Bringing the perfect smile back for our happy patient from the United States at Dentzz

I was had a lot of problems when I was young I used to rodeo a lot and I've missed a lot of my rear teeth so I was tired of not having a smile so I actually did a lot of research and I came across dance hello my name is Bernard Hagen I'm from the United States after I came across dense dentistry here in Mumbai I actually did a lot of other research in different countries Philippines Mexico Thailand and everything brought me back to dance dentistry not only from the quality of work that I've seen online but also the testimonies that I got they took some 3d x-rays I was thinking oh this is gonna hurt gonna be a lot of pain actually we went in for surgery the dentist were overwhelming helpful with me after what they did through my mouth I was thinking it was not gonna be a very comfortable day the following day I was actually in less pain than when I had the surgery I've had teeth pulled and had more pain what I had was dance dance is a pain free dentistry office I've never experienced the feeling in my life I just want to say thank you so much for dense dentistry of giving me the opportunity to smile again thank you so much