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hi guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna be talking about how I got pregnant really fast when I found out I had PCOS so me and my husband did try for a while and when we figured out that nothing was working after trying for six months to get pregnant we realized something was wrong so I ended up going to my doctor and I found that that I had PCOS because my insulin was so high and my male testosterone was really hot as well so I did find out I'd PCOS from that so I'm gonna be talking about six tricks that I did I'm gonna point out to you guys that these tricks that may or may not have helped me get pregnant and they may help you I'm not sure but I'm gonna go ahead and explain you guys what I did anyway the very first tip on my list is do not stress I think this is what caused me not to get pregnant so quickly because I did stress myself out so so much that it was doing an effect on my body so just don't stress don't let it get to you at all whatsoever the second tip is tracking my ovulation in period I did use the app oviya & Glow app to check my ovulation in period I think these two apps do work well together because I did use the Go app a lot they have a community page where you can make an account and you will go on there and other people are trying as well so you can get a little positive box from other people that are going through the same thing as you guys um and it also does giving you an idea for you guys you and your partner to have an idea when to try again to increase your chances also okay if you guys see me looking down I'm actually I have some notes here okay the third thing on my list is dieting and exercise after I found out I had PCOS my doctor I shall recommend it that I would die in exercise so it would increase my chances and I believe that helped as well because I was a lot more overweight that I am now and I believe that did help me because I did get pregnant two months later after I started losing weight okay and also the fourth thing on my list is eat lots of fruits because fruits contain a lot of vitamins and it increases the quality of the egg I did look this up I don't know if it works or not but it could have worked I'm not sure it could have helped increase the chances or not but it's worth a try okay the fifth thing in my list my doctor um gave me was Provera this helps regulate your period because my period was solely regular I didn't know when I would all be late I didn't know the next time I would start my period so it's good to get your period under control and regular at first so you have an idea when to keep trying if that makes sense each month so prevail I did do things that works a lot because like I said after I got pregnant I found out I got pregnant two months after I started all of this with PCOS okay the sixth thing on my list is metformin it's also another medicine you could take it's actually a sugar pill but they do give it for PCOS patients and I really do think this works because I took Provera the first month and then the second month I took metformin with it Pro Vera and that's the month I got pregnant I did get pregnant after metformin I do you think this does help so much with PCOS for me I don't know if it will work for any of you guys but I do think it worked I did work for me all of it like I'm saying I don't know if it may or may not we'll help you guys but I do wish everyone luck out there and lots of baby dust your way I really do hope that you found that moment like I did in the morning when I found out that I was pregnant with my bf P I was super excited and had so many tears in my eyes and my daughter's now three months old and it's the best busing I've ever had in my life she is so so worth everything that I went through like I said do not stress whatsoever because if you stress it does having a huge effect on her body and just if it's not your time this month just look at next month to just keep moving forward and just say hey it might be in my time next month you know just never lose hope and I'll keep you guys in my prayers so you guys will have that chance one day because I do think that any woman that wants to be a mother so bad does deserve it they do deserve that chance to love someone of their own that's their own kid you guys so so much for watching if you guys want to be part of my YouTube family I want to personally go together with me just subscribe to my channel if you guys want to see any more videos like my birth story for instance I'll see you guys in my next video bye