Hard Drivin GEN

hey guys as some of you know I just picked up this hard driving game for the Sega Genesis recently and haven't played it now I have to say this is a really awesome game actually I really like this game um kind of reminds me of the old pc games i used to play games like stunts early 3d racing games this one's a little more simple there's only one car you can't pick your car but you know this was an arcade game and it was released to the Sega Genesis in 1991 was done by a company called sterling silver I believe and pretty much programs by a few guys and these guys were pretty much the guys that did most of the 3d games on the Sega Genesis there weren't a whole lot of 3d games on the Sega Genesis you know other than you know obviously some of the good ones like Virtua racing with the SBP chip but this game here achieves like a through a true 3d polygon you know environment without any special hardware so they used a lot of programming tricks to get 3d out of the Sega Genesis which really shouldn't have been able to do so the sky it does run really slow that's the first thing you know that you're going to notice it runs really slow like four or five frames per second incredibly slow the controls aren't as bad as I thought because although the game runs slow the controls aren't completely as likely as the graphics are it's kind of hard to explain I mean it is a little hard to control but but it's certainly playable once you get used to it um so anyways here's the game nothing on video model has drawn there we go so there it is sterling silver software these are the guys that program the game like same now there's not too many options like I said you can't pick your car but you can't pick auto or manual and there's a clutch I repeat there is a clutch and this game you actually have the press the C button to engage the clutch to change gears so pretty cool for Janice's game the time I would expect that Oh energy trying to go off to the right you can go straight straight is the speed track or you take this off to where you take this off to the right and this is the stunt track so kind of like stunts like I said there is like you know jumps and reach and stuff it's kind of why everyone's yum checklist an awesome game you can't go too fast a banana I so here's the loop basically have to get enough speed but you don't want to get too much me saoirse there's the frame ridiculously so I'm kind of hard to head on to a semi there every time you crash it gives you a replay and so basically you got to get the check point it's not right at a time typical racing now which stars every time you crash we got the bank you can't go too fast too obviously exactly what happens there pulls you off the road and you smash up my plans tracked and like I said it is pretty playable it runs a little slow but you know once you get used to it it's so I'll do the speedrun this time instead of so now there's no ranch there's no boots just considering we're talking about a Sega Genesis to put a 5 mega processor no 3d hardware really assisting that you wouldn't expect to handle any 3d capabilities yes broke it off so there's a speed now I qualify for the championship so the whole point of this is you got to get around the track fast enough to qualify for the championship now Pam had yeah thought when you finished but when you went over the finish line it would finish the race for you have none I'm just going to let time run out because I have qualified but yeah it's just an shipped of I you so it's going to boot me out now and the championship is a race against phantom phantom challenges you know crashing only ten seconds off road so here we're both going to go through the stunt oh we're both going to go there he is there basically I just wanna beat I is like a ghost guy that's why I could go through him crashing I supposed to be able to hit up my check out go through that we found seems like I said once you just wants to get the hand of this game it handles really well you know put the fact that it hit the screen the frame and I'm disqualified he's met crash it almost made it see there so there's me I win and that's hard driving it's a pretty good game I like it