Christian Prince with Osama in conversation Why Osama left Islam

hello yes mr. Asama how are you yeah how you doing sleepy find my friend how are you doing I'm doing great like all people in the chat they're like hitting comes from bin Laden or something but like I just called you not because they want to debate good just because I have questions for you because I'm questioning my my my currently okay what what made you a question your faith and like all the video you posting my videos making you a question you should live Islam more my friend let's look at this cartoon in front of us it's so good yeah and they are eating the stuff of survival I know there's a bunch of like superstition stuff like that so what how I can have a boyfriend yeah I just had like question because like my parents they're like alright we have miracles or you can call acre and see like random like holy because we purify our body stuff so that makes me question like is are those like oh activities like officially exist names don't fast if you live in Islamic countries you know that in ramadan muslim is they eat more food and this is why the price of food go so crazy yeah why because they eat more you see the price of any product is based on the demand the more people they try to buy is the same same amount the price go up so ramadan is not really an emotive fast you know but the muslims they do they switch the day night and the night day this is not fasting they eat like crazy and you know that any and i know from your family they even as ramadan they cook the best food yeah and I mean it's very funny because Ramadan is the month where every family in the broken e-rate yeah I remember you know I am from the Mideast myself I remember how many families especially from those who they are not worthy you know they you know there's a tradition and etc so they have to cook good food and everything is expensive and this area is small so what they do they borrow money they borrow both borrow borrow so by the end of the month Ramadan they borrow a lot of money and they would spend the coming six months just paying for the food day they bought so Ramadan is not a month to purify anything it's the month of violence actually Ramadan first time they start you know they go crazy with violence oh you there I lost you my friend I think you moved your microphone me okay now I hear you what is law clinking I'm in Canada I'm not like forward States yeah no I am in Afghanistan next to Brazil when you order geography Mohamed is very good in geography in science and everything I mean the Muslim they made Mohammed Aziz God you know everything we find that it's not what they say is totally the opposite Mohammed was not about the food so whatever whatever smile I can help you with my friend yeah it's like UCP like it's really difficult too late which you see and you present in your videos and unlike 100 percent I agree with you because laughing because you effects are so strong look imagine there's somebody he is smoking for 20 years II so what we we continue smoking until we have cancer so you know it's not an eleven years 20 years whatever you have you as a Muslim since you were a child 11 years sar 21 or 22 now Milty yeah so now you you recognize that this is a stupid cult so what I mean you just throw it away it's gonna be stupid of you to know it's stupid and you decide to be stupid but you know it's going to be hot more horrible than someone who do not know because now you know so why you want to stay just leave it's time say I'm out yeah I'll just like every last question here I can see people like Bill see way to be like today leaving later to cut what your dad will come to you what and see it you today is the special night okay no it's not true because nobody knows which is a special night that little puddle right nobody else yes nobody knows this is no how muddy in the beginning he says it's a beacon of the Ramadan then he said in the middle of Ramadan and then he said it the last 10 days of Ramadan so Mohammed II have no idea which day is that one live with it and by the way how one night how one night the night of Elkader is equal to 83 years yes yes that's what he told me crazy so now I am spanking Allah for all my life and now I'm going to pray to Allah in this night and that will give me deed of 83 years I know like yo CP like see when she misses scrub away and I watched a lot of your videos and the emails like in what this day is actually right he's not saying stupid things I even wanted to call you like I sent you a message Instagram is like your I'm ready to like me and Instagram sorry I don't answer anyone because there's too many people where that takes me you see I only even forbid the Christians from Cory and me I don't know if you witness that but because if everybody want to text me is English so only Muslims won't need the help we we talk to them and you are one of them so now we decide to leave Islam or not yet yes yes it's wonderful so your name is Abdul ah okay oh so you decide to leave us now today the decision you made now or before you call me to make sure you like few questions concerning like everything because although you don't seem like it has a purpose like the heart team yeah you see sometimes I ask myself God he created us and he give us a special kind of gift which is a brain not like anyone's with the art program they are simple you know I mean a dog is a dog you know just give him to play with it start jumping a cat is a cat there's a matter what you do with her still she's a cat the human being is different so how a human being who God gave him a great gift to the point he can go to the moon you can see the stars