Intent to Kill 1992

you hi but you want an invitation by the limo stand by let's go baby alright that don't you have any class let's go baby come on how about a little bit of champagne before we get to the hotel but there this is our hotel okay okay you know you and me we're gonna be your friends see I pay you do what I say look at your dick Hoyt a tomato dimelo mami avanza here come on damelo yeah you know I hope we don't go running boss you be careful solid you don't want to make it more vigor y you just doesn't end does it live together we work together we gotta die together when will you learn man when will you learn that there is business and there is fucking pleasure huh hey listen baby no I made what 50 deliveries for you much each time I stopped for a little fun some pussy some Greek car just for luck Oh for look good but I guess this time your luck has run out huh guyot a my free heater swarthy I like your friend he so spontaneous man that brought was a fifty-million-dollar hoka 50 mil of photocopy honor hey listen baby no I can't get the money back if I'm dead you piece of shit how would you expect to get the money what you gonna do it rubber Baker kid hey easy one week just give me one week like a people in New York Miami Chicago I get your money back and what if you don't but if I don't and dancers give me mato ah I pull the trigger myself I would like nothing better for you to blow your brains all over the floor Oh hello shrimp hello Louie Stevie you guys know where Alice I think I know where he is really should you don't you try to get together sometime anyway it's a pleasure you know before them in the world yep you write some time gonna get it tie it off shake putting some sweet son hate birds morning the time of the month time today you're the only person I know that shaved showers and puts on cologne to get the morning paper oh it's just gonna go on the rest of my life tosef I Drive nails in my hands and why is it regardless what time it is she's out there every time you go out to get the paper well I asking me ask this is gonna start again look she says good morning I say good morning she says have a nice day I say you tell i'm in it's not like we're screwing in a backseat of my car down boy can we not do this today honey all right I had a rough night you had a rough night you had a rough night I'm the one that I throw out of a car hi I'm sorry okay we had a rough night look makes you feel any better Allah cancel my subscription in this paper one of these day one half the phone was such an asshole say you don't love me this was supposed to be a routine sweep on a known carrier bombings shootings heart speed chases killings my sources tell me that your sauces were wrong thank you well your sources but you can take those damn it he will you horn inform us on another case before I get everyone in this department killed you're holding me responsible your assignment is over but the case is still open why did I never miss to it trophy but we have here is a case of three day Colombians here's the list start digging okay everyone back to work captain all fairness it doesn't say what nobody said it would be you keep your mouth shut where you'll find your fingers filing fingerprints into your fingers fall off I'll get back to work thanks for sticking up let's think up for my girl I was being sarcastic I'm the one that was thrown out of the damn car last night all right John see it doesn't happen again I'm what the sky I want all of these guys Vicki I want all of them when you put on the blue prints were shot down I know I learned a lot from you almost everything I know have you gotten a most important thing have you to survive if you can't wake up the morning Felix on your face and breathe in the fresh air then we failed and I don't intend to failure I've got one month from retirement he's got 25 years ahead of you the fact is the odds of both of us making it look right to say captain no photo sergeant Harris who farts open for you captain I said no what's his name did he attack you also yes Emmett is friends how many were there three you know form which is it three or four remember do you remember their names what senior you go out with a guy and you take his friends alone for the ride and you don't know his name we didn't go for a ride we stayed at the house dressed like that why did you go home with him I said why did you go home with him because I know them obviously you didn't know them well enough address already gave you their interests speak up miss I can't hear you I already gave him to her address your address I want your address what's the difference does it really matter you won't be able to keep them in jail will you off the record not the way you're dressed why are you on this side fact if it makes me Brock miss you press charges against these men the lawyers are gonna be a lot harder on you than sergeant Harris you still want to press charges I've already been violated why do I need to be violated by you I went inside just to see a friend one minute we're talking the next minute four guys are tearing my clothes off hurt me my friends raped me there's two of them now the three must be upstairs you stay here I'll be right back and proud of just look better than usual party you come on that's it come on in you soon enemy not touch I swear I'll cut you drop I got