every time I'd write all the stories you get irony what is up you guys welcome back to me and Julia's channel if you're new here this is my beautiful wife Julia and we like to break each other and you guys for whatever reason like to watch [Music] today I've been seeing something circling around YouTube I always say that but it's like I never come up with pranks myself I mean I'm just not a prank type of person so I see a prank that somebody else has done and then I execute it myself it's called I can't stop kissing you prank and I thought this would be perfect because I'm not the most in your face tip a lovely person like when you get home I don't just want to smother you and kisses so I thought this would be interesting to see what she thinks if I pull this prank on her before we get into it make sure to subscribe hit that like button if you like us pranking each other because I've seen you guys in the comments prank each other please bring each other where's more pranks so here's your prank so subscribe hit that Bell and let's go ahead and set up so I think I'm gonna do it in the living room that way when she first comes home she just like maybe sits on the couch because sometimes she'll like go to the bathroom or go to the bedroom or something so hopefully I can get her to sit down and stuff so let me click set up but let me show you something so funny and I mean Julia drink way too much and somehow ordered a piano I'm trying to cover a dress we ordered a piano and it literally just showed up at our front door you're wondering what that is I'm not going to move it because it's heavy because it's a whole piano so as you can tell there's not very many places to hide a camera so maybe I'll hide one in this plant or somehow on here Frank where should I hide the camera Frank you're just gonna sunbathe they're not even gonna help me great and then maybe I will set up another camera somewhere over here I'm not quite sure I'll figure it out let's get to it these blinds are very bright it's very sunny day so I'm gonna close these okay so I think that's pretty good I don't think she'll be able to tell but you never know what you're wondering this is style 101 [Music] okay I don't think he'll be able to tell this one either I'm so good at this y'all bring mommy Frank [Music] so it's taking her a lot longer than expected to come home so I'm gonna quick call her see what's up hi are you still at work oh where are you oh cool I just was wondering where you are I miss you yeah well I guess I'll see you in a second then it's love you bye hello Kate okay she's almost here so oh oh if you get so nervous importance pranks work in the day to work in the prank for torque torque okay tort pork okay we need to get ready Frank it's you I know it won't actually be bigger I think it's smaller than normal and because 54 really missed you so the house that we were at today the guy who the guy who owned it yeah the guy who owned it we got what the guy who owned it thanks anyway sorry the guy who owned it he clearly looked in his own elect electrical work and so he Frank want some kisses anyway I'm trying to tell you a story they got your mom did he clearly did his own electrical work what every time I tell this story to kids already why the guy who owned it literally didn't own electrical work because when we opened up the electric panel okay there's your film now I can get [Music] [Music] pretty rough things anyway so the screws were this long so it was poking into the wires Wow what do you want for me nothing you want something you do I don't you want something what do you want nothing you want to go out go out there I don't know usually when you kiss me like this it's because give me your kind of warm me I'm not like did you do something yeah no I did I didn't do anything can I kiss you that's it that's why why you have any ulterior motive oh I don't believe you I just can't want to kiss my wife what's the problem what do you mean wait what no baby what you see it are you filming me why are you trying to seduce me in front of you you you perfect you've been exposed have you not seeing this prey it's the I can't stop kissing you prank you have lipstick all over your break yeah what I thought you just liked me no sorry just a prank drive lipstick all over me my lipsticks gone I don't know it was I the last person to prank you were you the last person present no idea we ever did a prank in a really long time no some people thought that me buying you a car with a prank what because it was like a surprise and so it was like people thought that I was like pranked ya I didn't get it and now here it is you know which it kind of was I guess I know I guess you know like my brain I don't get it Oh guys my prank didn't go very well I'm not the very best pranker sighted what was the outcome have you not seen it I felt like this video I think for Maddy and Elijah he like couldn't stop kissing her or whatever when she came home and I was like oh I wonder how Julia would react because she kept saying like oh my gosh my makeup my makeup I was like should I probably won't say that I wish you kiss me like that more often you could even get to your story I still don't remember what your story was about I was almost died today and you still don't care do you know how you're gonna get me back now then since my prank is just awful apparently now kissing each other as a prank it sounded better in my head okay mmm yep now you got me in a mood no no so I'm gonna because I knew the rest of the days are pranks on you Oh today's notification shout-out goes to press it oh yeah Chelsea burglars we love you thank you so much for having your notifications turned on if the rest of you guys would like a notification shout-out to you all you have to do is click the little bell icon next to subscribe button and then comment down below spend eternity doing this reminds me like Adams family those like Han [Music] the hand like oh I don't know it's family you joking I think this is the end of our relationship we're actually gonna go now bye anyway maybe you want a notification click the bell icon comment down below and then you might be in our next video no no no Lauren going ah thanks for watching guys we love you stay tuned for Julia's pregnant no it's probably not gonna be as good as mine even though - dad that's the way are you I love you love you bye