he can you know create a lot of things how he can believe in such a stupid thing you know human being we were talking about mind control like a human being he originally in a in a space where he feel like if he leave this is space he will not be comfortable you know like if you are a person imagine you're a fish all your life is inside a small aquarium yes the aquarium have light have you no toys but you know it's an aquarium it's not the real thing yeah and because you are afraid from being in the ocean you decided it's better to be inside the aquarium because you're afraid from the freedom II it's like somebody he was in jail for a long time and now you say to him after 50 years and Jada will let you go he would say what I would go whatever you like a bit lost yeah he will be lost totally lost you know actually there is there is a there is a like I don't know if you heard of it like somebody he can kidnap maybe a women he could NAB her hey Jada for a year 2 3 4 5 and then even if he left the door she don't run yeah you know this is a control of the mind because he is used to something and he's afraid from changing it he's under control so a Muslim who has under the control of a cult even if he noticed that this cult is a cult still he will be afraid of the change because change is kind of but what this change would bring to me you know yeah it's difficult in the beginning to take that change but the change my friend is as a as good especially if you know that this is wrong I mean you see I mean myself since I was a teenage mean oh yeah I have a friend who smoked they give me cigarette for free I say no yeah I never smoked a cigarette and they ask me what's wrong with you try it etc I said why am I try it I know it's wrong so long some of us you know we tried the wrong and we used to the wrong and then we like the wrong and then we believed in the wrong and then we want to convince ourself that the wrong is the right thing to do and that is exactly what Islam is e you write CP yeah well my friend as long you left Islam what about who shot you what do you think okay ask you a few questions for you if you don't mind like I only have time how do you actually like pray that you do a hurricane no no we don't you see in Christianity those things are nothing to do with God how to pray what to say because prayer is supposedly as a spiritual relationship between you and God correct yes so why you need to do certain movement I mean you can do whatever you want you wanna bow down bow down you wanna go down and your knee go down you want to stand stand you know it's not what you would do as a movement it's how decent you are in your prayer and then like what the benefit of a prayer like Muslim is they pray for the death of the Jews the list of the kuffar I mean this is evil so you stand you sit down still do your prayer even your prayer is evil so it is very silly that we think or to think that God he accept a prayer if we do it in a search in a way and if we don't do it in certain way then he will not accept it like God in his time is like a government office he says to you did you sign this paper from the department behind the no sir that not okay don't go downstairs go to the second floor ask for a guy his name is Abdul Mohammed at him say it for you and then he go to the second room the secretary and let him put a number for it and then go to the third room and this is not God mean God is a person who is Almighty he know what is in my heart he don't care about my move he you bow down you stand up who care what he care for how truthful you are yes you know this why Jesus he said it's not what make and all like it's not what what you eat make you dirty it's not what going shows inside your mouth it's what come from your mouth he so it's not it should opposite it isn't it is what go inside your mouth make your dirty okay you know then you see the wisdom of Christ this is true it's not what go inside your mouth make you dirty it's what come from your mouth then makes you of cause if you if you eat whatever you know and you speak good that's what people want from you in otherwise we are not too clean I mean you see every sink even if you take a shower all day long you are sweating every second in your life if you don't sweat I mean you are dead and you have a bad smell inside you you have gas you have dirt you have poo poo poo I mean so how you can wash yourself I mean this is just a it you know it's not really it's not real but I can accept that we when we speak to God we should you know I mean okay you wanna go to to meet a friend and or you go to a wedding party you dress the best of your clothes alright you get the clean okay so what about saying God so when we see God we should not be dirty and filthy and we should not be dirty anyway we will always be clean so this is not about just saying God this we should be always a clean however clean in a spiritual way is not what you eat it is what you do and what you say is it also it should believe inside you like will be seen sure because what you say should be about you see this is what Jesus said it's not what you what go inside your mouth would come from your mouth and what come from your mouth is what is who are you I mean if you if what you from your mouth come is a lie it's when you're a liar if mouth is a truth its mean you're truthful so it's your mouth you know make you who you are and for sure your mouth will come with an action and act you do things you you behave you believe everything yeah so Gujarati a story different from it's time we don't have anything really to share you know you remember he he focus in city stuff because you don't want you to focus