INDO SUB HALSEY crashes BTS interview to give the scoop on their BBMAS performance BTS Halsey

oh you just want all the secret you know listen to boy we love and you could imagine some colors um cause he always told us um it's a new challenge for her too because she never done like a official choreography for her career and sir and it's our challenge sue because never you know did official performance Blake anybody so it's gonna be like a yeah fun dancing I see I see okay see this is yeah bracelet and we going over and we got house II this is Korean it's a secret hahaha a secret Fresno I just it's just so they remember me when they go when they go back to I don't get to hang out with them every day like I dunno oh just please wait for her dance no I'm really really into the best these guys are she's doing this is perfect yeah so I get to be classy classy was why like