[Music] bulking season is upon us guys and if you're like the millions of people out there eating eating eating you can gain weight for the life of you I'm gonna show you exactly what to eat all six meals right here before we get started a break down the meals I want to let you guys know whether you're bulking shredding looking to get big looking lose fat I have a 100% free book that I wrote and I want you guys to download it now all you have to do is text sig deke to eight one seven eight seven [Music] all you skinny guys out there take notes hard gainers you better take notes this is how your offseason diet should look like lots of carbs lots of protein and just a whole lot of volume of food my favorite meal of day is definitely breakfast so what we're having here is high fat high protein high carbohydrates we have four whole eggs with two egg whites scrambled together and we have four packets of grits which is a lot this meal alone you should be feeling pretty full so make sure you get up early start your day early so you can squeeze in all these six meals meal number two is my pre-workout meal so what this is half a box of your favorite pasta with six ounces of ground beef high in fat high in protein and we have some tomato sauce the reason the tomato sauce is there you can opt out for it but I like to be very generous with the sauces and the condiments so we get the quantity of food down [Music] so after this meal I love to work out so I usually like to have two meals in my belly for a train and my post-workout meal is actually eaten immediately after I train okay I don't wait til I get home I don't wait till after my cardio session after I train I go straight for the bagel and jelly so the theory behind this is that it's just simple carbohydrates simple sugars and just for the hard gainers you need to replenish yourself as soon as you're done training so you need to feed that muscle or you're gonna lose the muscle let's go on to meal four five and six they're very similar in nature whereas we both have rice and the king of bodybuilding food is chicken and rice so we have no exception here all we did was add some avocado so we have a cup and a half of jasmine rice which is the best rice you can eat because it's got so much protein content six ounces of chicken breast and half avocado [Music] meal number five we have six ounces of ground turkey with one tablespoon of coconut oil and one and a half cups of jasmine rice and about half a cup of broccoli so this is the only meal I have veggies in I don't really have digestion problems but feel free to add veggies to meal four five and six if needed if you guys have a hard time going to the bathroom [Music] [Music] last but certainly not least is my protein shake by the time I get to the shake I'm so tired of chewing I'm so tired of eating that just feels good to blend something together so I have 1/2 a cup of oatmeal blended with 50 grams of my favorite whey protein and I even threw in some cookies over there there's no science behind the cookies other than a fact that it's just a simple sugar helped get that protein shuttled into the muscle before bed and add some calories and that is my infamous bulking diet that's how I put on all my masks all my size but remember one thing you guys have to push yourself in the gym you have to train heavy and you have to be consistent otherwise this means nothing so if you guys love the video or if you have ideas about other videos especially nutrition related drop me a comment below if you didn't like and subscribe make sure you hit that subscribe button guys it helps us out so much peace out [Music] [Music]