in the important things oh yeah I would all the time go to mosque sing assist to equity a preach sing like old people because II see Christians don't even pray we pray five times a day nobody pray as much as the Christians because we are the Christians we pray every second every step if you are a Christian you pray whatever you do you know but we did Jesus says when you pray go to your closet and don't be like the hypocrites so Jesus he forbid us from sinning and speaking about our prayer you see I never said hey guys I'm going to go to pray now because he says something private and the Messiah he was aware of the Jews at that time who pray in the corners who King don't being like the hypocrite this is exactly what the Muslims they do yeah you seemingly in streaky not only in the street I mean do you see the taxi driver he put it would he go at the top of the taxi and he everybody from far away when I seen him now it means you know so if you go to Matthew chapter 6 it says and when you pray don't pray like the hypocrites this is this is Jesus order that we should not do that what the hypocrite do they go he said the hypocrite who is standing in his synagogue and on the street and you know because and the corner of the street not only in the corner because in the corner of Street this is trip can see you and that street can see you so you can be maximum right so don't be like them so Christians pray absolutely we pray but we are not we are weaving order not to be hypocrite yeah Islam is a hypocracy so apprec be prima to tell about myself but before I start my show I pray Anke you know I eat I pray name but I'm not going to tell my people what I say this is private between me and my lord I draw a car I Drive my car I turned the key I pray all right inking I say like okay Lord I opened the door of my car I mentioned the name of the Lord but this is not big this is I'm nothing like this because I never said that anyone and if nobody heard from all those who hear me what I do because we are not allowed to brag about and you know if I place that doesn't make you a good man because what if I pray but I do okay I say okay God etc and then after two minute I do something wrong you know so layer does not prove that you are a good person anyway ie it can be a cover-up for a filth you do you know didn't she so you can be a child molester but you you know you okay I wanna I want to be a priest so now I'm people they trust me and I can you know they send their kids to me so I can more or less them like Mohammed but he is a previously believed when he said yeah so what I'm saying a uniform does not present who you are because many people jesus said be aware of false prophet many will come to you in a clothes of a sheep but in fact they are wolves so prayer public prayer can be a uniform a clothes of a sheep you need just to make you believe in something to make you believe that okay this person is a good person okay why you why you are praying and in front of me to show me I mean what I'm trying to do this is between you and your God me you know it's a show time so actually it mean let me get you the verse from from from from the Bible so you see what Jesus says about that yeah when she is screaming okay I will show it to you on the screen give me a second and actually I will play an audio so people they can seeing or what we are talking about after this EP feeling me I would just like to ask you a question but like a you your book about the cream Saints accompanies Matthew six taking the ye do not your alms before men to be seen of them otherwise you have no reward of your father which is in heaven therefore when thou doest thine alms do not sound a trumpet before thee as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets that they may have glory of men verily I say unto you they have their reward but were now doest alms that not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth that thine alms may be in secret and thy father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly and when thou prayest thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are but they love to pray standing in the synagogues and the corners of the streets that they may be seen of men verily I say unto you they have their reward but now we're now pressed enter into thy closet and when thou hast shut thy door pray to thy father which is in secret and thy father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly but when ye pray use not vain repetitions as the heathen do but they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking is it what those times owe their opinion saying pray or five time a day if you read this as if Jesus speaking about the Muslims exactly they play in the corner they repeat they speak too much about what they did and the you know everything they do is a hypocrisy even some of them they buy stones and they start hitting their forehead to make a dark spot in their forehead which means supposedly they are bowing down too much when they say to you we pray more than questions that's because of their hypocrisy no you don't pray more than questions what do you know about prayer you don't face more the Christians Christians you know we have 40 days fasting before Christmas 50 days fasting before Easter that's alone and there's days in the weeks too fast so if you calculate the numbers of how many days Christians do fast if they are practice and fasting is not a must it's a choice you see it's not a must because everything should be a choice anything you do because it's a must it's mean there's there's no reward for you imagine I for sure to visit me do you mean you to see me because you like to see me