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it's been quite a while since we've seen an on a phone you're on c4e tech but let's change that today this year is honors new owner and on a9x it's got an all screen display a public camera and on paper the specs all seem to add up for the price so is the owner nine Xaphoon worth your attention and more importantly your money that is what we're gonna be finding out in today's video hey guys ash here from c4 e Tekken if you do end up liking what you see here please go ahead subscribe turn on notifications by hitting that Bell icon let's now get this review started during a time with a 9 X there were quite a few features that stood out to us the display obviously being the biggest one so let's start right with that and this here is a six point five nine inch full view panel that means no notches no punch holes it's just an uninterrupted Full HD plus IPS LCD panel all the way even the bezel surrounding it a quick tip on all claims a screen to body ratio of oh one 90% and even making room for some marketing names this is one of the most attractive offerings in the segment at least with regards to the display of course it's not an AMOLED panel so we did miss those inky blacks but for an IPS panel a did quite well the colors were rich the display can get really bright for easy sunlight legibility and the viewing angles excellent as expected America bench watched all three episodes of Dracula on the 9x he was pretty impressed talking about which there is white one-on-one support so everything from Netflix to Amazon Frank can be streamed in HD quality now I'll be around the topic of watching movies and TV shows the speaker here that was a bit of a letdown the bottom firing speaker doesn't get too loud it's also quite easy to muffle depending on how you grip this phone the sound through the headphone jack though that was quite good quite clean now the second feature on our list no surprises here it's that 16 megapixel selfie camera the only way I could fit it into this full view display or rather fit it in along with us will do display was to move the cell camera to the top edge the pop-up mechanism works well and it never felt slow now coming to the selfies themselves they look well detailed the colors are true to life and even the background isn't blown out we also have a portrait mode in here and honor has included the options to customize the background bokeh owner is calling this 3d portrait lighting and it's a fun little feature now if the one downside of having this pop-up camera is that there is no support for face and lock on this phone honest seems to have disabled edge so the only means of biometric authentication is with the fingerprint scanner that's present to the back of this phone it's fast it's snappy and it gets the job done talking about what's on the back we also find these three cameras here the primary it's a 48 megapixel sensor and it's got good dynamic range the colors are vivid zooming into the picture of the flowers here we can see that there's quite a bit of detail in this shot of the yellow and white flower you can also notice the natural blurring of the background or the bokeh attack so that F 1.8 lends the sense of spared with overall good looking images on par with the rest of the competition out there under low-light though this camera does struggle even with a night mode on the pictures come out looking soft with almost a watercolor effect of all of them the second camera is an 8 megapixel ultra wide and it maintains the vibrant look and feel of the pictures the detail levels and dynamic range are good for an ultra wide for this segment finally the last sensor in here it's a 2 megapixel depth sensor and when it comes to edge deduction as for portraits it's alright for the most part the 3d lighting effects from the selfie camera they return here do no moving on to videos the on a 9 X the resolution here it tops out at 1080p at 60fps however there is a ton of focus hunting the 60fps ensures the footage is smooth but there is no stabilization in comparison 1080p 30 it looks somewhat better doot-doot stabilization and we still have instances where the camera loses focus the footage isn't that sharp either overall videography is not the 9 axis strong suit honestly it's that they're 720p video comes with a a stabilization and here's the sample I'm gonna let you guys be the judge let me know what you think of it in the comments though now if I were to sum of the cameras on the 9x I guess it's best described as par for the course it does well and brightly lit conditions but subpar low-light performance combined with multiple issues while capturing video footage meant it failed impress now the next thing to catch our eye was mui hey that rhymed i you know what coming back sorry for being distracted no I didn't catch our attention because it did something out of the ordinary in fact this is just regular old mui 9.1 running on top of android 9 pi not even Android 10 everything from Play Store to Google services like maths and Gmail they were just fine and that was the surprise here initially we went in thinking we might face some issues and I'm sure by this time all of you guys are well aware of the u.s. trade ban and while we're being cut off from Google services but when it comes to the 9x everything worked perfectly fine since this phone was seemingly certified before the ban now when it comes to features mui has a ton of gesture controls and handy modes like for example the right moment of one-handed mode and even a simple mode that makes all the icons bigger and larger and gives a much louder audible feedback every time you touch one of the or one of the icons I imagine it's something that the elderly and visually challenged might find useful as far as performance goes well the chip inside the honor 9x is the Canon 710 F and that's coupled with either 4 or 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of on-board storage we have to have a hybrid Tsin slot for memory expansion if you need it then back to that kid in 710 F I know some of you might be wondering what does the F at the end of the kilian 710 stand is it something like the 730 and the 730 G not really the 17 and the 710 F are basically the same chip there are some minor architectural changes here but at the end of the day with regards to performance they're basically the same there is no performance upgrade with the newer chip now that said when it comes to most daily tasks it still holds up fine but we did face some lag here and there while jumping between ABS or when there were a few too many chrome tabs open when it comes to games surprisingly the malluci 51 GP you inside the clearance I mean D&F it held up quite well yes there were the occasional lag spikes and resource intense games but overall the performance here was much better than what I initially expected I guess GPU turbo 3.0 is doing its job pretty well then that being said it's still quite some ways behind the competition like whatever read me or real me are offering in this segment for example read me has that mediatek helio g9 TT protein redmi note 8 pro real me is God that Snapdragon 712 touring well you've got quite a few phones with the Sam dragon 712 but hey there are quite a lot of options in this segment that do perform better with regards to GPU at least now moving on to the battery life we have a 4000 mAh battery here and this turned out to be another surprise but not in a good way this time for some reason the battery life on the 9x seemed to fall behind other 4000 mAh battery devices that we've tested in the recent past you guys saw that in our drain test as well but in real life you are barely making it through a day at the end of most days where other phones in this segment would have 20-25 percent juice left the 9x was on its last legs as far as charging goes we have and included 10 watt charger so no support for fast charging neither honestly the battery life and the specs they feel like a letdown for me they just don't feel competitive enough by 2020 or even late 2019 standards ok so before we wrap this one up let's have a quick chat about the rest of the device we have a gradient back design here it looks nice but it's not really unique at 196 grands the 9 X is on the heavier set of things and thanks to that 6.5 nine inch panel we found ourselves using the phone with both hands most of the time overall the build here is solid but some corners have been cut the entire body is made out of plastic no gorilla glass for protection is nothing in particular as mentioned on the owners side as far as pricing goes 14 thousand rupees is what the 4 gig version of the honor 9x comes in at so for that price it feels like a mixed bag now if you really like the full screen display and the pop-up camera then I guess you could kind get this a shot but if we take a look at the overall package that owners put together then there are like I said earlier in this video way too many phones in this segment that offer better value there'd be no they've Pro the real me five Pro the galaxy I'm 30 years just to name a few there's nothing massively wrong with the 9x it's just that early 2020 it feels the competition just has more to offer at this price point and that's my two cents so now I want to know what do you guys think do you like the honor 9x would you consider going for it in this price point let me know in the comments below and with that we get to the end of this review thumbs up thumbs down based on whatever you felt about it subscribe turn on notifications by hitting that Bell icon if you haven't yet and thanks a lot for watching til next time my name's ash you've been watching c4 attack and I'm signing off for now you guys have a great day bye bye