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ah oh yeah this Japanese politician could not control his emotions at a press conference when faced with questions about his use of public funds new Terran on a more had this response when reporters asked him about claims he had used around 30,000 dollars of public money for travel expenses the video quickly went viral hundreds of thousands of people have already seen the clip on YouTube and many more have taken to Twitter to share their views calls are growing for the politician to explain why he did not provide any supporting evidence for the expenses Simmi did yo show idea that I had the very least he needs to have receipts otherwise I feel it's hard to believe him mr. na Nomura has insisted the trips were for work purposes he is reported to have used the money to visit hot springs in the hyoga prefecture region where he is a lawmaker while such trips are not illegal officials in the area usually just get five thousand dollars a month for expenses for now though opinion remains divided as to whether his emotional outburst will let him off the hook Syrena Chaudhary BBC News