you come to see me because I forced you mmm yummy okay so what the point a reward the person re what a person let us say I have two sons one of them he called me every day and one of them he called me once every year yeah by that I know they are free who wanna call me who don't want to call me I know who care for me I know who don't care for me but I forced both to call me five time a day how I will know which one of them is the liar no I'm forcing them you know Jesus is not is not he don't wanna force us you want you want decent you don't want hypocrites so if you give her the right hand don't show the left hand if you pray go to your closet don't do what they do stand in a synagogue and show everybody that you are praying oh you're a person who pray if you pray go to your room close your door praying secretly not only he said the prey is the prey secretly which means don't tell everybody even the house you are in I'm going to pray secretly because this is something spiritual and this is something private between you and your Lord and there's no timing for prayer for God is there all the time the ceilings do they pick all those TVs he means sorry again what from what your video baby see me in Sardinia yeah do they take all these sabi and they celebrate Ramadan and they celebrate the moon you see if you go in the Quran the problem is most of people they don't speak I don't know if you speak of it you know Arabic yes yeah very well breaking made it and he speak quick yeah so the Quran even they say that when when when you read the Quran as an example is speaking about Ramadan and the Quran says Sahara Ramadan correct yes chapter 2 verse number 185 Dina what Charmaine Oh Amy no oh no you see this is a translation it says the month of ramadhan the fact the word shaher is a word mean the moon okay sheher is a more even in hebrew it's it meant a month because the moon is a month - so like how they measure their month by the new moon okay so by time the word shaher now they use it as a word a month but in fact the word share in the time of Muhammad it was a moon so when the moon of Ramadan come why the Serbian they believed that the moon disappear and then he appear a new moon would appear in a new town so what they used to do they start fasting in this town in how Ron and they go to a new town close to it to welcome the new moon and that is the end of the first month this is why you see in the Quran it says L Aquila monkey you know what a Hilda Hilda is the crescent moon he the crescent moon you know we we know chemical de hielo then chapter 2 verse 189 it says why yes aloo naka and in a Gila you thinking look what it says here this is a Muslim translation yes I see thee of the new moon Allah Allah is the same word but in noon the kid say you know the Allah Allah is is the current moon but supposed it is a new moon and actually here in the translation even they say the new moon I don't know if you see my screen yet before year asking they ask they ask thee Muhammad of the new mode you see it [Music] I meant like a burst 8 billion Eve okay maybe there's a delay from your side so here actually it's not just a human it is the kerstin if we change the translation let us see okay I see easily like they asked me oh I will change the translation and you will see this is the current mon specifically not a new moon only so the crescent moon is the new moon so the muslims they start in a certain time and they end in a certain time and that is about the look of the moon why the look of the moon because it's a new moon the old moon and the new moon so the moon of Ramadan is a different moon let us change translator this is Hillary fan let us see every new moon this guy and you more let's see which one is more accurate Oregon Taylor pneumoniae but it should be the crescent moon not the new moon let us see shake our new moon to all of them they are coming with the new moon it is same maybe we'll find one of them is decent I guess see you Safari see you Safari saying the new moon - but the correct translation should be the crescent moon not not this I'm trying all the translation there maybe we will find someone new moon again look like they are copying each other yeah I think they are not translating I think they are just copying because there is no way other than they are coming with the same translation not even one of them coming with the correct one mmm there we go look at this this guy look what he said look oh my translation we have to change to come to the correct translation they ask you O Muhammad about what the Harrisons blessings here but how many translation will change to come to the accurate one and how if I don't speak Arabic how I would know which all of them they are liars you know so it is a new moon yes but it is like exactly because a new moon what in your mind I mean this is a new moon it is the crescent moon so a new moon is a the curse and moon not just a moon and that make a different so why didn't say what it is because well yes a Luna cara de la Hilda simply Muhammad is saying what is the ahilla for allah he created the crescent moon for a reason it is good to make the time for people to pray and to do Hajj and to do fasting so this is what the duty of the current moon so Mohammed he have he is copying from the Serbian their belief that the crescent moon is a new moon so he disappear here he appeared there you see actually if you go there is a videos in YouTube you can warn you how the sabi and they do evolution and you will see Mohammed he do exactly like the Serbian yeah I say I said the video like I don't like what the hell is happening here yeah he copy exactly from the Soviet he the same way