something to tell you all right now you just shut your mouth it's pretty important after take off your pants yeah yeah take from you baby what are you gonna take everything you got let's just start with pick up the phone pick it up please don't kill me please dial nine hey well were yeah I was worried about you cold November song how worried were you Oh garlic and you still smell it too cheap horn well we're vystar you know drove around for seven hours picking up to bit office well many do it smell like an altar boy I'm doing anything no came home like a good little boy mm-hmm giving you one last chance you blow it I don't know what I'll do I'm gonna find out no you just wipe the lipstick off your face oh honey you know how those hook is all you know that shit all over their faces that's fucking the captain today it's still pretty hot now I tried to smooth things out you know Vicki you weren't supposed to get in a limousine all right you weren't supposed to do that I deserve to be off this case i can push it along oh don't you making it too personally well it is personal I just want to do a good job and you're a good detective Vicki you know honey you don't have to try to prove it every day I just want back on the case I'll take some time I'm trying to work it in hmm hungry starving you know I start full time on day shift tomorrow night's hmm look tell you what every day when you come home for dinner I'll have a feast ready for you all right thank you sir anything else just some privacy baby okay okay thank you I'd like to thank you for seeing me and know you're a busy man we had a business relationship for a number of years I respect that if the mooch needs me I'm here for him well on behalf of mucha myself we request your services it seems there a shipment of ours has been delayed and mooch would like for you to loan us your goods for one week and then and then learn that got our love where would I give it back with a percentage on the profit the profit is a nice gesture for please pass this on to the mooch not necessary it would be my pleasure to assist a mooch man in his time of need so I pick up the merchandise tonight tonight what what's nice meeting you thank you for dinner do you think that motherfucker's gonna check it out if he does the court row los suelos cut off his fucking balls sit you got any brothers assistants last night at one o'clock to detectives he came to visit me at home they say you Roberto Melendez we just shot your brother 20 times in the street I'm sorry I'm gonna need their ask you some questions if you can help me out I can help you out it comes time for next poem with you with the people on the outside or anything like those two cops I'm better off in here I have nothing to say at this time good mourning the deaths of my brother take a nice eve and cooler you guys are scaring me why you late Sally oh I had a frog why should your problem become fucking problem hey listen homes you know I've been there for you no no you've been there for yourself his shipment wasn't delayed man ostend that's not what I told you I told you I lost this shit man mooch other stands betting what I heard oh what the streets have stories huh ok you tell me what you hear I heard you need to replace me fat Oh muchacho boys on your knees begging ok listen baby let's cut the bullshit okay I wanted to business let's do business I'll give you 15 s already been sold seven no sale that's the word Salvador night no now get this man out of here I got business to take care 25 my final 25 soul with a lucky Colombian in the thrift shop suit I'll get the man stash and save his ass from the powerful hand of the mood don't want to beg for your life Salvador I mean what you guys do huh did you have to work kisses last month so he wouldn't pull the trigger hahaha three-day good what the fuck buddy fuck I can fuck early though at Bound ale I can look you beggar Oh daddy baby like over here on day 0 Baburam are you fucking feel now huh I got a mighty foe in da fuck you fucking really big get this stuff get the fuck out this your case you know the Colombian Cowboys are trying to make up for that lost shipment there's a wharf getting his bodies all over the place captain who really cares if these people kill each other icare life is a life good or bad it's a life the less blood on the pavement the bar I sleep and damaged on my knee Mike sleep I frozen range is for you the mayor doesn't have your phone number so 213 464 here's what your phone number it's my ass he chews out of forever and not yours that makes your butt my breakfast now please talk and do your job just do your job captain what can I put Vicki's to a better okay sigh means she can identify these man he's do it why I set around on another case I sent her out to get Phillip Jacobs fill it up a girl oh shit i don't like that mr. Jacobs Wow I'm Mary O'Connor Wow a mary o'connor might turn o'clock I'm gonna like it step into my office get back away would you add like a genki I didn't come here I came here looking for a job and I'll keep that the me interview you are you working now if you work here I'm paying more than I baby other girls if you pay me I just want a job I'll give you lots of money if you just take a drink from me every day it's just one drink every day and I'll give you 20 extra dollars every day twice a day sometimes if I ass boy I