Goju ryu kata Sanchin History

cinnamon cutter originated in from China cyan't even and Okinawa and Johanna studied the martial arts I can shower from 1868 to 1881 - you are it was at this time that he learned the contour GG from the lectionary Chinese master dude Yuko thank you on his return to Okinawa go on the path - Tata to his students and his protege but I need Miyagi Hey Sharada hey Korra he nice turn then touch the moon to master more in the complaint original martial meaning there isn't a literal translation of the names that I would take on the web slam the meaning of this term in more detail later in this ah yes you gotta thought you had function cutter licensure is an example of hey she is cutter epitomized the method of course where are they most important basic cutter the fundamental foundation for all the techniques in koji dicks out knock there be divided another two main types Antigua a chapter entitled rats at all sizes function and tension without this for example the Taoiseach gotta ancient forever body and especially in the tons ends maintained from the beginning to the end of the cantata - kata is a very demanding cut that aren't you know the speeding literally be that after the second world war in nightmare mastic joking and I used to get silent in the goraishi before the war however function was the first car to be bad instruction was exorbitant interest fundamental driver looking string cannot be for karate function cut to his practice diligently times he will not be necessary to study any other cut to her and all her severe this time an active tense do you know I begin karate after one with one Oh - would remain good elastico on a semi which you can say say Coquina why don't ya tell me your say chips me yogi Open champion for the first weeks of that training in master my idea so Joe practice only the stepping sequence of sanction kata this was type of training before the war gorgeous luncheon cut the practice strings into body mind and spirit and that's how to technique and frames reflexes not what also teaches improves and maintains what edges of the mind into old age because sanction cut the practice is so beneficial and because it is a fundamental cut that go to 90 our teaches the underlying icing on the most widely known widely discussed to develop new qualities required for tell auntie Juny develops what Marty going describe our skater now Marcy ConA would explain the key points of function color it is essential supposed to cue correct focus in the comments both feet shiny red apart as far as possible the toes and souls of the featured image a expending the roots of a tree into the ground great then shakes the honey so actually the feet and legs are focus properly with the strength and retention beginning here then it'll be easier to focus training the other body in the correct way you know that time to know in your our function which three times first to the threes ending our body area automaton from the top of the head to the shoulder then kata have it show that from the shoulders to the soda axis like that see it's much and from the sole of you knows of the fetus yet I told you they say oh these are the three things of reasons of supporting the master chosen Miyagi described to lunch honey and yogi Ichi the snack the Koala got Jordan chew down get up whoa ah still usable today Jordan to Dan Guerra teach me some EGD son come on mr. sashti now master he co-owner will explain in detail why correct method of forgetting even in the three years you know Java she may or type in the body I don't know then look look straight ahead all the activity of the whole body honey she needs to be cut off okay shoot on the shoulder they kept their gestures I can open in the factory with you oh yeah boy their entire size of the body sorry with their direction of spring from the por el Faro's outwards in a ran out and she was chuckles I did not even when I do on eating bucket scared instead it's kind of all or was she noise she acts but I got cheese I didn't think get out the cars at all right muscle is blown up an in and the testicles of plaintiff kid you OD the lower abdomen is rolled skinny with no centering on the tum kaho spaced typed neither been he's not in another guy's happily I see VI Peter turned in and the soles of the feet and toes say God floor ah the toes are spread apart gee how do you always said if thankfully is before my right shoe that rear trigger both classic immigrant breathing as incorrect Roger done strength will be G Simone karate no father Dickey mother cutter cutter ah yo yo I don't we assign team are the karateka of former times in Okinawa I should I didn't practice saying I'm not a extensively Taichi it was considered of paramount importance psyche training value in language function y is not a factor would be practiced many times every day honey what time keepo how do you be much thank you what am i thankful time to dodge my decide to do I would I run King have the breathing thinking breathing is performed with the abdomen that shoulder should know right I hope it must be maintained as around then at all time you are muscle throughout the body a filled with certain but the breathing should be flowing from the throne change them to a library I'd be inhaled Samadhi nor do i when performing the game the breasts should be helping me like you know banyan sat under time their mother is targeting when are hailing from the kind and smoothly and expel the air the amount which garage Akashi our different modes of breathing according to some level of the practice hey do you know to travel family and then present nose and throat and stomach the more advanced not into making the breath and preaching you know flowing around that your open side of the head you'll send the links of the spine under the groin enticing in the ton then it is called Taiji computer River there it is exhale throat I'm an even higher level is to imagine the breath travelling all the way down all your legs from into the soles of the feet well now can excuse it about concentrating in the tund a little weight and crackled on the water cause it was diaphragm to move up and down a little more to this movement mats are using stimulates and if the internal organs are conditioner an internal developed by minutes combination