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hey guys what's up Charlie here with prior media I wanted to kind of talk about something really quick that I think it's important to just say because I've had sort of a influx lately with people well people all around the world that communicate with me people have been asking questions related to how to get things for free which is okay I mean that's that's human nature we want things for free everyone wants things for free but if you've been around the internet at all if you've I guess been alive through the Internet age in any way you are probably you're probably familiar with what pirating is or at least you've heard of the process of downloading things that are normally something that costs money and downloading them for free and by all means you have you know go for it if that's what you're into I don't approve of it I don't do it but if you want to then go ahead but there's a difference between and the most common things that are pirated are usually music movies games and then software as well but there is a difference between downloading a song and downloading a wordpress theme and a wordpress plugin now specifically I'm talking to the people who are I guess on this channel or at least follow this channel or looking at this channel because of something related to WordPress the X theme or whatever whatever it was for those people the questions I've been getting mostly are related to how do I get this plug-in for free I don't to pay for it I'm never going to answer that question for you I'm never going to tell you that because and I can't imagine a situation where what I'm about to tell you is inaccurate I don't see a situation where I just don't see a situation where I'm ever wrong about this so take this don't take it with a grain of salt just take it okay you need to hear it it's something that if you've ever considered doing it if you've ever considered looking for a free version of a paid product that is not distributed by the developer in other words it's not like a lite version it's the actual real premium version that normally cost 15 bucks 20 bucks 60 bucks whatever it is for free on the internet somewhere if that's you if you've ever looked at that as an considered that then you need to hear you need to hear this okay there will never be an okay time to download a something for free that's normally paid when it comes to WordPress themes and plugins there will never be a time if you value your data your security I'm not even talking about the ethics of it right that's that's not what I'm talking about the ethics you got that you understand that already you either are you're either okay with it or you're not that's fine whatever I'm not talking about that I'm talking about the actual data I'm talking about the technical end of things if you value your data if you find this to be something that is important to you your security the security of your customers who anyone who's visiting your site then you will not do this you will not go out and look for free versions of paid products you will buy it directly from the developer it is super easy like it's stupid easy I could do it and I don't even code it is stupid easy to change the code of a wordpress theme or a wordpress plugin and re-upload it as a free version it is ridiculously easy and the only reason anyone ever uploads a wordpress theme for you to download for free the only reason anyone ever takes a premium plug-in like visual composer like layer slider like uber menu whatever it is the only reason anyone ever takes one of those premium things that cost money and reuploads it on a pirate site for you to download is because they want to make money off of you I know it sounds bass-ackwards but that's true they have altered that code you won't be able to find out how you will not know where to look you will not know how to delete it and once you've installed it on your site you will not be able to get rid of it it's just the way it is it is stupid easy to change code inside a theme or plugin and that code that they put in could be as simple as a couple of lines of JavaScript it could be as a little more complicated maybe it's some PHP built right into the core of it maybe they've reworked it entirely to where there's always going to be tons of spam sent out using your bandwidth to hundreds of thousands of people it could do anything it could pack it sniff the data that's being entered into the database so that it knows email addresses from the all of your customers including yourself who log into your site every day it could try to sniff out transactions that are happening so it knows the products then and relays it back it could just target people with ads it could put little tiny bits of code into your anyone who ever visits your site they could put malware into those cache files when a browser downloads a website when a browser visits a website and they take the cash you know they cache that data that data is still data it's still downloaded data into the web browsers cache and if you're using a Windows application if you're using a Windows computer or a Linux computer or even Mac os10 there are ways to infect your computer through those cache files and it's super easy and super stupid easy to do if you're going to download a wordpress theme or plugin for free when it normally costs money the only time it's ok there's only one time when it's ok to download a premium product our premium WordPress theme or a premium WordPress plug-in for free when it's normally paid only one time and that is if the original developer of that Pro F of that plug-in the actual the source of where it comes from has decided to do so if they've decided to upload it for free for you or they've had a sale and they're like you can have it for a dollar today that is the only time get it from the source every time there's no excuse there's just simply none it is sooo it's just dumb don't do it please for your own sake don't do it there's a huge difference between doing songs I could care less if you download songs you could you could download movies you can download games I don't care alright that's fine if there's one thing you can take from me at least from this channel anyway it's that your data security is worth more than 50 bucks okay and if it's not worth more than 50 bucks to you if you don't care about that then at least think of the potentially hundreds or thousands of people that will visit your site at least think of them other people who are for lack of a better term innocent people who have no idea what they're getting into and this as soon as you get tagged by Google as having malware on your site on your domain soon as you get blacklisted for that you're done like game over might as well not even be on the Internet let's get a new domain change my brand it's super complicated if you want to be professional right I get this all the time I want a professional looking website right Charlie help me I'm a professional this and I want my site to look better right I understand that you don't create websites for living but you're not supposed to know that stuff I get that I I produce content for a living like on the internet I I produce I I build websites okay and even I don't know everything about it okay there's stuff I don't even know you're not supposed to know this stuff okay you're not supposed to you can learn it right you can take the time to learn it but then you have to value whether or not your time is worth like how much is your time worth you know how much money is your time worth and then you have to weigh whether or not the 40 hours of work it's going to take you to learn how to do this and get it looking how you want is that 40 hours of your own time worth less or worth more than the 5 or 6 hours it would take to pay somebody like me to do it for you or the you know less time than that it would take for someone like me to teach you how to do it right learning on your own takes a lot more time than learning from someone who knows how to do it and knows how to teach it that's the difference not just knowing how to do it but knowing how to teach it that's the difference and so just like your time is valuable so is your data security that's where I'm going with this right you pay for so many things for your business you pay for so many things for your brand you you you outsource to wherever for designs probably you you you pay marketing people you do SEO work probably for your physical store you probably have you have people who clean your floors you have people who sell your sell your products you have people who manage your finances you have people who are in charge of sales you have people who are in charge of product development whatever it is you pay for all of these things because you know that they are valuable you know that they are worth what you're paying because you need that to succeed you also need security to succeed you also need reliability stability to succeed if you're grabbing things that are going to endanger your online store endanger your online presence kill your brand on Google is that worth the free or would you rather pay the twenty bucks and get it legit supported and updated all for like what it's supposed to be so I just wanted to put that out there you know it most of the people watching this don't have this problem most of the people watching this are totally fine but I just got this influx the last week it seems like every other message is someone wanting free help or wanting something for free it's like hey can you you know where can I get this you can get it from here yeah yeah but it cost money there yeah because that's cost money that's what it that's what it is that the person who put a whole bunch of time into making that for you and made it usable for you so that it fills the need that you have welcome to capitalism welcome to the free market they've created something for you and you look at that and go wow that's valuable is it because you're not drunk you don't want to pay for it so how valuable really is it so that's all I wanted to say for your own sake for your own security please do not download free versions of paid products when it pertains to WordPress and really Joomla or any other web application if it is something that's supposed to be on a server you know if it's something that's supposed to be connected to the Internet to have any use or function please do not pirate that because you're just asking for pain and you're definitely going to get it also for those who may have noticed this is not an advertisement I'm not promoting them I just happened to be wearing the shirt I'm sorry I'm I'm a fan so anyway take care guys thanks for listening to me babble and I hope you heed this advice bye