I did a lot of drinking a lot of smoking weed would you recommend that to the people No [Music] what is up you guys welcome back to our Channel today we're going to be teaching you yes you how to get over a break before we get into it make sure to subscribe like this video do all the things that you would have done if you hadn't said that let's go ahead and get on into it also we haven't broken up by the way we're not giving you advice because we didn't break up yeah never gonna happen so I wrote a few things down and the first thing that I thought was give yourself time you can't get over someone in like an hour after watching this video you're probably still not gonna be over it I think that's more of like a mental state than anything because when something terrible happens you have to tell yourself okay this is temporary with time it will pass gonna take time for you to come around don't expect things to just happen well then the next hot tip that we have for you guys is to take care of yourself don't lay in bed all day crying get up take a bath do a backbone through a facemask do your hair cute do your makeup cute make a tinder profile of what have you ever done youtubers say it was really weird anyway I'm gonna dump you again anyone going through my breakup will take you to the club head of some know what see on screen the third one that I have for you guys is finding a new hobby this will help take your mind off of things and you actually might find some things out about yourself that you didn't know that you liked have you done these tips did you find a new hobby woman yeah I used to color a lot I would get like a dual coloring books and I would color and I that's a good night yeah so have these drops your mind you're going through a breakup go to Hobby Lobby girl get yourself some coloring books some nice colored pencils put on some jams and soft jazz [Music] hello there you go it relieves stress yeah probably distracts your mind yeah I have to like put myself into a new situation to be able to forget about the past we have talked about this a little bit but be around friends and family so don't stay holed up in your room go out and force yourself because wait in the moment you're not going to want to obviously you're sad you want to just be alone but that's all oh and you're pressing on and taking you out let's go just go out you don't have to stay out all night but you'll feel better when you're out there you're distracting your mind you're pushing yourself bored instead of wallowing in it that's that was the number one thing the I did and the only breakup that I've ever been through you can't just do one of these tips - you don't want to do all of them you have to do all them or at least most of them just being around friend isn't gonna automatically cure everything and even all these are not a cure-all it's the most thing is gonna be time to give yourself time yourself time time to watch our videos whatever you're going through a breakup just watch all of our videos go and then so another one that I wrote down is making plans for the future and getting excited about them so instead of sitting it down and just thinking about how sad and your life is right now make like a future plan make some gold and then get excited about those goals things to think about things that you want to manifest there are things that you really want to do whether it's a career or a hobby or something like that and excited for them I start thinking about there a lot of breakups how many big breakups have you been through like for one person or like how many breakups from one person what because like my ex we've already got red top and you go exhale your breakup to get back together okay I'm talking about many people have you been broken up with two but maybe like 10 throughout the to another tip that I wrote down is when you're ready start meeting other people do a little flirty text every once in a while hot lady oh man I don't even - I think some people just really need to like hop into what elderly you see this with like YouTube couples that bring up a lot like sometimes they break up in the next second there have another relation area we just find you know like everyone processes if you're already moved past it and it doesn't matter I casually dated like a bunch of people before I met Julia and just like so many people no I'm not I'm going to people but like I put myself out there and I needed time to find what I liked in a person because I think that I didn't realize what I wanted so this one that I wrote down I thought was pretty genius because like who doesn't like a new show find a new series to watch like hello that's genius when you're never seen Dexter there you go if you're watching this and you're going through a breakup turn on Dex tiny TV right now my favorite show ever I forever have a man crush on crush gonna say a man crush if I'm not a man what's a man crush I have a man crush on Dexter you already start murdering gee what are you trying to say no the next tip is to allow yourself to be upset I think a lot of times people want to be strong people want to feel like oh I'm not bothered they bottle things up they don't let themselves cry even it's gonna prolong the process just let it out girl go and that's it for two hours right in the bathtub then when you're done get up color go out with friends watch Dexter move on but let yourself feel if you're feeling it you're dressed to fight for your feelings whatever you're feeling people still do that anymore next one that I wrote down is talking about it with someone that you feel comfortable whether it's a best friend a sister a brother family member cousin comment on this video to you on us yam ups last one that I wrote down is don't forget to love yourself and treat yourself make yourself feel good I don't know how to explain that into words but just treat yourself good if you're going through a hard thing but you're human we all go through hard things means really I have both been to breakups you're gonna go through breakups sometimes you want to like blame yourself and you want like guilty and you feel good right yeah don't don't do that you're on the right path everything's gonna be from everything's meant to be if it's meant to be it'll come back to you if it's not meant to be if you broke up with me I would not follow these steps what would you do crying police are up I would cry my reebok if you broke up with me I was laughs okay yeah the only way that she would break up with me is if I did something really awful yeah probably killed someone you'd be like kind of liked it but are we gonna hide the body tell me about the hardest breakup that you've ever better oh my gosh honestly the hardest breakup that I ever went through was my very first girlfriend she cheated on me we broke it up you're out there watching this video I was young so like and it was like my first like I would say love but she was like the first like serious girl I ever was in love with so I was very heartbroken and I was very sad did you follow these stuffs um no I did a lot of drinking a lot of smoking weed would you recommend that the people no did it not make it worse I was off my rocker no it got better um I surrounded myself was like I had a lot of roommates at the time and I went out and did stuff with them a lot and then they were trying to set me up with people and then II went on a lot weird days not a lot of where people anyway basically went down a rabbit hole that was my 18 year old breakup what would you say was the thing that helped you the most throughout that breakup was it surrounding yourself with your roommates like you said yeah yeah just going out and doing stuff we would like go to like not bars hasn't old enough but like clothes all right eat some hot ladies okay so after that you got into a different relationship right when you went through this second relationships break up was it also friends that helped you to go through that wasn't no I think I was healthier with that breakup because with the breakup before I didn't really want it I still wanted to be at that person but the second breakup I was like completely like just like this is so stupid I just want to be done it still sucked it was still a breakup but I would color and I would go on dates with people and meet people and I look at my sisters so like me and my sister like would hang out all the time you would just be like weird hi baby Oh would they know when we're filming and they just stay away from us we're filming like going in here and then I look dog you did that same thing it's not gonna go when you're talking like just what you're gonna do for me a part of that breakups no thanks anyway yeah I just surrounded myself with people on the mouth with my sister and that one was a lot easier because I think I just let put everything behind me and I just move forward the moral of the story with our experiences is that being around people friends and family people that love and support you being able to talk about it that's a I think of something that really can you talk about your breakup with somebody I've got my friends I would do a lot of drinking and then I think I think I was burying it down because then I would randomly just start crying so I was like distracting myself but I wasn't also taking the time to like take care of myself and feel a feeling so I think it's important to have a healthy balance of it there you go crying not crying crying crying cry then stop crying and go out and have fun and then come back crying more do anything rudl but you got recipes for happiness yeah and Julia what did you guys think are you going through a breakup was this helpful do we need to stop making videos like this before our embarrassing ourselves and let us know all right we need a notification day's push notification shout-out go secure us don't we love you thank you having your puzzle institutions turned on now that you do you're never gonna miss a video that's true so shout out to Kiera you're it girl you're ready are you would you guys like shout out just like Keira all you have to do is click the little bell down there leave a little comment down there say maybe turn 70 you doesn't even call it we don't know everyone's talking about so say you turned it on yeah then we're gonna shout you out baby I don't know we get a lot of those comments we just have to pick a randomly so maybe you leave like 10 comments I don't know Turki today we're gonna get breakup circle Park of the day that's our last step twerk alot honestly throw on some like her music and just mm-hmm not that but now don't do that no all right you have anything else to say before I shut the camera off no all right thanks so much for watching guys