Chinese Zodiac 2020 Year of the Rat

[Music] according to the Chinese zodiac 2020 is the year of the rap it starts and ends on Chinese New Year from January 25 20 22 February 11th 2021 this year of the rat is an unusual 13 months long if you were born in 1972 84 96 or 2008 you're a rat no offense intended people born in rat years are usually well suited to be administrators directors musicians lawyers and so on in Chinese astrology the rat represents a person who is quick-witted smart versatile and good at saving money a few famous people born during the year of the rat include Diego Maradona Avril Lavigne and Tom Holland they are known as rats in China the 12 Chinese zodiac animals in order are rat ox Tiger rabbit dragon snake horse goat monkey rooster dog and of the blessed pig according to story of the great race the most famous Chinese zodiac story in ancient China the Jade Emperor the guy who ruled everything decided to hold a race and are the first 12 animals to get across the river with their very own here many moons ago it is said that the rat in the cat were good friends the cat spent most of his days napping so he asked the rat to wake him up in time for the race hey bro wake me up tomorrow okay in the rat promised he would but when the race day arrived the rat just set off and forgot to wake up the cat with the race under way the rat made it to the river first and stood there seeking a way across the rats slyly asked for help from the next animal who arrived the Ox who is strong in kind [Music] the rat jumped on the Oxus back to cross the river and then jump down on the other side before the Ox could cross the finish line first so the rat became the first of the zodiac animals to win the race by the time the cat woke up from his nap the race was already finished that's why the 12 zodiac animals do not include the cat and the rat always avoids the cat in 2020 rats will encounter their zodiac here in Chinese this is called their one minion or origin of life here and so rats should expect many challenges this is because rats are aligned against the star of the age or tie straight the god of the year during their birth year but don't worry there's a way to fend off bad luck in your zodiac by wearing red Chinese people believe that wearing red especially red underwear aka lucky ribs can drive away bad luck but be aware it should be bought by a spouse family member or friends in addition to the above prediction there are many things that people could do to bring good luck in 2020 rats lucky numbers are 2 and 3 they're lucky colors are blue gold and green the best romantic matches for rats among the zodiac signs are oxen rabbits and Dragons I can just picture the beautiful ox rat babies now okay want to know how to make your fortune next year subscribe to our channel for more interesting react stories and leave a comment below [Music]