with roman helping today the world develop external frame will result in the development of through chaotic power honking this reason function cutter is fundamental to convention a necessary part of the mall has already mine quinoa thanking cut there was no car door now sunchokes i up i must letting the martial art you know Mordecai told your sanction cutters humane ways from the side we know today instead of using the clothes techniques were exclusively open hand if you're happy secondly the method of breathing is not about if paddle held in the outstretched arm with one powerful breath will be blown away Master can you could go on as a client was said to be extremely powerful just got a breath it was expelled from the map that this viral I had to like the motion of a bullet makes when it leaves a gun on his return to okey now for the China it was his open hand even cutter that he first taught to do ladies in 1905 at the request of the principal and now a public commercial master he go on the began teaching the intention of the principle which educates about is I am spiritually wish to strengthen their body as well as the same time but incorrect moral values you couple of day your hand of sanction kata was a weapon when tempered was a technical ticketing in a pose that this technique was not suited for teaching to youngsters martial aspect of the martial art for income because of this mastodonic chaining open hand the closed fist emphasized this little conditioning more than the marshal out again well he also introduced a slow method of reading again to emphasize physical development however this time master he gone they intended to teach the original open hand selects to traditional - American role in the change from the open and the close of sanction and knock you know with Okinawan people who had a long history own indigenous martial art oh god contraction Immaculata natural master go on a record as a young boy and even those who had no experience at karate would naturally assume opposed to start I've been fighting with other boys yeah what can table in his younger days master chose you Miyagi under the guidance of market here is the original open hand form of tension cut that notch me in the beginning he was commonly drilled in fast explosive method of reading ah later on this method of reading things to slow and low performer nothin honey this is placed on abdominal breathing your knees bringing folks in the tongue then slowly they could my tall our world that the original function Carter from future China was adapted to suit the schoolboys of Okinawa acute and the natural leaning of the Okinawa Lin general guys awesome the open hand I came close this and the breathing became deeper and slower they they poked you a hydraulic Rito that's the cardio side yes half the master about the Miyagi continued to breakfast function Carter has it been instructed by aha but he also began to develop a research or own original version of sanction against is any master he go on the sanction country step sayonara sorry three two one step forward and then once day whereas master Miyagi sanction consistent restate scourge then without time adequate instead therefore the major difference is written mazda miata sanction tour to siberia and no turning ok whereas in one go on the sanction area the emphasis being on moving forward rubs them back I cannae this master Miyagi's theory will if the human being is not fine to walk forward but to walk backwards you know they're not natural and dangerous you cannot see where you're going I wish your me a nice authorities over centric intensely on the real me I shall write the head misdirected behind and the rear muscles jump attendants naturally she's gonna daddy it was with this fear in mind as Marco yagi developed function kata to ensure equal emphasis on moving forward and moving backward conveyed it both the sequence of sanction cartels developed by master Mikey very sensual does the theory behind it involved in physiological and psychological principles is extremely capable Condon I the recent research shows moving backwards rather like a remedy a variety of lower back complaints is there a change which the master Miyagi is proved that'll be way ahead of his time but he also spoke to this beneficial sanction frame which many years ago be sure Second World War this kind of detailed and thorough innovative thinking NASA Miyagi develop sense will tell them I know it today how do you convey when I do something you know George's on satellite with human being on some areas of the body that are not normally usually and to be neglected and forgotten of now it is a unit to develop the front of the point for example people often forget about the back areas I want him us the human body were not in as degenerative a classic example of this is the feet oh my gosh a ball thousands of years ago when people were about any kind of foot support the foot was much stronger or desperate than it is today I know that people wear shoes all day long the foot has been badly neglected meters lost his natural dexterity in that ring I see this same weakening conditionals will happen to the lower back also is not used concentration in my awareness given to the lower back in sanctions out there will correct this degeneration hey gingy same attends focusing a power that is concentrated when we're buried when we're not much car the aerosol soles of the feet the heels is the budgets in the back we thought must all be correct attention to these pointed back will become stronger and technique honey mother other change the master my ki introduced with the breathing mature it master Miyagi's methods the breathing is much slower with the emphasis being on executing these techniques the strength to develop more power what Doughboy you reach there Shekar dear to understand this more fully in my lifting a 5 kilogram father doesn't know today it's not listed normally to use the white easy however if you imagine this thing problem look around Skidmore and then try a little bit with this image in my much more training will completely resulted in this develop an hour much current ridiculous like why if you practice thanks you might meet slowly right quick city but you can't double the amount of power your body actually has honey then you