ENG SUB《超星星学园 Super Star Academy》EP22——主演:肖战,王玉雯,白澍

= Super Star Academy = = Super Star Academy = Episode 22 Is Fang Tianze Leo or not? Did Fang Moyan have offspring or not? Shut up! Security, expel him from our party! Wait, I'd like to listen what he wanna say. It isn't up to you. Huh! Well. Let me unravel the mystery happened 18 years ago. Aren't you hungry? Let's go. I won't leave even if you kill me. 18 years ago. There were many rumors about the previous Chief Fang Moyan, whether he had child or not. It's said that Mrs. Fang's child died after premature birth. So she found an ordinary child to replace her own. Somebody says that Fang Moyan actually had a secret love child. And Mrs. Fang adapted him. She raised him in the name of his own mother. In fact, these two stories are only half right. Tianze. Why are you here? It's okay now. Tianze. It... It seems too ambiguous, isn't it? Where is Wan Shicun? Forget it. He didn't do anything, right? What happened to you? Tell me. It doesn't matter if you don't wanna say. I... I want to go to the bathroom. Huh? Why here are two of you? Let's talk about it later. That's to say, you're not Leo, but really Gemini. I should have guessed why you never use the Roaring Skill. You... Where did you use your Separation? Now everybody knows it. Why are you doing this? You should keep it a secret. All are Wan Shicun's tricks. You two go back first. Wait for my call. How can Wan Shicun do this? I was born to protect you. Why did you save me? I see you as my brother all the time. How can I not save you! It's okay... If you don't rescue her. What do you mean "okay" ? You... You have the fake one to save me, but the real one to save her? 18 years ago, a car accident occurred on Lupanshan Highway. And there were a mother and a son in the car. That child was Fang Moyan's illegitimate child. The one who wanted to kill that child... was you, Mrs. Fang. Nonsense! You're talking nonsense! Why do I kill Moyan's child? Because your child did not die. He didn't die but he was born prematurely. He's not Leo, so he can't inherit his family business. But you cannot reconcile with it. You wanted to murder that illegitimate Leo child. And keep your Gemini son. Stop! You cannot leave before we make it clear. Sit down please. Madam. Mrs. Fang. That illegitimate Leo child, he didn't die. These people don't have enough IQ, huh? Why are they all saying "Ah"? It's very clear that the child is him. That illegitimate child... Is me. It's him! Come on, Boss. Isn't it obvious? Let's go before we get infected by these fools. Tianze. Where is Cheng Zhi'er and Shen Hao? I let them go back first. How dare you come back? Why? Even if I'm not the Chief now, I do have right to attend the Fangs' ceremony. Wan Shicun is the new Chief now. And your mother is accused of murdering. You should leave now. What? Don't come back before everything is settled down. But my mother is here! Tianze. This is not what you can deal with. I will take care of Mrs. Fang. People are coming out. Go! Now! Go! Hurry up! What should we do? Well, that was really a great show. Why did you come out before it ended? Humph! Don't act bad to me. I have nothing to do with this. Li Yadang. Did you see Tianze? I want to ask you that. Master. Mom. I got the place back to you. Master, the Elders are waiting for you. I, Wan Shicun, am honored to meet you the Four Elders. You don't need to be so polite now. You're already the Chief. And you should change your name, too. You can be named Fang now. Today I invite you here to discuss about two things. First. It's my first time to live in here. I need witness. Second. I want to ask. What are you going to do with Mrs. Fang? Mrs. Fang once murdered you and your mother for the purpose of seizing power. This is, indeed, a great sin. But... You were actually safe. You are blessed. What's more. Over these years, Mrs. Fang, contributed much for the Fangs' development. Am I blessed? Do you know how much I suffered these years? The illness caused by the car accident tortured my mother for totally 12 years! Mrs. Fang has done much. So she can make up for what she did? Wan Shicun. You should, more or less, make compromises. My family name is Fang. You... Chief. I hope you can put the interests to the general situation. See them off. Uncle Cheng. You're here. You kidnapped my daughter! Why don't you hit me back! My mother once said when she was alive, if I can confront of you again, I will do my best to repay you. Repay? You have my daughter's