till the fire is out don't go to bed with a chart on your head then Holly you get in the tent and go to sleep mr. gnome you have to go home we're having fun mouth camping is not meant to be fun bedtime is at six o'clock not the middle of the night oh I know a song about the middle of the night would you like to hear it I'll take that as a yes time for bed it was lovely meeting you mr. gnome but now we need to get some sleep oh yes a good night's sleep is very important would you like me to stop yes and please go would you like me to go well see you in the morning he is silly he's come back to eat our breakfast Oh away old princess Polly do you know a magic spell to get rid of moles I'm sorry mr. elf I don't do you think mr. elf what gets rid of moles don't know cos gnomes no idear why thank you mr. gnome for saving our campsite from the hole that's all right what's for breakfast the mole ate all the food oh dear good morning it was very strange mr. gnome turned up and he loves oranges I'm saying a funny song called rinky-dinky - then a mole came along an HR washing line and all our food and now we haven't any breakfast yes I thought that might happen that's why I brought the magic picnic basket I'm actually very hungry Oh have you not eaten - not today oh dear it's empty it isn't empty it's a magic picnic bastards I get the idea magic basket please twenty poached eggs lots of toast knowing jars of jammed pork sausages and noisy pancakes [Music] breakfast Thank You mr. gnome breakfast is one of the things no use no a lot of them oh we almost forgot my balanced diet I shouldn't be eating all this without also eating and orange