don't understand I'll make a career here close your eyes closed close you you can't go whacking people with a head for no reason he attacked me then why is he coming out of the emergency room and your dresses if you're going to noon t we worried no with any witnesses no he's got to number one you never showed your ID and no one ever seems to remember you showing a badge he went to attack me just like he attacks and rapes innocent women that work for him you say he went to attack you did he attack his intent was to attack me what was your intent to kill him so he walks are you looking to damn juggling throw your ass in jail the man is guilty I know is guilty you know he's guilty right there the judge knows he's guilty why the hell is he because you made a victor I walked back on the Colombian Cowboys case what is this a joke go on take the afternoon off just to get your head together go to the zoo go to the beach go to the park no no don't go to park the last time went to puck you shot a guy his leg he stole a woman's purse you didn't have to shut it he had a gun he was gonna shoot me look get out of his office go home get out now doh he had a con don't shoot me she's driving me to drink do you want more every day Oh bourbon you have to do every day I'll take a piss the time I get back I expect this guy to be gone can you believe this guy I'm terribly sorry that's not justice I know but as much as I hate to admit it he's right I was just acting like a rookie did you know the captain I reporters he blew if your collars in his day it happens I just like it personal i mean i can't save the whole well i'm glad somebody's trying hey how is that boyfriend of yours doing actually fun spin on this guy and he's got his pants around his ankles no nobody's pull up dogs you mean the ones with the halloween candy tie clip exactly no one's Authority exact right so he's got his hands around his dog's throat mr. Spang you know having a blast the neighbors things he's trying to his wife they call the cops dolphin you're sure a lot of fun weren't you I'm a cop a classy lady I'm real classy lady I'm just surprised you like cops am I ever gonna see you walk in and I'll i don't know i mean the ring the kids i want it i think he wants it to what is it five years 77 if you took care of me the way he takes care of that car I'd be set I better get out of here before the captain catches me what is he going to do it so let me to take the afternoon you know go to the beach go to the park the park don't go to the park remember what happened last time Lock this afternoon okay get it later are you doing I used to live here the key decade come here oh you come here stand this what the hell's the difference you got caught anyway jerk honey honey it's not what you think it's worse than what I think this is what you want huh is it look it's not you ah damn it never know what's gonna happen when you wake up in the morning huh uh-uh-uh give you a call no but have a good life when Oh who's calling fire stood like your style well I preserved her am on your side I'm only saying I wish I was there for the fireworks better than I fourth of July I remember listen I've got a guest room well it's not really guessed wrong with boots a nice clean place and it's kind of bad hang up your clothes you're welcome to me Thanks I think about it how about the Colombian Cowboys hey slow down your break to have shown you the big list you're almost blinded my putting on his left eye you blow up your boyfriend's ex ex boyfriend's car and now you want me to send you on the street to chase some will take you through your honor the back of a movie on his ink yeah we'll think about in the morning about that room for a nice nice sleep I think I have a place doesn't work out can I call me anytime good not bad not bad but you're still shine it's not all hit I still got a few days before the weeks out don't be go loading all gone from my head just yet much it's not me gonna be loading the gun money I still got a few players left I get it anywhere after no more junk their word in the street is that I authorized this sweep the streets lie yeah in the streets they know not roots what they don't know is there are a lot of dead bodies laying out there and I have their junk this doesn't make me look very honorable you work for me if you make a hit it's as if I made it and then they you know baby we don't need them oh we don't need them what you gonna do huh dododo personal like a fucking everyone lady huh you idiot that you second-class citizen your Lord life degenerate who should have been left in your country under a car pull on it stitched tetas for the legian squeezing the nipples and the ending I told you I get the shit back on I got it then I half you piece of chit half you're halfway home Marya bapat you know you're gonna get the red listen to me your fucking cockroach I don't care how you do it you and your buddy here mr. spontaneous huh but you get the rest and you leave the other supplies alone at the end it okay okay you stop working already you're doing the work of tomorrow morning shift top it's just in my nature sweetheart about what we were talking about would you stop it already you didn't lock the door no Vicky what are you doing here did you know where to find me gotcha address off the place report you work here no she owns the place Papa this is