life to threaten Fang Tianze. Is this your repay? The boom is fake. Your Daughter won't die. It's my fault to kidnapped her. But Uncle Cheng, if I don't do this, you would still live a hard life now. For all these years. Don't you resent her? I do. Sure I do. But it has been so many years. You can forgive her, but she'll never let you go. Uncle Cheng. All I have done, is to take back what belongs to us. Shicun. You have taken your revenge. Don't go astray. Why does everyone behave like I've done things wrong. That's right. That's right. Yeah. What are you talking about? Although Wan Shicun defeat our boss luckily in this competition. However, he hasn't taken full control. This is the time for us to expand the influence. Right. He Wei Gang must argue whether be loyal to Fang Tianze or Wan Shicun. And we can take this opportunity to start a war between the two gangs. Even can we recruit some people to Bo Ang Gang. Boss! Say something! Don't you want to take this opportunity to defeat them? I'm not interested if Fang Tianze is not there. I‘m the only Boss in such a large campus. It's boring. I'm curious about the current situation of He Wei Gang. = Occupied by He Wei Gang = So, it doesn't matter that Fang Tianze left. = Occupied by He Wei Gang = So, it doesn't matter that Fang Tianze left. Wan Shicun is much better. Right. Our future in Shi Fang Group all counts on this now. All you can see is the future? I was here for Fang Tianze. Nonsense. You were here for the girl fans in He Wei Gang. No Fang Tainze. No fans club. What are you saying? Tianze. Why don't you come school these days? How can I get to school under such circumstance? Your mother. Is she alright? The Elders put her in prison. President. I want to drop out. Why? How can I stay at school like this? In what status? For this, you have to tolerant. It may take a while. As long as Wan Shicun is in this school, I'm afraid I'll never have peace. I'll talk with him about this. As for your droping out, this is too abrupt now. How about this? Why don't you suspend these days? Wait. Your mother, does she give you some kind of medicine? First, you can't take it anymore. Second, remember to keep it well. I'm afraid once the medicine leaked. I can't do anything about this now. You need to ask Wan Shicun. Baby. Why did you back home late these days? What did you do? Hung out with friends. Don't you think I'm not aware of this. You went to see Fang Tianze, right? He is my fiance. He's gone. Why can't I seek for him? Fang Tianze is not your finace anymore. Don't contact with him again. What? You asked me to play with him when I was young. Now you asked me not to do that. The situation has changed. What's it? He can't inherit the Fangs, right? You know then don't say words. You... Dad, who do you think your daughter is? Baby. You're too young. There are many things that you cannot understand. You should try to get along with Fang Shicun. No! I remember Fang Tianze, he is not close to you, right? The first time when you met him, you even had a fight. I didn't like him at that time. But you asked me to be close with him. Then I spent more than a decade to fell in love with him. And you asked me to leave him and be with other people. Anyway, you have to obey. No! I'm moving out. Baby! Baby, listen to me. In your eyes, am i just a bargaining chip? Baby, you need to think over our family. Baby! Boss! Look! I said that I saw him. Mr. Fang. Where are you going? What? You want to fight again? Why do we fight? You're ordinary now. Fight with you? I don't want to demote myself. Then why do you stop me? You want to treat me a meal? Actually, I do want to treat you. For so long, I've fought with you inexplicably. That was because that our familys are competitors. Now you're out. We have nothing to fight for. Stop talking nonsense. I forgive you. Who needs your forgiveness? Now. You lose your home. Shen Hao and Huo Beibei are close to the Fangs. I'm afraid they can't help you. I have a room for you In my family's hotel. Just live there first. Well. Our Boss also lends you his Nanny's car. I never expect you're so nice. Then why don't you thank our Boss now? I got your kindness. But I don't need others' aid. Wait! You'd better make it clear. It's not easy to live an ordinary life. What are you doing? Why are you staring at the plates? Wan Shicun. Wan Shicun. You like pink Xiao Yang or the blue Xiao Yang? I used to like the pink one. But now. I like the blue one much. Fang Tianze. Do you like... Leave me alone.