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[Music] some call it Korean Wave some call them idol singers but around the world South Korea's fusion of R&B pop and rap is known by a different name kpop since Psy's Gangnam style broke the internet back in 2012 the genre has grown and grown and has created the first k-pop group to go global on comes these guys shall we dance I'm Adele Roberts host of the early breakfast show on BBC Radio 1 and when I played a BTS track on my show a few months ago no one could believe what happened next hundreds and thousands of messages of thanks and love from BTS fans across the globe poured into Radio 1 I'd never witnessed anything like it rimy hadn't either this was clearly not just any records and BTS were most definitely not just any group I had to find out more so I've got a flight to Seoul as quick as I could to meet the kpop band who are taking the world by storm before I met BTS themselves I caught up with the man behind those world-famous dance moves mr. song is BTS his very own choreographer and the whole Radio 1 team couldn't resist having a go to what's it like getting to spend hours with BTS pretty strong she ran when she was able to go well she got nah man okay so much higher magnet is how i moogle resort to electro saw Jake at saga birthday you know I thought she okay cool who's the best answer okay okay so how would you describe the BTS style supporters are powerful hunger our student injectors II Hamiltonian she didn't wat here to keep her job and a new Poppins Devon a from PTSD by the equation we can position policeman Authority video to and so total ban inherently could add a stretcher pocket who could be superior to me at all Christian message into her approach her thunderous Academy day could be doing so much in your on your searching an angle so if you had a bad dancer like me would I not be able to be in the band I knew they could capture Bakunin or position do echo carry total do we keep them in a or below touching one on you the culture super over high homo with hard work anything is possible they're on this home door now I've got the look and the moves kind of it's time to meet the band that kicked off this journey in the first place cue the facts and figures the most famous k-pop group of the world do I really have to do this voice of a over 5 million albums sold I mean it just some ridiculous number one on iTunes in over 65 country please tell me there's no more k-pop group to break into the UK top 50 and u.s. top 30 Rushdie boobs over 30 million followers on social media sugar [Music] together they are BTS I'm so happy to finally meet you thank you so much that's what you do yeah how did it all start for you guys so we're came from different areas from Korea like I think many you know many foreigners know about and when when they when it comes to Korea they always thing about Seoul or or Gangnam kind of like that but wouldn't nobody came from Seoul like from different areas like country size kind of like that and someone stole Jacobs doing some street dance in his areas I was writing the sugar was writing music we're rapping and you know like everybody's doing like singing I like that somebody gets from somebody got casted from on the streets so we're just gather from or only this thing we we're like nobody's a ten-time but we just gather points this team and it started at like 2000 while for the team so yeah it just happened and how hard did you have to work because you are so good at performing hey what's up no cousin to worry we should be for example when our when is when we're getting ready for our album it's like we um we just remove all of the schedule but for a month for only the this album and blade no just spend practicing and working for amusing no but that's really huge thing because yeah when we have no schedule in one month it's kind of like a it's a big it's a big deal so like when we rely at like we had our debut I think like in number we practice it like the 12 hours from 12 hours or 15 hours a day who do you do this for is it for the fans is it because of the dreams that you had when you were young boys why'd you do this how does it feel to be having this global success so so so happy you say he's so happy that he just want to get out to the street and like if he does that I think he'd be like that Twitter star yeah talk us through the award you've just won the billboard award just so that's unforgettable because you know it's it's America people were screaming and like we never imagined that kind of fat and like India Wars when our name is called no play tops was ours it's yes baby s mission and his mission additional what was the dream when you first started the first goal was just to be on the stage the debut was our perp was my call at the first time when did you first know that you'd made it sad the amens yeah boy me this is the evidence we're speaking through radio wine oh my gosh so you work really hard what do you do to relax sleep air is the best thing where me um everything happened when I give a rest for my brain like in the bus or in the taxi well when I just hang out and just go to park or something it just pop up so I think the rest is Chi like a real important thing for everybody fighting the inspiration you guys are so famous now and also getting so famous around the world can you go out on your own why how important is social media to what you do it's part of the nightmare for everybody do you have a group chat yeah what's it called and it's just for the group yep just really good just for the members did you ever switch the notifications off I always he said yo yeah notification they he said he muted but he is Santos you know super team so much he said he always sent his things but never read others who's the funniest Ginga do you live together yeah okay all right here just the cooking Oh yo lead wanna okay that's how all the weather what's your best dish some job sites like you chef yes will you come to the UK Oh God for 70 minutes will you never been to Utah for all of it so everybody knows London so it's one of our dream okay is it your dream to be famous in every country in the world we got you - we got a social media and we got radio one so we're not afraid we thought we'd bring a bit the UK to you so I've just got a little present for you since I've been in Korea and since I've been in Seoul I've been meeting some of your army some of your fans and we met this girl called Stephanie and she moved to Korea from Scotland for you guys Oh school to London play write them with a hands all over their arms Oh God and as a message may I show you the message of course okay all right [Music] [Music] [Music] I hope we this is happen to me Jen say Stephanie success of this genre is definitely down to globalization and technology I think that the Internet has truly made a world apart now and it's made it easier for people to be exposed to new sounds and new cultures why not cream pop next if you think of summer 2017 in the UK disperse Ito was absolutely massive reggaeton huge on UK radio so why not kpop actually I think the technology is left with the playing fields and this is going worldwide baby [Music]