ENG SUB《超星星学园 Super Star Academy》EP18——主演:肖战,王玉雯,白澍

= Super Star Academy = = Super Star Academy = Episode 18 = Round Two Li Yaguang VS Wan Shicun = Boss! Fighting! Boss! Fighting! Boss! Fighting! Boss! Fighting! Boss beat him right now! Beat him! Beat him right now! Beat him! It's not that simple. Ah. Kid, not bad. I didn't expect the Regular Class has someone as bulky as you. Slow down. Are you all right? Wan Shicun. This little Leo from the Regular Class is as good as the Elite Class student. What a reverse. Wan Shicun, the little Leo from the Regular Class, today, he made history in competition definitely. OK, everyone. Round Two is about to begin. Competitors, please be prepared. Fang Tianze. =Round Two Fang Tianze VS Huo Beibei Fang Tianze. I used to think, if you're my rival, I would give up immediately. But now I set a condition. I want you to confess your love for me in front of everybody. How can she bring up such condition during the battle? The competition this year is so... Confess, confess. Be quick, don't stay in silence. I won't beat you, doesn't mean I don't have the power to knock you out. This ask is difficult for you? Sorry. I have a crush on someone. Who is your crush? Even if it's for the competition, can't you lie to me once? Even if there's no competition, I don't want to lie to you. She left. Why did she leave? Why did she leave? OK, everyone, today's matches are all over now. Competitors get into the final round are The Leo Fang Tianze from the Elite Class. And the Leo Wan Shicun from the Regular Class. Cheng Zhi'er. I can see your gray thermal leggings. It's my top. Wired. It's top when it's on Huo Beibei. Why does it become leggings when it's on me? But in fact, this style is more suitable for Huo Beibei. Right? You mean Huo Beibei is more good-looking than Cheng Zhi'er? They are the same in my eyes. You're the most beautiful girl. We gotta go. Take your time. Let me drive you home. Master, Madam asked you go home directly after the competition. OK. Then you drive her home. Well, then. Miss Cheng, this way. You just ran away, is that alright? Trust me, there won't be any problem. Will you get into trouble after running away? No. Well. The competition on the day after tomorrow. Be careful. Why do you suddenly so care about me? I... I've cared about you the whole time. Have you? You're bothering me. Mm. The ice cream is so delicious. Mm. I loved it most when I was a child. It's been there since your childhood? Yes. Do you know the name of that star? Polaris? Wrong. It called Mary Sue Angelina Bloody Sakura J. Did you make up the name? Of course not. To thank you for celebrating the birthday for me, when it comes to your birthday, I will give you the star as a gift. Huh, huh. Then thank you, in advance. So, what's its name? It must be Plolaris. What about that? Bad Luck Star. Hey, isn't that you? How did you let him go? Everyone went out for the young master. The security of the jail was loose. So... A group of rubbish! It's lucky that the analysis of the drug had been done. Shut up! It's not only about the drug if he runs away. Inform others. You must get him back. No matter he is dead or alive! Rubbish. Madam, the Four Elders invited you to their place. OK. It seems that you are in good moods. Even have a hot pot here. Since madam took over the group 18 years ago, busniess is flourishing. Like this boiling hot pot. Huh. Enough. You don't have to flatter me. Just say it directly. There's a rumor outside, said Fang Tianze is not qualified to inherit Fangs. Mr. Zhang. It's too blunt to say that. Just a groundless rumor. If the sea is big enough, there will all kinds of fish in it. But maybe weakness will lend wings to rumors. What do you mean, Mr. Wei? I've heard that Ophiuchus prisoner had run away. There are so many comments on it. About this, I have my arrangement. I've already sent people to look into it. The prisoner is very weak. I'm afraid he ran way though he can't live for long. Maybe, he is dead now. We have to see him, dead or alive. Dead. Ah, I mean I'm dead in this game. Mr.Ye, could you stop playing? Aren't you ashamed? Why should I be? I didn't let people run away. Since it has been this situation. Do you have any other instruction? Uh, the public opinion has to be controlled. How to control? Uh, do some crisis PR. Hire some paid posters to reply the topic. Spread some gossips about the celebrity's affair. Then buy a hot topic on Weibo. That's easy. Master Tianze is about to inherit. I think we can give him the inheritance formally on his birthday. Or, I'm afraid the rumor will continue to spread. Mr. Zhang. I agree with you. This war, we must win. I won! Huh huh. You scared me. Un, have the meal. Eat. Hey, boss. Boss. You finally ran out. Yes, boss. You don't know, when you were not here, our missions had failed all the time. Hahaha. I knew it. The photo of Cheng Zhi'er. Astrolabe. Do you know what it means? It means we must get her. She probably is key to our Ophiuchus' revenge. It's not for sure. We haven't confirmed about it yet. So I ask you to catch her for me. I risked my life to break the Sin Star Stage to create the chance for you. What have you done? Still not decided? Or I can recommend another house. No, we will consider it. Consider it. Ah. Same as the old days. Did I just tell you? Don't waste your time on that girl. I'm wasting my time here. You. Madam, this is the clothes you asked for. Yes, thank you. Come to the mirror. This is for the press conference. This. Is for the banquet. What do you think? 18 years. I finally see you grow into manhood, and be able to inherit the family business. Mom, stop talking about this. Look at your mother by your side. It's been 18 years. Why did nothing change on me? You, go. Fetch the dress on the model for me. I will try it on. And shoes. Fetch the shoes and let me try it on. I should go, take your time. And take the bag for me. And that hat. Fetch the hat for me. You've followed me all the way. Just come out and speak to me. Tomorrow. It's time for me to win. You're having a daydream. How can you win? Because I am the real Leo. It's been so long, you've pretended to be Leo. You must be exhausted. You've been in the Regular Class for so long, what are you hiding from? You are the one who's always hiding. What. You're still not going to show your real strength? You're still not willing to use your true superpower? Then see you tomorrow. Maybe? Where did you go? How did you wound? I fell down accidentally. It's a important time. You should take care of your body. What about the injury you got last time? Almost healed. In case of emergency, take the pill one more time. How can I swallow a pill of this size? With water, eat slowly. Maybe, you must win the competition tomorrow. Maybe I can't rival him at all. Don't worry, Mom know it very well. As long as you can reach the competition field safely.