How to VLOG on your Phone 5 Tips for Beginners


Mike Chudley


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so you want to start making videos you want to start blogging but you've got no idea where to start you're watching the right video so here's my five tips for vlogging on your phone [Music] tip 1 prepare your phone now this is very simple but it's just about making sure you've got enough memory and space on your phone filming editing and saving videos can take up a lot of room so let's just make sure that your phone is ready for it if you want to try and keep the file size down of each clip the film go into your video settings on your phone and select 1080p 30 frames a second that'll be a much smaller file size than if you were to film in 4k 60 frames a second another important point is to just check your battery life no one wants the phone to die while they're trying to make a video tip to always film your videos landscape never portrait if you film videos in portrait you end up with these black bars inside of your video and you post it on YouTube or Facebook and that looks and more importantly you can just fit more in frame when you film landscape tip 3 lighting is probably the most important thing to think about when making videos whether you just plug in or making a feature film lighting is crucial for example this shot that I'm filming now looks a lot better than this shot and the reason this shot isn't very well lit is because of the window behind me you see you phone also exposes on which lighting conditions it needs to be in and there's more light behind me than in front of me so my face is just really dark and you don't want that so just make sure your subjects really well lit avoid great big windows behind you and if you still outside maybe avoid the Sun behind you as well turn around and have the sunlight on your face and it's very simple but it does make a big difference tip for editing might sound a bit scary but it's crucial if you have an iPhone I recommend using iMovie it's really easy and it's free to use if you use it Android don't worry there are tons of reddit and apps you can download as well and except for I don't have an Android so I don't know what they are time just gonna put them all on a screen you can cover look so the basic premise with editing a video on your phone is you import the clips you edit the clips in order and then you export the video if you're super confused about this editing section of the video don't worry there is millions of YouTube videos on how to edit very basic videos so don't overthink it just have a look at a couple other videos and they should be able to help you out tip 5 now this might sound very cliche we just need to make a start and you just need to practice your xx video and guarantee will be far better than your first video Steven Spielberg definitely didn't make Saving Private Ryan off his very first go he probably made thousands of films and attempted thousands of videos before he produced something of that level just don't overthink it I would just stop filming whatever you can whenever you can get your head around editing on those apps get your head around posting on Facebook and YouTube just keep doing it and you'll get better my very first video is nowhere near as good as the videos I make now hopefully that's down to judgment but you've just gotta make a start and you've just gotta do just gotta practice let's quickly recap pay phone very simple make sure you've got enough room and then return your phone make sure your battery is not gonna die and if need be drop the video settings down to 1080p 30 frames that'll mean you have a lower file size always filming videos landscape never portrait portrait is amateur and you don't need it landscape much better and you can fit more in frames so why not lighting is so important it's probably the most important thing so if you get anything from this video just remember to make sure your video isn't good light it avoid backlit situations if there's a giant window behind you and that's over exposing too much avoid that turn around and have that light facing you or if you're outside have the Sun facing new looks and much nicer basic editing apps make sure you get your head round after 15-20 minutes I'm sure you'll get used to iMovie or any free app that you use on your phone they're so simple to use all you need to do really when you first make a video is just the line of Clips and export video so it's really simple and just make a start just practice just film whatever you can whenever you can post it on Facebook and YouTube just get your head around making videos now like I said you're 23 do will be far better than your first video that pretty much wraps up this video I hope you took some value from this and I hope that this is how to out if you've never made a video before you can just start on your phone we've all got smart phones in our pockets so yeah there's nothing else than more for me to say just have fun with it and practice and thanks for watching I'll see you soon [Music]