the Saab ent - exactly you know not only that you see but there is the Serbian the Christians join the Baptist the the we're practicing baptism baptism so the sabe and they have their own baptism the Christian they have their own baptism mad he did not take baptism of the Christians he took what it's called sleep ara what sabaha Sabella is the baptism of the so bein is what they call it they don't call it baptism dacoits abhava if you go in the Quran you will find Muhammad even saying that the one's the best one who do baptism is Allah for Allah is a so bein Allah is the god of the Serbian okay it's just me screams I was try to refer to the verse all all roads take us to Rome my friend this time is false you know that this conversation is English will take us forever chapter 2 verse 138 it says all sabaha and the Muslim do between with to bracket our religion but this is false this is sabaha is a baptism and look at the translation how horrible I was see Baba let us change the translator and see how things would change this is a loo what his name I don't know let us go to Hillary well it already saying the same okay it is saying big turn you see this is the problem with Muslims you have you have to play the game they play of translation look you see what the word tsubame trying to be coloring coloring you see it yeah but why they are saying occurring because the stupid translators didn't know that sabaha and see bhava is something have to do with the sabe and baptism this is what they call it so when somebody gets baptized according to the Serbian he had a new coloring a new color he is a new person but by color not by not like the Christian spiritual thing so a new coloring and the new coloring is is like you know you put something like clothes in the water and you add color to it yeah and then you will have a new color and that is the color of the God so Mohammed here a copy from the Soviet and in different translation you will see even they say baptism just change the translator you will see the word color in changed about the baptism it has seen so here international and say ours is the religion of Allah and look at translation I mean this translation is funny every read over but look at the translation I mean it's horrible you have to flip all over to find a translation which can be decent really color color it is not color it is baptism but the baptism of the Serbian let us see Victor did we try big tile I don't know is it trying to really try Chilean changing it is seen I mean I think all of them they copy each other nobody want to use this brain or I don't know if they speak Arabic here we go look at this guy so incidentally has changed its our baptism thism of allah and who can do better baptism than allah do you see it yeah we see the muhammad never practice baptism show how that can work so what muhammad he claimed because he is in the beginning he was a sovereign he claimed that muslims did not need baptism by water for allah he baptized you and the reason Hamid he come with this fabrication because he claimed whatever he claimed I mean nobody can challenge him same time he didn't know how to do it I mean this is something the sabi and they do and we don't practice it you do not know what it is but he knew the Serbian they do baptism so Mohammed he come you have to come with something similar so I said ok we have a prism tool but we have the baptism of Allah and between just take easily people copy from every the body and because he is a person who live in the desert which water is not all over where is going to do baptism is me so there's nowhere there's nothing so ok the baptism baptism of Allah take it short do you think about accepting crocheting yeah exiting so you accept the Lord the Messiah has your Lord yes alright that's wonderful I'm really happy for you my friend don't you took me a while to see my friend because remember Christianity is not the same as the cult of Islam you know you say Shahada and that said you cannot fool God you cannot you cannot fool you cannot bribe you cannot lie to God so we never say I believe unless you believe no don't say I believe to make somebody somebody happy don't say believe I believe just to make yourself happy I'm saying what you believe because you cannot give and now you say are you believe in Jesus if you don't believe still you are not really a believer I'm just telling you you know so you really believe from your heart that the Messiah Christ is your Savior now do you really believe from all your heart that the Messiah is your personal Savior yeah do you believe in that the Father the Son the Holy Spirit one God yes do you believe in the death of the Messiah and his resurrection yes because he sees do you believe that he is coming back well my friend your Lord your Savior he will be happy to have you and the Bible says happiness will be in the kingdom of God rejoice will be in the kingdom of God for one soul is coming back to him so I'm really happy to have you today and everything everybody all the Christians there they are so happy to see that Osman he left Islam and he decide to accept the Messiah do you have any questions about crocheting [Music] just a bit oh you mean after death like in heaven what we wore yes yes yeah the Messiah he says he and she they would not get married which means there's no sexual relationship in heaven where we will be the same as angels and you know always when you read the words of the Messiah you have to think deep don't just take it from okay as words and that's it so when he saying because there will be the same as angels you see what angels about angels are creatures made of light they have no needs no