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the more we learn about the great white the more complex the animal becomes it reaps the benefits of being warm-blooded just like the Macko and the great white has an enormous brain growing to almost two feet it has to be smarter than your average fish because its main prey seals are themselves large brain social mammals but a recent discovery is hinting at off-the-scale intelligence in the great white shark great whites were once thought to stay relatively close to shore but with the development of high-powered satellite tags we've discovered that we don't know this shark at all great whites have been tracked making seasonal migrations across entire oceans from South Africa to Australia and from New Zealand to the sunlit shores of tropical New Caledonia and Tonga the longest recorded migrations of any fish and the weird thing is they travel in virtually a dead straight line how they do it is a complete mystery but that are tantalizing clues we know they spend most of their time in the top few feet of water during their LOC migrations and great whites are well known for their ability to see above the waterline so some scientists believe that great whites are navigating by the stars in a celestial journey across the seas this killer of the deep may have discovered the heavens and is using astronomical knowledge to travel across a quarter of the globe you