DELL XPS 13 2020 Unboxing First Impressions This Laptop is Gorgeous


Matthew Moniz


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this video is sponsored by turbo tax so this is the Dell XPS 13 it's the ninety three hundred the 2020 model the one that was announced at CES the one with the very super slim bezels and the 13 inch form factor now inside the box you get obviously the Ultrabook behind it is some paperwork which obviously I'm not gonna go through you have a USB type-c to USB a dongle because the whole entire laptop is just USB type-c ports you have your charging brick which is a 45 watt charger this means you can pretty much use any laptop charger as long as it's USB type-c to charge your notebook that also means if you have a battery pack that's powerful enough you can charge your laptop on the go now this is a really light laptop like in fact this is only 1.2 kilograms which is around 2.6 pounds to put this in context not only is it lighter than a MacBook Air it's also smaller so if you travel a lot and you're looking to like reduce your weight the Dell XPS 13 is going to be lighter now in terms of ports you don't get much on the left hand side you have your USB type-c Thunderbolt 3 port microSD card slot and then on the other side you have your audio jack and another USB type-c Thunderbolt 3 port so straight up Dell always makes the best keyboard decks like this carbon fiber we've not only looks great but feels great like if you're typing on this for a long period of time your wrists are going to love you compared to the typical metal deck keys they are a good size like they were able to cram good width and height for each key cap into such a small form-factor now unfortunately the travel distance is smaller just because of the thinness of this laptop but Dell was able to counter it by giving it more a tactile feel like it doesn't feel like you're typing on a low travel distance or a mushy keyboard there's actually good click to this other things to note is that this touchpad has good accuracy now I've been playing with it it's not as good as the MacBook Air but it's really good for a Windows laptop it's also a good size considering how small this laptop is hands-down my favorite thing about this laptop has to be the display I mean like look at these bezels they're so thin 91.5% screened to body ratio this is what makes this product so attractive no wasted space they were still able to cram in a webcam with Windows hello facial recognition plus you can also use the fingerprint scanner which acts as a power button like I want to give you guys some context like the bezels on the MacBook Air are pretty thin but look at which thinner the bezels are on the Dell XPS 13 the screen is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio which is so much better than 16 by 9 you get more vertical space to work with which is great when you're doing productivity the other thing to note is that this is a 1920 by 1200 display so it's full HD but it's matte so you don't get those crazy reflections when there's glaring light coming into your room so this is kind of interesting I can't increase or decrease the brightness on this display unless it's plugged into an outlet I tried through the buttons on the keyboard I tried using the windows taskbar I checked to see if adaptive brightness is on but I cannot change the brightness I actually had this issue once with my Lenovo x1 extreme and Lenovo had to issue a software update to fix the problem so hopefully an update will resolve this I haven't downloaded any updates yet so maybe it'll get fixed but something to keep an eye out for if you just bought this laptop and for those of you curious this is exactly what the webcam looks like it is a tiny camera very pixelated I mean it does the job but it's just looks just like every other webcam now unfortunately Dells decided to put the speakers on the bottom of the laptop and usually because of that it has to bounce off the desk to give you more of a fulfilling sound spectrum I'm gonna play the audio on this and we're to compare it to the MacBook Air to find out which one sounds better [Music] okay definitely no competition the MacBook Air definitely sounds better it's punch here it's more vibrant the speakers are on top so it's directionally facing you it's just overall a better sound experience not that the speakers on this are bad but definitely better on the MacBook Air oh my god why does this have to be so hard fill out this get that send this here it's ridiculous let me guess you're following out your tax return it really doesn't need to be this hard you need TurboTax live assist and review they offer live help from actual tax experts for the more complex returns they'll review your return line by line if needed and offer a 100% guarantee I have 40 PhDs a black belt in sumo wrestling and I wanted to feed an NHL 94 and nothing and I mean nothing has prepared me for this look I feel your pain as a fellow Canadian we're just not given the knowledge to file our taxes confidently TurboTax live makes it easy by having a tax expert look at your return in real time you can even download their mobile app to fall from your smartphone and take a snapshot of your driver's license to update your personal information automatically now what if you work nine to five three days a week I feel my situations a bit different than most TurboTax knows that every situation is different that's why they offer more than just software click on the link in the description down below and get TurboTax live today now the model I got is the i5 version with a gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabyte nvme SSD it's using Intel's 10th gen processors so you have all the new improvements to Thunderbolt 3 like being able to hook it up to an aka display or running games at 120 Hertz now this is obviously not a gaming laptop but you can probably play some really old titles just fine this is more catered towards the student the business professional who's doing productivity maybe you're doing some photography and you're using Photoshop and Lightroom developers will like this because of the 16 by 10 aspect ratio help them code a little bit more visually and plus Dells always been pretty good at allowing you to install Linux distros on their laptops now I'll see the actual performance numbers and fan noise for a different video but let me know in the comments below exactly what you want to see with this laptop I think it's a beautiful product I love the new design I love the thinned-out bezels it's taking Dells XPS line into the future and I'm excited to review it like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys in the next video [Music]