food they don't get tired they don't get sick they are happy and then we will be the first thing the Lord he grant us our freedom we will be the same as angels in Islam is the opposite you will be addicted to sex addicted to food and you used to have sex once maybe a day or two every two or a week in the earth or in the heaven of Allah 24 hours seven days a week having sex you used to eat a little bit in the earth and the heaven of Allah you are doing nothing but eating insects and he promised you bracelet and gold silver all of this is satanic Christianity promising you happiness which nobody can describe for its have nothing to do with gold you see anything physical is temporarily sexy something temporarily so you might get a pleasure for some time but still it says temporarily if God is the one who created whatever happiness we have can God create something better or do you think see he didn't need to be happy that we have an earth for sure he can right yeah so why the Quran limited to sex and food and sandwich and birds what is that so God who created us he can grant us happiness which were never so like before since when happiness is about a food we eat God he created this little tiny cells in our tongue which is connected to our brain to make us taste and enjoy food can God make us taste different kind of joy have nothing to do with food absolutely he can so Christianity does not focus in the Billy and the stomach and the private part crocheting focus and different kind of happiness because you will be the same as angel your happiness is noble your not your happiness is high your your your your happiness fit with the house you live in which is the house of God so because we will be with God and the Lord he will be with us our rejoice will be from his rejoice so something you cannot explain and you cannot give example of it because it's beyond what we can explain so what Christianity is about is not about God will give me a bracelet like the horn or a couch or a pillow which is very silly Christianity is about being what God alone is a new life just be in there because it will be a new creature and your creation it will be different person so it's lab described happiness based on a garden a bunch of guys sitting with women having sex drinking wine river of wine I mean even wine is river nothing but not in not in Baltimore's so it's an extreme temptation of the physical needs not nothing spiritual even Muslims in the heaven they will not even pray there's no prior Christians in heaven they will be rejoicing with the Lord which mean everything they say is the same as a prayer but its happiness this is something they cannot describe so we cannot really compare between what you will have in the heaven of Mohammed and what we will have in the true heaven of the Messiah for we have nothing to share yeah and you know look if you look at this verse as an example chapter 18 verse number 31 Allah promised you that in the garden you will have the bracelets from gold and you will wear a green garment made in Iran in Persia I mean what kind of God does God is now we got shopping to the mall and come back with those right now I can get the bracelet from gold I can get a green garment from silk I will order from Amazon they can take me 24 hours to have it and couch even couch even pillows you know so me we cannot compare you see when you believe in the Messiah forget everything you will learn about Mohammed it's just a stupid cult happiness happiness in Christianity is different happiness guarding crows Shetty is different God decency is different decency you see when mohammed ii says adultery is forbidden but then he allowed you to change your wives every few days even the same day you can divorce as many as you wish and then he allowed you to do muta and then i mean what is this sensei you say there's no adultery but yet you're you what he did he just gave adultery different names to legalize it in the wash olfi is a washer friend all of us they of course there was the washer muta they are they are called marriage but in fact they are not marriage they are just sexual relationship destroy a muslim man he marry any woman any anyone even doesn't matter you are because all of him is just it says just sex it's a it is just sexual there is no marriage in christianity marriage now you became a christian i you know i advise you to go to church and they should learn the bible and educate yourself and then when the moment is ready you should do baptism and the reason i say to you you should do baptism because baptism will make you always you know like you just devoted yourself to be christian baptism is like I now announce myself not only by words by action that I am a new person and the Holy Spirit will be always with you so I advise you to find some Christians friends and if you don't have maybe I can find your son in your and what do you live and you can go to churches and you can learn the Bible you can read and then when it's time what do you feel it's time for you already you should do baptism again and I wish I am close to you I would do baptism to you by myself and at the end of the day is not a priest who baptized you it is God Himself who baptized you the Christian who baptized a new Christian he is just a witness for the Holy Spirit coming and being with you so we are just witnesses for an amazing event where you will receive the Holy Spirit which means the Spirit of God to accompany you to eternity not only you die so this is something very important to do and I encourage you to do it but as I said when you are ready read the Bible be you know get closer to the Lord and when you feel this is time to do it but