ENG SUB《超星星学园 Super Star Academy》EP14——主演:肖战,王玉雯,白澍

= Super Star Academy = = Super Star Academy = Episode 14 Ah. How heavy you are! If I didn't save you, we would have died there. You are blaming me? Here. I carry you. Woo. I'm not foolish. You are not willing? Hug? How about a princess hug? I regret to save you. I can stay quiet if you're dead. What are you doing? Don't you see the two roads ahead? Choose one. Let a Libra to make a choice, not good as let me die. Go to hell! Aries like you are emotional. Your choice. Which one? Right way. Wait! I think we should go left. Left. Right! Right is correct. Hey! Split apart! Hey! Do you think I will abandon you? In case, what to do if your feet sprained? Nonsense! Ah! You should help me! What are you doing? Lay me down! Just lift me up! Let' s go. Humph! President, why are you so late? How about the competition? Pretty good. Students have made great efforts. Um, well, It's Cheng Zhi'er... Why has file been stolen? Everything is unpredictable. My neighbor, Mrs. Wang, lost her underpants frequently this month. If I hadn't found... Stop! I'm not interested. = File of Cheng Zhi'er. Student Archive. = Eh. You dislike to eat vendor noodles, don't you? People always change. My upstairs neighbor, Mr. Li looks honest. But I find out he stole underpants from Mrs. Wang. If it hadn't been for me, Stop! I'm not interested. You two, come to have noodles at this time, is it for lunch or for afternoon tea? Ah. Boss! Have a set please. In fact, we're not here for noodles today. Oh. I want to ask you some questions. Ok, please. I come straight to the question. Please introduce Cheng Zhi'er's parents. It's obvious that Cheng Zhi'er's father is her mother's husband. Coincidentally, Cheng Zhi'er's mother is her father's wife. Um, it seems everyone knows about it. I'll come straight to the point. The file of Cheng Zhi'er has been stolen in the school. I'm worried about her security. Her file has been stolen. How did it happen? It's unpredictable. Last month, my neighbor, Mrs. Wang lost her underpants frequently. but this month, she lost underwear. If I hadn't found that... -Really... -Stop! Please go ahead. Actually, Cheng Zhi'er's mother passed away due to excessive bleeding when she gave birth to her daughter. Cheng Zhi'er's father disappeared after the girl's born. He'd never shown up for eighteen years. However... Emm. Whenever festival or holiday comes, it seems someone worshipped at the tombstone of Cheng Zhi'er's mother. I think it may be her father. What's his name? Cheng Wei. It's him. By the way, it's International Day for the Protection of the Ozone Layer today, In such an important day, I believe that he will go to worship his wife. It has been eighteen years that death separate us. Why are you crying at this tombstone? She's my lover. Coincidence, she's my lover, too. = Beloved one, Tomb of Wenfang. = I am so sorry. = Beloved one, Tomb of Wenfang. = I am so sorry. Sorry. Why are you crying at my grandparents's tombstone? = Deceased Parents, Tomb of Jiang Shufen and Luo Weiji. = Oh, so sorry. = Deceased Parents, Tomb of Jiang Shufen and Luo Weiji. = Oh, so sorry. I make a mistake. Wrong again. That's right this time. I introduce myself. You don't need to introduce. I know you are the president. What's the matter? Just a talk. Why did you wrongly recognize the tombstone? If you are drunk, you will mistake as well. I want to ask you some questions. Sit and talk. Um... Is it all right that we drink and eat in front of the tomb? She used to prepare meals for guests at home. Now you are the guest, I don't think she would mind. The file of Cheng Zhi'er has been stolen. Someone stole the file? It's unpredictable, nowadays... Never mind. Yes, it's unpredictable. Several days ago, Mrs. Wang, live in the next door street, her underpants have been stolen. You know that! Over the years, I've been neglected by others. But I see all of them clearly. Cheng Zhi'er... What's so special about her? Why do other steal her under... files? When she was born... Really? I'm not sure. But I'm sure. I can take her to the lab of Shi Fang Group to do some tests. Shi Fang Group? Is it Mrs. Fang? Yes. That woman. You'd better take precautions against her. Why? Why are you so gossiping? Well, that's all of today. Come back to it later. Ha-ha, thanks. = Water = Does the Test of Water Signs. = Water = Does the Test of Water Signs. mean that we should cross the lake? I don't think it will be so simple. Maybe we need to drink up the water. Hush! Oh! My hair is in a mess. Yadang, Mom braid your hair. Our Libra are beautiful whenever and wherever possible. But I am a boy. Pink bow like this, make you lively and cute at S level. Elegant and gorgeous pearl clips are S level. I am a boy! Awake? What? Um. Do you know what is purpose in the test? The devil in everyone's heart. Humph! I heard the name you called. So what! And you? It's... when I was a kid, I followed my dad out of a hail of bullets. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Hey, wait for me. Cheng Zhi'er! Cheng Zhi'er! Cheng Zhi'er! Why are you here? Where is Fang Tianze? I don't know. You're looking for the transfer student with him, aren't you? Don't touch me. Where are you going? The Destination. You even don't care about that slut? You... Her name is Cheng Zhi'er. You always protect her behind her back, does she know? So does you. What's going on? Isn't it a competition about hand-working and nursery rhythms? How do I know? Ah! Stay back! Stay back! Ah! Ah! Stop running! Stay back ! Nowhere to escape! If you come back, I'll... Ah! Help me! Ah! It's you! It's really you. Ah! Hold it tight and don't let go. Let go of me! We can't hold for much longer! Never! Tianze, Sorry. Ouch!