develop even break the string I right there hold you hold or say that champagne so he'll came to you side a bit Jemison joke what now must he go under will explain them to my beginning posture thanking husband you know come and see this underwent change after 1940 by the against IRA whatever they sang think Arthur begins from the super duck catches the hands crossed in front of the growing area by dr. Sanjay mwah the Second World War honey sanction Carter would begin from the position but then the fist would be drawn to the sides in hey kodachi s unit right at beginning the cutter itself the show re you son named me after the search angel in 1948 come after me ah he decided that one ready posture with sufficient interoperation for the cutter Cena because other students of Martin Miyagi were busy after the war ranking for themselves and their own amassed Aniki Miyagi trashy mustard race you know that I learned this way haha how my right is still acceptable to begin hey sug artist at your function and tension kata to my position their basic totally pointless but the cashier at the Exide Ike's through super in pain or dealing with musubi dachi come I represent a second each owe me real combat no kamae is the true come on okay and the outside with the opposition appears common natural inside however there's a little the spirit is ready Tory I knew the slightest movement all yeah company put a lot come back to us I can eat oh yes I'm here core demo you okay sure about whether this car a car my study think could agree when you put it man that semester the teeny gonna times Gino shimai which is sometimes translated as testing more actually this arrived is this thing a student my gosh man that is for the students benefit their career I open focuses muscles and concentration correctly it is very terse the student of history essential in order to bring out develop strengths can lay of Corti did not possession at all well he may is not so much teaching as helping this weekend you know the training a skillet itemization Anita Nene has killed hominid animus whatever the pole now master he Corona will explain him demonstrate the key points of shimmy using an artist for them all she may kisara you treat this make us a la bikina create a instructor must not in the feet to ensure that the soles of the feet are firmly rooted to the floor try and insert the finger under the student tration in this Arizona another marker on that era the physical condition of a student by cleaning the top of the engine if he determined as the students condition with no food or no way if you just continue the train about you write a shoe next check my knees and the tension on the buttocks by feeling these air home what's your human this will help the student to focus in the leg the humidity once this has been achieved and brighten the area checked is shown so the next check spoken hypen them you don't side about as you have students concentration will naturally be focused in that area UMass this applies to the shoulders also so you like after the shoulders check the latissimus a mariner punishment interacting shoulders do not hit forcefully without the only eyes fans of the area good to the student then strike down from above yeah you I didn't either improper focus correct one leg is stronger than the other then this do I make fall to one side you may have the shoulders will encourage tightening of all the muscles in the body I'm the social looking day she also inherits the students overall posture mine is erect question is as well as correcting technique strike used as the effect of stimulating the whole confession - she might conditions and trains to mind a little bit in the body I say I'll also be a penguin will appear shaman Alice thought she may unifies the mine hundreds funny to bring out the true it's how inherent in the swimsuit Allah is important to realize today is a lot more I can give my hairs of the body pathology what that for your big idea during warning the student must be conscious of his movements his mother and his breathing if he is preoccupied with the strikes then he will not be able to cut it correctly and the other hand empty you went on the chocolate or cookie harmonizing the breath with the movement concentrate humor hand in then he will not be aware of the painful and Rinna she may has a determined methodology so it should always be following she me that she made my voice begin in the bottom with their feet and work up the boy is not a common I suppose with a dick with when striking the oldest do not break very close to the neck is this feeling very shy when I just always think the actually show the hair start cutting our patio I think it is important to observe your view after you go on as a teacher test attention he is by pressing with the finger doesn't ask you cold or she might do it the back muscles are imagining get over a paint originating with direct so now that here we sure did skip yeah no my corner with them was fresh units only in front of the school you must've had a student inhale hi then as the fifties push forward at and then student to combine breath into focus power correctly what about them so got a kind us you must feel anger okay shake does the legs and button mother still folk you think about I did try not I'd have the strangest drones thing over the more resistance got the amount of strength to use for the instructor will depend on the student the tight ignited by wrong and unhelpful so much respect that the student could not have you know tired I see out of it always take into account the harm no direct yeah yeah thought the purpose if she may is to develop the students strengths instructor must be aware of the students condition at all time I don't care now much you should observe the skin color what about a note any signs of mainly little sickness walks tedious Fodor deimata fatty daddy knows she's always a Russian a man can also be a biotin but to instrumented Aeneas who dies the film Akasha one stands behind the one in the brahma-samhita by Michelle tonight on each miracle that informative I was even known for foreign directors to assist once you'd die catalyst in all it - you don't know cut it like what I shown it but as I'm sure I do Shekhar schedule you know that you are oh thank you know she made vol us