CMC Markets Next Generation Platform Video Trade the financial markets using CFDs

basic features explained welcome to the CMC Markets platform the first time you log into the platform you'll notice a number of preset default layouts to choose from it's possible to save up to five different layouts which you can switch between at any time you can navigate around the platform using the main toolbar here from left to right you'll find the quick search function the product library various watch lists the account tab where you'll track your actual positions your pending orders the history of your transactions and also where you'll find your statements from this section you can also access your order and account settings next up you'll find the payments tab where you'll find your banking information and withdrawal sources market pulse is key for finding latest trading insights as well as macroeconomic news announcements via the market calendar the trading tools section allows you to set various price alerts and gives you access to our renowned pattern recognition software and finally you'll find a large offering of helpful support material via our support tab including more platform tutorials as well as market trading strategies in the beginning we recommend you close all the windows and start by creating your own personalized watchlist for example I'll add some of the most popular products to this watchlist and we'll work with this list going forward to start I'll search for a few popular products like oil gold natural gas in the commodities section of my library to add these products to my watchlist I'll simply click on them inside the library and drag them over to my watchlist next I'll reset the filters and add a few indices like the S&P 500 the Dow as well as the Dex the platform also includes a list of over 300 currency pairs or Forex products to choose from I'll add a few of the majors to my list add a bit of diversity finally I'll include a few stocks or shares with over 9,000 shares to choose from I can use the advanced filter option to find the best performing pharmaceutical stock in the USA in our example I'll set the performance filter found at the bottom right to one month notice how I can also filter by search by volatility if that's what I was after as mentioned earlier I'll add the best performing stock to my watch list in this case the best performing stock over the last 1 month in this subcategory is Nick tar therapeutics with nearly an 89 percent return over the last 1 month period nope I can find the full Morningstar quantitative equity report for neck tar by clicking on the small circle to the left of the product here the report is updated daily and lists various fundamental facts about the product and includes a company profile to get a basic understanding of what the company specializes in nonetheless has been created we can access additional product options by clicking on the small circle to the left of the product in the watchlist just like what we did earlier to find the Morningstar report for neck tar from here I can access the products order ticket the price chart the product overview section where you'll find information about spread position limits margin requirements as well as trading hours from this menu you can also view a client sentiment Reuters news and set price alerts the platform offers a useful feature that allows the trader that connect multiple windows to their watchlist and trading positions by using the module linking feature and by selecting the same color group on each window it makes the items in my watch list clickable and enables me to quickly navigate through the various products inside my watchlist this feature allows me to analyze and trade multiple products across multiple time frames in just one click now they have a general idea of where to find various tools on our platform let's place an actual trade to show you how to manage your position in our example we're going to buy a hundred ounces of silver since it's not included in my watch list I'll use the search function here to find it quickly from this order ticket I can place a market order a limit order or a stop entry order I'll be placing in market order today for our example I can enter the amount of silver I'd like to purchase or enter a specific number of units this is where I'll enter 100 from the ticket I can also place a stop loss and a take profit order notice I also have the option of setting a trailing stop loss as well at the bottom of the ticket I'll find the amount of margin I need in my account to take this particular trade once I'm ready to place the trade I'll submit the order by clicking on the place by market order button at the bottom of the ticket and an order confirmation window will appear subsequently once I've placed the trade I can track it in my positions window found in the account tab on the main menu in this window I can view the actual profit and loss of my position as well as more details surrounding the trade including margin used and currency conversions from this window I can also modify my trade by adjusting or removing a stop loss and take profit order to close a trade I simply need to click on the bright red X at the far right of the position line a default confirmation when it will pop up to avoid costly mistakes but you can enable one click trading to avoid the confirmation delay so to do this click on the one-click icon at the top of the platform next to the five layouts and enable one click trading after activating this feature notice there is no confirmation window when I click on the red X this time as I close my Silver position the next generation platform provides the trader with additional trading tools such as our featured client sentiment which can illustrate the percentage of a top clients who are buying or selling a particular product at any one time the sentiment is generally updated every minute while that product market is open our pattern recognition software provides you with statistically based trading signals and alerts across all products and major timeframes you can find emerging patterns or trade recent breakouts for example if I'm searching for recent breakouts on the Dow I can simply type us 30 in the search bar and the results will filter automatically I can see at this particular wedge breakout completed at 5:00 p.m. on the 13th of November and that's when the tiered prediction box would have appeared on my chart each tier is based on statistical analysis from the most recent wedge patterns found on this product you'll notice the bottom of our performance report that there have been 97 unique occurrences on the US 30s daily timeframe since 2012 and that the probability of the price landing anywhere in our prediction box is around 85 percent based on these past occurrences the platform also includes an advanced market calendar that lists minor and major global news announcements this calendar can be found in the market pulse section of the platform the calendar allows you to filter the events by anticipated market impact as well as by country in terms of placing a trade you can take better positions with our advanced charting tools our platform facilitates multi-screen trading you can also pop out the chart and move it to another screen in order to maximize your virtual real estate you you can also trade directly from the chart and use your mouse to drag and drop pending orders as well as stop loss and take profit orders note the entire suite of our technical indicators as well as drawing tools can be found at the bottom of the chart in one of the five tabs for more information on specific trading tools and platform features be sure to view our other guided platform tour videos found in the support section of the platform thanks for watching you