Google has preannounced the January 2020 Core Update

humming Zima an e-commerce marketing specialist and Google just pre-announced another algorithm update the rules still apply that you need to be an expert at the subject you're talking about on your website online you need to present your brand and your personal brand as an authority meaning you need to be featured in high authority places and you need to generate buzz and social buzz around your brand and you have to be trustworthy an opinion of trust can't have some bias when you look at it and quality graders physical humans are actually helping Google by reviewing sites on the internet and they're grading them by these criteria the list is actually exhaustive but as long as you're producing high-quality content you're marketing it online to other websites and getting them excited about your content and you're also drawing in people from social media because SEO is much broader than just one single search engine there are many search engines so really take advantage of all of the organic marketing potential that your brand has and stay ahead of the current by creating high quality content how many of you are creating great content and it's seeing stellar results in Google drop a comment below