I am rose I'm currently 18 years old I've had my fair share of heartbreaks since I started dating when I was 14 but my experience in my recent relationship with my 20 year old ex-boyfriend been broke not just my heart but my identity as well how this happened will be very shocking to you when I met Ben six months ago I had just gotten over a breakup because I couldn't make things work with my long-distance ex-boyfriend Tyler also it was barely two months since I moved into a new city with my family so I easily became attached to Ben this wasn't just because I was emotionally vulnerable Ben was also a nice guy he liked to spend time with me and he displayed a keen attention to everything I had to say so it was quite easy for me to trust him since I felt I could trust him I told him everything about my old life in the town I grew up in this included all my embarrassing moments while growing up and my past sexual experiences because he was a good listener who always knew the best things to say I fell in love with him so much that when he asked me out I just couldn't bring myself to say now I felt on top of the world I agreed and we started dating dating Ben was the best experience of my life even more exciting than we were just friends he introduced me to his friends and we hung out with them a lot although I had no friends of my own in the neighborhood yet I soon felt like a part of his little circle and I could call his friends my friends Ben and his friends liked rock music a lot so he went to lots of concerts together we even went on picnics I like to bend so much sometimes I even fantasized about getting married to him someday and a grand wedding ceremony attended by all the members of his favorite rock bands this was until the last month of our relationship when everything about Ben changed completely Ben downloaded a game on his mobile phone called gotcha life this game allows him to create his own anime styled characters and dressed them up in his favorite fashion outfits he could even make sure animated movies about his characters and shared them with his friends he became so sassed with this game that he was always distracted whenever we talked not paying attention to me it was very unlike Ben but I was willing to overlook it because I thought it was just a phase that would pass I thought wrong the truth was that Ben wasn't just addicted to this game as a hobby he was up to something sinister around this time I had started getting weird and insulting messages on Facebook but I couldn't tell why this happened one day while I and Ben were together I asked Ben I've been getting these unknowing messages from random people lately on Facebook is there any way I can make this stop he paused for a while before he said ignore them there's spammers the last straw was when I asked a lady who had come on Facebook to call me all sorts of terrible names why did you do this I've been getting similar messages lately according to her my facebook account was linked to a series of videos on YouTube about gotcha life she watched those videos and found a link to my facebook account below every video I decided to check out some of the videos I read the description of that YouTube channel and I saw the name of Ben in it that's when I realized that it was Ben who had created a character on gotcha life that looked like me and has the same name as mine he also made a lot of animated videos for the character based on my dark secrets such as my one-night stands and uploaded them on YouTube he even linked my Facebook account to make it all believable the videos went viral and generated a fan base on YouTube I was furious I approached Ben and we had a big fight I also found out that he used every detail of myself and I trusted him to make money off the silly videos on YouTube I felt so betrayed I broke up with him I also got YouTube to delete the channel after I reported it I learned a few valuable lessons it's better to be careful about our choices while we're still emotionally vulnerable and should be careful with the kinds of things that we share with others you never know who's gonna stab you in the back has anyone ever betrayed your trust before what lessons did you learn from it how did you deal with it you