ENG SUB《超星星学园 Super Star Academy》EP23——主演:肖战,王玉雯,白澍

= Super Star Academy = = Super Star Academy = Episode 23 Excuse me, waiter, please take my order now? What do you want? Four bowls of ramen. Sure. What are you doing? Why are you staring plates? Where's the plate washing machine? You. Do I wash these with my hands? You are really rich and spoiled. Forget about this. Go. Go pick the edible part of vegetables. Aha. What are you doing now? Picking the edible part. Your family also do it like this? Yeah. All cabbages of my family look like this. Alas, uncle. I can't do this anymore. Hey. Good for you. You really get one back home. So what do you think? Well. Nice guy. But, I still think Wan is better. Forget about him. Let's go. Let's get in. Yeah. This shipping section is too risky. Especially these ones you bought. Clearly there's someone manipulating this. So why did you buy the medication section? There's story behind this. Now it's an aging society. These stocks I pick for you are all about medical services. This will definitely get a hit in a year. Ok. You're indeed a kid from rich family. Hey. So do you often buy stocks like this? I don't often buy this. I just did some researches. Since my family has more than listed firms, it's not easy to make little money like this. You two get close so quickly. Guests are here. Go and serve our guest. Sorry, we are closed. I only want one ramen. I really enjoy the noodles here. Okay. Thanks. It's really not that good, right? It's still the old taste. Just like your mom made. Do you know my mom? Twelve yuan, thank you. Well. Kid. Actually, I am your dad. Ah? Well, sir. If you have any troubles, just tell me. But please don't mess up with my parents. What happened? Brother-in-law. Why are you here? Zhi'er. I am sorry for you. but I have to tell you, you can't be together with Fang Tianze. It's odd. Zhi'er. Brother-in-law. What are you doing here? You disappeared so long, then you show up, and want to break them up. Alas. Tell me. Where have you been all these years? This is a long story. Then talk it faster. Okay. Do you remember the firm I worked for? It is Shi Fang Group now. The former boss Fang Moyan is a really good friend of mine. He has a child born out of the wedlock. and that the child is Wan Shicun now. He got sick when Zhi'er was born. He was afraid that Mrs. Fang can't let it easy on Wan and his mother. So he asked me to take them away. But we have no idea that Mrs. Fang sent some murderers, created a car accident and tried to murder us. But Wan Shicun has superpower. So three of us are all good. So all these years, I have been raising Wan Shicun. Now Mrs. Fang fell from power. I can finally get back. But here comes the hate which can't be solved. So how can Zhi'er be together with Fang Tianze? It's indeed a long story. Alas. I don't want things to go like this. It's all from us. Uncle Cheng, what you just said, is it real? Tianze. You can understand all this? Ah! Asshole! # Don't think about it. # # What will the future be like? # # As soon as this moment is near, # # there is no real loss. # # My most beautiful love # # isn't necessarily the most beautiful thing. # # Profligate age # # can be clear after laughter and pain. # # My favorite memory # # is the purest confession mood. # # Shed tears. # # It's still so young. # = Good Noodles Base = # My most beautiful love # # isn't necessarily the most beautiful thing. # # Profligate age # # can be clear after laughter and pain. # # My favorite memory # # is just to hear you say that you love me. # Master Fang. Master. Master. Master. Hmm. Master Fang. Mr. Fang. I am CEO of Huo Group. Huo Jin. Baby's dad. Mr. Fang, have a seat, please. Morning, uncle. Morning, aunt. Baby. Why don't you say hello to your old friend? Hello. It's been a while. It's been a while. Well. Mr. Fang. You just start taking over, is everything goes on well? There are lots of things I don't have experience. I would appreciate your guidance. I am really flattered. Our families have always been the closest friends. If you want something, just let me know. We have a lot of research programs need to work on. Sure. Of course. Here. Cheers. Here. Mr. Fang. Baby. Raise your glass. Sorry. I can't drink. Baby. I won't say that again. Raise your glass. I had the meal. I had the wine. If you're still nor satisfied, I am out of my way. Yi Wan. Well. I'll take it. Waiting for the one necessary tile to win. From what I see, the one you want is not here anymore. Now you still have time to change. Ba Bing. Alas, this, I am afraid it's about to run out of it. Hurry up and discard. Probably you are gonna discard to help someone. What the rush? This need to be discarded one by one. Step by step. If you got wrong for one step, and it's difficult to go back. Jiu Wan. Oh, I win. This is what I have been waiting for. Even if you know you should discard earlier, you still waited till now. You deserve it. Well, my... If I didn't discard this Wan, I'm afraid I would never win. See. Ha ha ha ha ha. Tianze. Stand here from yesterday, you should really take a rest. I think just let him in. How could a kid be kept from his mom? Ah? Right. He's been here the whole night. Ha ha ha. Meh. This... Nasty Boy. Mom. Maybe. Maybe. Why are you here? How are you recently? Is there anyone who run in your beard? I have a question for you. Okay. Do you know a guy? Who? Cheng Wei. Is it you keeping him from his family? Maybe. I have no choices Do you want us to be apart? But Cheng Wei's daughter is Chen Zhi'er. Ah? Maybe. Mom has never expected your understanding and forgiveness. I have been waiting so hard for you to take the Fangs. Till then, I will let you know everything. But now we don't have the time. We have to do one thing. If we don't, there would be a recipe for disaster. What? Right. The medicine. You have to keep it safe. Medicine? The one you asked me to take before the competition? Yes. If it's in others' hand, there will be hell to pay. It's almost the time. What should I do? Go and come to Xiaofu, he is the closet one of mine. He will help you. Go. I gonna go. Okay. Tianze. Where have you been? Do you how long I have been looking for you? Okay. Go back home. I don't. I'll go wherever you go. Stop it. Why can't you take me? All these years, Why can't you give me a clear message? Even it's a refusal. I have no choice. Everyone has the right to choose his love. I am not the old Fang Tianze anymore. For me, there is only one Fang Tianze. Then You discriminate my replication? You said it on purpose? You really want to me to say, if you really love someone, you don't really care who he is? Right. If you really love someone, why would you care who that person is? I have things to do. I gonna go now. Tianze. We're like this, is this really okay? Take it easy. My cover-up is the best. the top one. Ah, master Fang. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. Ahem. We are keep working late these days. People named Fang are all really abnormal, and even more. Yeah. May Mr. Fang won't call it a work injury even if we died. Everyone. From today, You can take your days off. Mr. Fang, what do you mean? The restoration of Star Platform of Sin form now on is completely stopped. Ah? But... But what? Tis department is dismissed. Go to Human Resource department and get all your salaries. Who still has questions? I do.