Body Planes Planes Of The Body Sagittal Planes Transverse Planes And Frontal Planes


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Body planes. A plane is an imaginary flat surface. Often times the body is sectioned or cut along a surface or plane, which is referred to as a body plane. An unlimited number of sections can be made along an unlimited number of planes. When a section of the body or an organ is cut, it is named after the plane which it occurs. There are 3 major body planes, sagittal planes, coronal or frontal planes and transverse planes. Sagittal planes run from the top of the body to the bottom and run from the front to the back. So, sagittal planes divide the body into left and right sections. If a sagittal plane runs down the midline of the body and divides the body into equal halves it is called a midsagittal plane. Coronal or frontal planes run side to side and top to bottom. These planes divide the body into anterior and posterior sections. Transverse planes run side to side and front to back. These planes divide the body into upper and lower sections. These planes are sometimes called horizontal planes. Since we have an infinite number of possible planes, and ways to draw planes, any plane that is not a sagittal, coronal or transverse plane is described as an oblique plane. So, we can draw a plane like this (drawing on screen), which goes side to side, but also runs slightly up and down and slightly front to back. This is an oblique plane. And that, be the basics on planes of the body.