FIGHT NIGHT Monster Brawl Crypt TV Monster Universe Short Film


Crypt TV


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(whirring) (cheering) (screams) (laughs) (screams) - Yeah! Dude, look at her. (laughs) Toughen up, okay? Just a bit of fun. - [Audience] Eat her heart! Eat her heart! Eat her heart! (whirring) (cheering) (dramatic music) (ringing) - What do you want? I'm with a client. No, we don't discredit him as a witness. We drag his name through the mud. And-- Look, I don't have any money, all right? (whirring) (buzzing) (peaceful music) - Hey! Maybe you wanna help? - I thought you were supposed to be the tough one? - Yeah, I'm like strength of character tough, okay. I'm not the fucking Hulk. Grab his hands. (dramatic music) (panting) (whirring) (groans) - You scum! You know who I am! - Oh, we know who you are, Oscar Himmel. Now we have a question for you! - What? - Are you ready for Monster Brawl? (cheering) Ladies and gentleman, on the south side of the ring, Oscar Himmel. (taunting) Mr. Himmel approaches life with a grab them by the (slide whistle) mentality. Even when it comes to his own daughter. (taunting) Let's meet his challenger. You know him. You love him. Seven feet, 300 pounds of pure American terror, Colossus! (cheering) Let's let the monsters mingle, shall we? - No, no, no! No mingle. Let's make a deal! Please. (growls) (whirring) (growls) - What? Feel bad for the guy? - It's nice to see somebody get what they deserve. - That's the spirit. (laughs) - All right (clapping). (knocking) - Come in. (dramatic music) Don't soak up my rays. - She wants you to clean up after the pets before you dig tonight. - Micah, I did that yesterday. - No, no, no, no, no. See, I've got something you want. I heard they made a real mess in there. - I know, I know, you've got a chip on your shoulder. What do I always say? You can't-- - You can't change your life if you don't first change your attitude. - You do that, honey. (peaceful music) - Porter? You ever gonna tell me what's up with the song? - Calms me down. - Okay, well, later man. (peaceful music) (suspenseful music) - [Woman] No, no, no, don't hurt him. Kill me. (slaps) - One look and you know the child was doomed from the start. There's no happy endings here. Where they found young Harper, just six months old. Her brain boiled inside her skull. In this weeks episode, we ask the question on everyone's mind, did Greer Drummond really microwave her newborn daughter? - [Intercom] Attention staff, we need a cleanup in hallway C. (suspenseful music) (growling) (alarm ringing) - Estelle! Estelle's escaped! Estelle's-- (whirring) (intense music) (whirring) (coughing) - Dude, why is feeding time always such a problem with you? - I'm wondering the same thing. This little mishap just earned you another stodge job. They let that rank bitch who microwaved her kid walk today. My Monster Brawlers pay great money to see baby killers get pulverized in the ring, so I might just let this slide. But I want you to know how much pain I feel when you try to leave me. - Look Micah, Micah, we got her. You don't-- - It really hurts my feelings. - Micah, Micah, Micah. We need her in the ring. - Take her away. Clean up her mess. (peaceful music) - You maybe wanna give me a hand? Can't change your life without-- - What if she didn't do it? - Is there something about this photo that screams, I'm innocent? We're doing a good thing. - Yeah, well my mom was murdered for something she didn't do. Sometimes the world's not so black and white. (dramatic music) (calming music) (heart beating) (suspenseful music) - Are you gonna kill me? Please. Kill me. - Did you do it? - She was the one good thing I ever had in my whole life. Do the world a favor. Kill me. Please, kill me. (crying) Please. - She's not home. - What? - Cops must have her in safe keeping. - Fuck, fuck, fuck! Micah's not gonna be happy, dude. (slurping) - I'm not happy. - Micah, she wasn't there when-- - Mars? (screaming) It appears as if someone let her go. I want you to leave my office before I lose my temper. (suspenseful music) - Please. Kill me, just kill me. - Kill me! - I heard they made a real mess in there. (slapping) (screaming) - Hey. Everything's going to be okay. Okay? - Now why would you do a silly thing like that? - Micah, she did not kill her child. I know murderers all too well, and she's not that. Come on. - Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a real hero. A lone crusader. A filthy traitor. (screaming) How cute. Erica! I think we should put on a special show, just for the employees. Get him ready. (screaming) (panting) - Erica. No, don't go. (intense music)