detective stuart of the LAPD remember it's a pleasure to meet you mr. Gonzales my father was mr. Gonzales I'm Nick and bullshit with the formalities come on let's have a drink I used to have an old friend i used to say after a hard day's work there's nothing like a good drink who said that me yeah my daughter she's all I have left her in his business when I heard what those animals did I wanted to but I believe in the justice I just wanted to come home and live with me that's run maybe talk some sense entitled start hey just for a few months huh just to laughter the trial that's you I haven't lived at home since I was 18 yeah it'll be fun huh it'll be fun for you hey you sound just like your mother may she rest in peace I might have a solution that'll make you both happy talk some sense into him tell her I'm right you're afraid of her living alone right wouldn't you be absolutely you see so if she wasn't living alone she can live on her own right what I wanted to be as happy she suffered and it would make me happy to stay I just got off the phone with my father how is he he sends his love and that's from him too he says day as long as you'd like instead of line thanks mr. boy yeah it was great it's the first time I've slept in years without worry if I'd wake up the nut lined out there god I was so stupid we're all stupid with me that's it it's over with we'll see no that's it god I hope that's it me to get anybody special nope I gave up looking a long time ago if it happens it happens until with the bar scene with nightclubs I look for it you have to work today no finally a day off come on we'll be going let's get dressed you're a victim only because you don't know how to defend yourself crime murders rate even gun fires a common occurrence in today's neighborhoods you have two main defenses we're here to learn today number one is your intelligence and observation stay out of unlit parking lots lock your windows and doors use your common sense and be smart number two is knowing your strengths and your attackers weaknesses just because you're small doesn't mean you don't have strength Tom the attacker in most cases grabs you from behind he does this so you can't see his face a rolled-up magazine is a great weapon on the street you're available I'll see you next week don't forget tell your friends it's free compliments your local police department you sound just like fluffy the crime stopper dog compliments of your local police department make fun of people I like I'm gonna get a cup of coffee y ou since you don't have a boyfriend word travels fast like fire every time I see you asked me out thumbs going on with someone like you I wouldn't even look at another girl Oh spare me Tom well you don't believe me I just want an original line once from a guy all set hmm ready hi Tom I'm BIC is your boyfriend that's original Maria this is detective Tom Martin Tom and I went through the Academy together yeah I Vicki's always been looking for a big brother and I've been looking for a date well maybe now you can both have your way Vicki I got some things to do today should I drop you back at the house or do you want to come along or I could drop you off the tiles after coffee maybe all right I'll be fine nice meeting you nice meeting you too have her home by eleven o'clock I'm calling the cops coffee after the fight you you what was that all about how about dinner instead of just coffee why that's 100 bucks you didn't have to get your face I don't eat that much I'm sure you have the energy for dinner oh absolutely I'll make this a night you'll never forget I know just the right place so I just ate with him so long I'll probably spend a long time on that one let's leave it for my therapist seven years off and on it's a long time we used to laugh a lot I guess over the years the laughter just source stopped what about love what about it you still love it I don't think you ever stopped loving somebody you've loved for so long you know it just doesn't work out right that's pretty dangerous so was waking up in the morning good evening gentlemen dinner for three you walk along great I want to get hurt anybody I'll give you all the way get the opposite children horn what do you want wrote a man Nikki baby Victor okay i promise i'll buy you a shower i'll get it talib I'll get it do you hear me nigga wait no longer sir stand up don't how was your last feet telling you believe me Nikki not good for business Oh every week you don't baby come in here and I get a boy and I get a good why you're gonna be your children you instead go not again no not again please tell me if I kill you who's gonna be tell me please i'll give you all my money it's not on the menu what you gonna help me what you're gonna find you doing fine you know okay stay down now you help me hey I didn't bring my gun okay i thought we're just going out to dinner really just kicking Easter thank God you can't get missed hell I don't give a sh answer me I've been up all night yards out about you get the fuck away from my car I'm sorry all right I'm sorry to me ok ok I don't want to lose you Becky you've already lost don't say that all right we're even worth it right that's just stupid things I still love you Roberto Melendez yeah County Corrections all right thank you for box 50 message hey what that was that all about huh Roberto Melendez County