you should do it all right all right just I think two days ago right guys I think two days or three days ago speed of light so if you watch a previous video if you go to patreon maybe - if somebody can remind me if somebody can give him the link in the chat please so he can watch it we spoke about this this is a false what speed of light because if the speed of the light is the speed of the angels that would be funny because that means we know we're a located and if in 1,000 light 1,000 year we can reach the location of Allah that's mean Allah is inside the Milky Way that's really funny because suppose the Allah is above all the seven heavens so same time the Muslims going to try about the speed of light if this is the speed of the light and Allah is light that's mean Allah is limited to this speed - yeah isn't it the Quran says that Allah knows somehow what he will heart Allah is the light is a light so if the Quran but we never spoke about the light speed spoke about the Angels going down and going back in a day to Allah equal to 1000 years for us but that would be a problem for Muhammad why because if Muhammad received the first verse today that's mean the Angels in order to give him the second verse they have to come back after 2000 years you know I mean because we couldn't even give him back one day - Allah is 1000 to us okay wonderful so now in order to go there they read 1000 years to go in order to come back they had need 1000 years to come back that's mean if Muhammad receive a message today and you debride he should come back to him 2,000 years after he stupid secondly if the light speed is what is the speed of the angels then how Muhammad he went to the seven heaven with the angel in one night Adam do you remember the story when Muhammad he went to the seven heaven in the job really took him there okay so when you breathe he took him to breathe is an angel and he have a speed of the light okay so if it takes one thousand year to go to Allah how Muhammad he went with the angel jibreel who have a speed of light which is mean limited speed in one in eight hours and come back you see here the story in front of her this is a hair Bihari this is a huge name so debride he came he took him he washes a chest he cut his etc he wash it with Zam Zam and then he took him up to the heaven he took him to the first gate second gate third gate all seven gates so the speed of light is the angel speed how in eight hours the angel in the speed of light was able to go to the seven heaven to the end of the world and come back you know go do a little study about how far some galaxies from us and he will laugh at this being eight hours is not enough even to pass nothing you know nothing what it I was of light speed light Mohammad in eight hours he went to the seven heaven which means at the end of the world not only to our galaxy to the end of the universe where Allah he live where there is the tree of Allah as you see here first gate second gear third gate seven gates and all of those in a few hours you know you know I'm really happy for you that you decide to leave Islam and to accept the Messiah and if you have any of your family when I talk to me even if they don't want to talk in public we can speak in private I do that with many people you know so you want to be the first so if you have your parents your mother your father sisters you know it can be with them you can join us in the conversation and I will help him you know I will do my best standing right okay last question I just wanted to get that person what pushed you to like I study a half a degree like you seniors Easterling gets degree Islamic loans well you know I live between Muslims and there's nothing you know they challenge us but we do not know what to say and Christians they are peaceful people they are kind of like didn't want to hurt the feeling of somebody and they avoid talking about Islam because it's a violent cult etcetera for me I don't really care what I care for is getting answers so I decided to study this cult and I accepted the challenge Muslims challenged me since I was a kid I mean accepted the challenge and I defeated Islam GCC peaceful people call me names every day and those are a blessing for you okay yeah those are the one who curse you and then for because of Jesus that is a blessing for you this what Jesus say so when people die curry sauce discriminators even they kill us that is going to be for your good not for theirs for this will be blessing for you you know and he and he warned us about this so by accepting his name people they will wage war on you they would be hated by your family by your friends many people would deny you but what is the benefit jesus said what have the benefit if you warn the whole world but you lose yourself so we win ourself and let us lose the world for the world we will have is better than what we have today yeah all right okay thank you I smile for calling me and may the Lord bless you and I will pray for you today before I before I finish before I sleep today I will have a special prayer for you and to your family because we as a Christian we should love and you should love your parents you should love your family cool or Muslims never hate them we are non-muslims remember love the Muslims don't be hateful to encourage them doesn't matter yes they are lost and this is why actually we should even love them so we can be let us say the messengers of Christ of love to bring people them all right okay thank you my friend god bless you see people bless you all right well I'm glad I did him and the big and I thought like he's a person who's trying to make fun and he's you know lying to me or chatter