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Dia duit agus fáilte ar ais In this video we're going to take five words, and I'm going to explain to you what the Irish is for these words let's have a look at the pictures first so first up here, we have an umbrella then we have a snowman next then we have a camera then a watch finally, a frying pan So let's look at the first one there - an umbrella The Irish word for umbrella is scáth fearthainne scáth fearthainne you will use this if it was raining Ag car fearthainne is raining - ag cur fearthainne, so mar shampla Tá mo scáth fearthainne faoi réir agam I have my umbrella ready Tá mo scáth fearthainne faoi réir agam The next picture we saw then was this one, a picture of a snowman The Irish word for snowman is fear sneachta fear sneachta sneachta is snow and ag cur sneachta is snowing So for example - Rinneamar fear sneachta = we made a snowman Rinneamar fear sneachta Rinne is the past tense of the Irish verb Déan - to do or make A couple of months ago I made a video on that verb Déan You can check out that video if you'd like, I'll leave a link on the top of the screen there now You'll see it coming across the top of the screen, and I'll also leave a link in the description Ceart go leor, an chéad focail eile Alright, the next word - Camera in Irish it's ceamara, so it sounds very very similar, ceamara, and fón ceamara is a camera phone which of course you would use to take a photograph - Grianghraf is photograph - grianghraf Tá an fón tar éis áit an cheamara a ghlacadh The phone has taken over or replaced the camera Tá an fón tar éis áit an cheamara a ghlacadh Next we have this which is a picture of a watch the Irish word for watch is uaireadóir and uaireadóir cliste is a smart watch - uaireadóir cliste Fuair mé uaireadóir óir mar bhronntanas - I got a gold watch as a present Fuair mé uaireadóir óir mar bhronntanas Before we go through the last picture Don't forget to stay tuned to the very end of this video where I will show you all the pictures again without me saying anything so you can test yourself to see if you remember. So that brings us to our final picture then which is this - a frying pan Friochtán is the Irish word for a frying pan friochtán, and Inside the frying pan you might see that there's an egg, by the looks of it Ubh is the Irish word for egg - Ubh ubh fhriochta is a fried egg ubh fhriochta An réiteoidh mé ubh duit? will I prepare you, or will I do you an egg? An réiteoidh mé ubh duit? So now let's look at all those pictures again I'm going to just let the pictures play out here one after the other and you can test yourself now to see if you remember the Irish word for all these pictures, so here they are If you would like to subscribe to this channel, please hit the subscribe button and up on screen you'll see some more similar videos that I've made recently Go raibh maith agat agus tóg go bog é. Thank you and take it easy.