treacherous up like that what do I look like a Luca it's my recommendation I say right Lyssa she is holding something the information through Roberto Melendez I think internal fish we thought this actor thinking with your personal life of the fact that you couldn't get Melinda to talk this has nothing to do with that situation I think she should turn over the information she has to be suspended well let me tell you what I think let's say she is withholding information maybe this internal affairs both said Mary fuel her fire let's put it back out on the street put a tail under maybe something might happen to her on that street that could I'll take care of it good you take care of it she has been drinking did you have enough fun last night listen just one more time all right you take orders from me got it I take him from the captain he takes him from God or whatever else they consider themselves what we got going wha shadow and Vicky stoic following detective stuart is this part of the case there's this part of you myotis i think she should be cool what I think you should keep your mouth shut and do as you're told look if she's in danger that she ought to be told what's going on you're not asked to think officer Martin you can be officer Martin very quickly detectives do get turned into officers again easily is that a threat yeah it's a fact no fact is you've got a problem with this I don't think you'd be the best protection for detective stuart well so so so so what are you what are you saying you know think I'm gonna do a good job here's the thing I will protect our when something goes down hmm exactly what I'm saying you don't get it do you you don't fucking get it you don't have a choice you're there in all the way you're not in at all I can get you out of here just give me something I'll help you the same two cops they come to myself I wanted what you want you help me get these guys these animals it did this to me I'll help you shall be done like Liberace my child he's just shutting it off my cousin Mia Sanchez you know how we people you know your cousin he got a sweet tooth you know for the Orcas he keeps her in penthouse the Metropolitan Hotel Sunset Boulevard you'll find me yes then you find Charlie would give me the officers names how did hear any names non names just left the pain and the left more pain more left there was no more pain just a left which wants to kill me he he he got a little bullet with my name on it yeah funny guy you know he wants his stuff back yeah not just saying stuff it's all supply like you know he went out into it feels and Victor I got it package there what he saw has so give it back to him oh I wish I could what does want some more problem what's that Betty Los Angeles Police Department he won't sell it back to me go stealing me I can do 45 cops take my stop crazy Oh does anyone cops kings jinx it forever I que muchas stuff I on me what you got me haha what you guys look at this and what you got look at this reading in week tonight is my night I can't know fatherly and could you see the hands I brother tonight is manna I can lose I can load a business spontaneous and the peasant you got my stuff left yeah I got your stuff right here I think we're on business I think so Roberto Melendez I hope this isn't bullshit yeah oh yeah come on come on baby come on babe with your fucking clothes on if you want me dress you fucking dress me dead patola fucking car aneri do Ted part o la cara Sally nice you for some fuck you Gavin Funaro Mac ok hi I mean gone I got that uh huh how you like that you put the fucker cosine well I take you like that what is that I'm gonna tell him you treat me go oh thanks Vicki all right look we'll take over from you did great not the big-boy table oh you didn't think we're gonna let you alone on this one did you how long have you been on me well after I couldn't get anything out of Melendez and you did you bloodied Melendez yeah you know you got your style I got mine after this is all over with I'm gonna help him press charges against you no that's up to you all right you you uh you run backup to the backup I don't want to see your face in there hey if you love of my life for you feeling baby you missing hey what the fuck come hey listen I got a lot of shit going down tonight and I need you by my side but you do this one more time and you're gonna be by my side day okay I wish your problem puts my problem I got this asshole treating me like shit you haven't called me for weeks I got some lady cop of my us all over the streets lady God lady cop I don't know harm get off I thought about who you know about I don't know fuck did it don't mean us like you think I hate oh yeah it's okay it's okay it's gonna be okay much about you go in the other room get yourself so k in kiss go adds up in there bye fucking back critics take the Baxters get-go truck traveling three vicci babii ah you want to be here take me all right let it leave her alone take me thank you baby ha it's the farm baby but now it's time to go ah well you baby you gonna be blue friend your meal come on baby you know why I put you out huh what's my tail light out Donna died one of us is gonna die when the three son build it is light run away stand tall russian from an antique now your wishes of you this one it's time I treat stand tall Oh away express yourself you stand tall when you