Fortnite Victory Royale or Epic Fail Nintendo Minute




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hi guys welcome back to a Nintendo minute back in the office after e3 we're playing for tonight doing some duo's doing some duos the famous getting critical reports now you doing two nights ago Yeah right exactly very famous we've been practicing we've been this is we're not going in today and let me just tell you it's not going well so the teamwork it's great it's great over here what do you have to say about that I think I'm excellent at teamwork it's not it's not it's been smooth what is the job oh this has been a highly contentious topic between the two of us which is when to jump out of the battle bus you you had some jump strategies that were questioning when you see how fast if you wait by the time you've even jumped like 20 people have been wiped out so you're already at an advantage but you know you are there you seem to like to really you know jump right away so maybe it's trolling maybe it's not maybe I maybe I really believe in your strategies but I'm jumping immediately now I'm going to this old house yes I'm not creepy at all you go from down up I'll go from the town that's another strategy you know weapon I don't know what is that but I like I like doing this I don't know why all right got some bandages those were for sure gonna come in handy yeah we're gonna we're gonna get hurt we get hurt very often and then we died well a purple weapon Oh what is it a tactical don't you know that's you yes there have been many times where I come upstairs and you're standing there like want to shoot instinctively shoot yes I know you i yeah you're out for me we wouldn't be playing duo maybe we should there's another weapon up here do you want it oh we're right where I'm standing in the Attic okay suppressed submachine gun yes I will take now after some of our failures this weekend you came up with Oh in this bathtub okay come into the bathroom and liquor trust with me oh it for the cleaner but cleaner I like that thing you take it you take it or the hand cannon Oh which one you want the cleaner the hand can you take the hand cannon you're doing you're gonna get into our other hot dog rata G so we've noticed you know some of the people who are really good at this game when they start taking fire they built something yes we are about in the multitasking right but there's two of us so we can split the tasks right so you are now our shooter the shooter now the the Builder right let's get out of the place did a wordy and just I can just settle down and without my days in this old grandparents house that is the strategy though is just bunker down you know you weren't you were talking about you know how oh you had this great match where you came and what was it second place you said I do but I wasn't so low I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure you were just sitting in an attic somewhere I was oh I did so that was the first time I actually there's nobody over there oh my gosh fell Duchess well what happened to this great strategy that we just talked about yours right there all right well guess what return to lobby that's what's happening these matches move very quickly because you're deaf you get knocked out you just go over I'm dying I'm dying all right you can poets Carter it's your friendship strategy here yeah take turns picking with a jump out of the path okay so there's that big crater right in the middle but you see that but you see that mountain just like right to the right above it yeah we're gonna go right there okay okay so I'm actually gonna do the markers i'm actually gonna jump now or I could just tell you you gotta get all technical tactical it's very tactical yeah and technical I'm now I'm wondering if I'm gonna make it tick-tock no no if I'm gonna make it from here oh are you serious I got a glide a long way okay just one level below a minute okay I'm gonna go into this little house right here uh-huh try to get a weapon good and you'll bring it to me right I can bring if we get more than one weapon I will bring you a weapon I'm such a good team player well you're implying that I'm not Wow these buttons like crazy I'm trying to get something let's chop down some trees I'm gonna get other resources for you because you're the Builder and clearly you're building tactics have taken us this far there's there's this little building here but I don't think there's anybody in there but we all do I need you to yes ma'am Eric oh oh I like this new attitude yes sir yes I'm okay yes Princessa very sure this is kind of spooky there's a golden chest up top we should build a build let's build are you gonna do it here here we go the great building skills yes yes get up here Wow I saw that oh now I know why they call you the Builder first of the builders day yeah everybody everybody you and the one other person my friend the bouncer I like to add you that I'm gonna get okay good there's also another thing up there so we're over there yeah get there let's open this up this is great this option fell down stuff go okay what is it grenade I'm gonna take that because I currently have nothing really yeah that's what I have oh here we go oh my god and the Rockets this won't end badly don't forget the rocket let's come into these close quarters with this rocket we got yeah here we go Oh in the dusty divot maybe I can I see nobody I feel like this is very very dangerous I see nobody can you see can you help me Scout yeah where are you behind you help me Scout it out there's nothing what did you follow no no no no I'm just worried oh no gasping I don't like it in the open you want to go into that building over there where this this kind of barn looking thing yeah you can really hide in here but that means somebody I know that means somebody definitely is how are you behind me where are you you're not this is what always happens it's gonna be okay oh it has not been open okay I'm gonna take this wheelchair and then take the armor take the arm for the shield take this right now protect me while I'm drinking I am I am I'm watching I'm watching where we headed now let's see that's down the circle the wailing woods never a good place to hide out yeah tomato town what's I don't like tomato town why cuz it's too open okay the woods to the woods we go how we should go in here should we the payload that we're carrying we have so much we have the firepower advantage you definitely do I'm sure that nothing could go wrong going into this these tight corridors this is where the payloads what is that Barry I'm behind but be careful okay this has been opened that's the bush oh my god yeah have you been in the bush yet no tell me about it oh she said he built this though great yeah this is perfect okay we're down to 32 people tomato town I don't want to eat tomatoes we got a the woods are right here don't forget that I'm the bush we're right there the wailing woods alright don't forget though how could I look at this a bush person just running it just be careful not to like confuse me for another person don't forget who I I push person um I'm moving here career rocket launcher there right in front of you your 12 o'clock oh damn that's maybe too far for the rocket launching no no no no do something build something the building oh geez you built that right right through the grenade oh yes obsess ghosty goes down he'll he'll do you have a band-aid I don't need it no these are teams there's another one don't oh I just picked up all of his blue weapons there's six he did there's been a tragedy what my okay remember the bush and move on with our lives it was really traumatic for me so maybe that that person lost their teammate along the way okay I got the shotgun in hand right now it's great for this long-range combat we're gonna get into is it long I don't know tomato ten is where it's gonna go down so guess what we're going we're going into the epicenter of tomato town look at that tomato would you look at that tomato here we go scary there and look like a clown doesn't it look at it it's like a carnival no it doesn't pose will be there where oh there go get up do it it's too far away we should not I'm out of rockets you are yeah cuz you told me all right i'ma jump throw do something oh I didn't reach oh shoot [Laughter] what I say number one we're here website monster ship you know we're giving ourselves anything is possible Nintendo Manor has never been it we're out don't forget to subscribe for more than ten their minute videos and ring the bell to be notified of new episodes every week thanks for watching